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Review: Sanctuary by Cassidy Hunter

Cassidy Hunter's Sanctuary
ISBN: 978-1-60737-572-2
Genre: Shape-shifter Paranormal Menage
Length: Novel

Kimberlyn is a were at odds with herself. She longs to express her true nature, but she's not sure what that is. What she knows is that she needs lovers who can satisfy her needs for rough sex and submission. What she doesn't know is that as the only Healer of her kind, she's incredibly valuable to the pack that can claim her.

Pack Alpha Logan and his partner Andrew need a third to solidify their pack and protect it from the Bears who want to take over. They know Kimberlyn's their girl from the moment they lay eyes on her. Now they just need to convince her they can fulfill her darkest desires. And to keep her away from the Bears.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, dubious consent, exhibitionism, ménage/moresome (m/f/m, m/f/m/m), same sex interaction (f/f), sex while in shifted form, voyeurism.

Cover Art by Valerie Tibbs
The above information was obtained from Loose Id.

I was given this ebook by the author for a review of my honest opinion. All thoughts are my own.

I do not judge short stories on the rush of their relationships, because they are just that - short stories. So, yes the relationships always could have been drawn out more, yea it seems like they fall in love to fast and of course the story could have been made longer... but it is a short story. So with that said....

This book is the shit. Omg... I started this book at night... and my eyes took me to slumber land... I was so desperate to know what happen and finish this book, I risked reading it at work!!! Sssshhhh, don't say that so loud. I do not need my boss to find out that I was reading at work, lol. Yes, you read right... I read it at work! I had to... OMG... if you only would know... I had to finish this book.

I have to say that Ms. Hunter rocked my world of paranormal. I never saw some of her curve balls coming. And let me say that when they came... omg... hold on your panties ladies (or men)!
This is a fantastic story of the paranormal world of the werewolves of Sanctuary.

Kimberlyn has always known that she was a little different than most people. At the tender age of 15 she was able to shift into her werewolf form. But not only is she a wolf, she is also a healer when in wolf form. Her father, being the protector he was, thought he could,"taking the girl out of the wolf pack could take the wolf pack out of the girl." But that does not always work and guess what, it does not work with Kimberlyn.

Now a beautiful young woman, Kimberlyn's father passed away, so there is no need to stay in Los Angeles. There is a place, a place where her soul and wolf crave to be... "Wolf's Grove." It calls to her like a baby's lullaby. It s her slice of heaven or so she thinks.

Her first night in her house was going to be excellent. She could not wait to stretch her legs and run. Oh... to be free... to be who she really was... to do as she pleased.. to run free and wild without fear of someone seeing or being captured. What euphoria! That is her dream, to be free. With her first run... her first outing... something happens that changes the course of her life... forever.

Do you believe you are here for a reason, a higher purpose, to complete a job? Well, Kimberlyn knows that it is her job to be a healer of her kind and other animals (shifters of all kinds). Healing is what she does and it does not matter if it is one of her own that is fallen or an enemy, she will heal. It is in who she is. But she does have a weakness... her weakness is sex. She loves to be dominated and she knows that to satisfy her, it takes more than one partner. But how does a wolf - without a pack - have hot, hard and wild sex without losing to the animal inside and not biting the head that... well... you get my point! (wicked laughter)

The pack of Sanctuary is like no other, their are waring a battle with the bears. Do I say were-bears, I am not sure. The bears are more powerful than the wolves and in power comes war because what hot-headed, greedy man cannot have power and not be a bully. Or so that is how the bears see it. The wolves just want to live at Sanctuary and be left the hell alone.

First up, we have Logan who is the leader of the pack. He is alllll alpha and the fate of his pack rest on his shoulders. He carries a big stick (ha ha) and he knows how to use it (double ha ha ha ha). But using your stick and kicking the shit out of the bears are two different things - especially when there is a traitor within your own pack.
Logan has a mate, but there is a slight problem with the mate... Logan is not sure his will easily except his mate - Andrew, his beta wolf. These two personalities are awesome together. One is hard and ridged, the other is tender and caring to the touch. Just imagine all that responsibility on your shoulders, I am sure you would not be all smiles and laughter either. Andrew on the other hand... is the lover in this couple. He is the tender one, the loving one, the doting one. But does the rest of the pack see the looks they exchanged, do they know that they are together. What will the pack think?

In this story, there are many obstacles to over come, many adversities to see through, the test of loyalty, and some kick ass action. Ms. Cassidy has done a fan-flipping-tastic job at weaving me into the world of Sanctuary. Kimberlyn just wants her freedom, did she sign up for female leader of the pack, did she announce to the world that she wanted to be a bargaining chip in a war that is waging in the wolves' own backyard. But when she meets this group, she cannot deny that her heart and soul are starting to overrule her logic in thinking this through. She feels the attraction to the men in this pack. But remember sex is her drug. And where there is a weakness... there is a villain to exploit that weakness.

This story is not short on anything - I will start with the basic, alpha males (yes sex on a stick men and notice I said men... more than one), one brave as woman (Kimberlyn), a couple of sick as people (the villains), action to keep you entertained, some freaking hot sex that will make you sweat and a storyline that will leave you dying for more!!!! Ms. Cassidy's writing is done so well in the paranormal world that she created that there was no lost moments or times when I had to go back a few pages to understand what she was talking about. Her characters are strong and determined to make it - one way or the other. But when they come together.... oh my gosh!!!

