Saturday, May 1, 2010

A New Resident to the Lair

Here at the Hussy Lair, there has been rumors floating around amongst the staff that there will be a new resident moving in.
The tribe has been a bit moody with this smack talk going around.
They are not to happy thinking of having another male around the house.
A house they claim as their own... no sirrree.. They are not happy..

But a new resident is what is happening to the Lair...
Someone is moving in....

This is the story...

One beautiful day at the Hussy Lair, all was calm and peaceful. The weather was beautiful - which made the gardeners and landscapers very happy... The pool was clear and blue - which made my pool boys excited. The men were cleaning the house and my cook was in the kitchen.. you could smell apple pie baking... it was just euphoric!
Out of no where, the Butler heard the door bell. He has just served Smutty her Mai Tai in the Book Room... "Smutty, are you expecting company," he asked very puzzled.
Smutty glared up at her butler with a mischievous grin... "Yes, I am actually... After you answer the door, please have a glass of Sangria ready for our guest." He looked confused because Smutty always kept him informed. Off to answer the door... with Smutty on his heels....
He answered the door (yes, that always answers the door in his towel) and what did his eyes behold...........

"Welcome to Smutty Hussy Lair ma'am. May I help you?" the Butler asked a little confused.
"Yes you may," Ms. Monroe looks around with wide eyes to make sure she has the right address. "I am here to see Ms. Hussy please. I think I have the right address." Knowing she must of had the right address, because who else would have a butler like that... oh yum.
The butler interrupts her thoughts, "Please come in." He looks down and noticed her luggage... LUGGAGE??!?!? "Umm, excuse me, what would like to me do with your ummm... luggage ma'am?"
Upon cue, Ms. Smutty pipes up... relief flooded the butler's face... He had no idea what Smutty had up her sleeve.... "Butler, just bring them inside for now. Round up the tribe and the servants please and meet us in the library with that glass of Sangria I asked for."

Oh my gosh... it dawned on him... This woman is going to be the resident Smutty had been talking about... OMG.... Again relief flooded him... He let out a breath he did not realize he was holding... Thank Gawd it was not another man