There is not more I can give away. The book is roughly 135 pages long... so I do not want to spoil it for you...

For my peeps out there that do not like - first contact, fall in love - I ask you to do my a favor when you read this one... keep in mind that it is roughly 135 pages and that it is paranormal. Mostly in paranormal, they know who their mates are almost immediately... so just keep that in mind. Do not dis it because of this.... please.

I will put a warning out there... this woman is awesome. She is now on my radar forever! She is going to tease you with a taste of what is to come!!! And believe me I am on bend and knee waiting for what is to come!!! Thanks for an awesome story Ms. Hunter!

To read an excerpt of Sanctuary, please go --->> here.
To visit Ms Hunter's blog and drop a note saying hi... please go --->> here.
I know she would love to hear from some of you!

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  1. Awww, Cecile, thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed the book, and your review...awesomeness! ;) Hugs!

  2. This book is just calling out my name!


  3. Sorry, I got distracted because one of the guys on the cover looks familiar...

  4. Wow, awesome review!! You definitely got my attention and this one is going down on Gotta Get list!

    Girl you are corrupting me with all of these Hussy novellas!!!

  5. I've got this book up for review so have only glimpsed at your review but what I can make of it is that you enjoyed yourself Cecile, and that is a good indicator that I will like it too LOL We'll talk more when I've read it!!

  6. Cassidy Hunter!!! Hey there!! Aww, thank you for coming over to my blog and leaving such a nice comment! I love the book and will stalk you for the rest of the story, lol!! So, we will be seeing a lot of me!!! LOL!!
    Thanks for coming over! Hugs to you!

    s7anna!! Girl, let this book call your name and get it!!! You will not be disappointed and then you must come tell me what you thought!!! Hugs to you hon, hope you have a great day!

    Chris!! I was actually waiting for you to say something like that! And I knew I kinda recognized him, lmbo!! It is an awesome book though!

    Heather D!! Hey honey! Thanks for coming over! And thanks for your kind words! I am glad that it got your attention, cuz this book is worthy of it, believe me!!!
    Heeeheeee -->> "Girl you are corrupting me with all of these Hussy novellas!!!" **not really blushing.. but I do try, heehee**

    Leontine!! Oh honey, you must come back when you have finished it so we can chat about it here!!! I would love to know what you thought of it!! And see how we match up!! Okay.. that is a must!!

  7. This sounds like my kinda read! LOL Just seeing you gush... :D

  8. Awesome review Cecile.
    I must read this one

  9. Sweet!! Hey honey!! Okay.. I know I said hussy's don't blush... but you sure do know how to bring the color to my cheeks, lol!! This is an awesome read.. and from what I am gathering about the bread crumbs she is leaving here and there... the sequel is going to be freaking fabulous!!!

    elaing8!! Hey honey!!! Thank you! Oh girl, I know you will love this one! I mean what is there not to love about alpha men *cough* and one determined woman!

    Awesome review Cecile.
    I must read this one

    May 24, 2010 11:44 AM

  10. I do not mind a bit of rushed love, sure I can go all tsk, but I still love it too ;)

    And you sure seem over the moon about this one :D

  11. Sounds yummy!

    Chris seems to be stalking another cover model . . .

  12. (KC holds her panties) I'm ready to read this one esp after this -->"This book is the shit. Omg"

  13. Wow! Great review! You must have really enjoyed this one, and to read at work. *giggle* Yeah, I have done that too. How to try to not get caught. :) It's aweful when you do that, but I love it too. And to have a book that makes you do it, well Amazing!!!

    Sounds as all is going well here. Hope it stays on that track for you. :) Have a great week, have loads of fun. ;)

  14. Blodeuedd!! Hey honey! Oh you know I do not judge at all.. Hot loving is hot loving and this is one for SURE!!! Thanks for coming over honey!!
    Girl, over the moon... hee hee!!! Let's just say I was ready to howl at the moon!!! =)

    Eyre! Hey honey! Thanks for coming over today! It is good to see you! This one is yummy.. and you and Chris would like the m/m!! But their is a f that pops in!!! HA!

    Smokinhotbooks!! Hey honey!!! Guurrrllll hold on to those panties!!! =) I am glad that I could get your attention with that line!

    Melissa (My words and pages)! Hey honey! Thanks for coming over!!! Thank you cuz I know you are not feeling well. I am glad that you enjoyed my review! I really did like this book! Oh girl, I just HAD to finish this book. It was one of those books that you just had to know what happened!!!! NOW!!!!

  15. Great review hon! Sounds like a very hot one! And its very rare to have one that keeps you that wrapped up in it that's awesome.

    Hope you had a great one. BIG HUGS

  16. Cecile!

    great review...but I'm still looking for what you got cooking in the kitchen with Mr. V...have I missed that?
    Where should I be looking?

    You know me...with the time of late I have to catch on blog post all at once when I've got time.

    Let me know where I've missed you and Mr. V's post!


  17. Hey Girls!!!!
    JennJ, hey honey!! Oh this one is very hot and never a dull moment! I promise you that one!!! Thanks for popping on over!!! Love ya honey!

    Houston!! Sweetie!! Hey honey! Thanks for stopping by! NO... we have not officially cooked anything yet... I am still waiting for Mr. V to get his ingredients together, lol..... Believe I will let you know when we do cook something, lmbo!!! OR shall I say when he cooks it up!
    **Evil wink**
    Love ya honey!!!
    I hope you both have a great day!


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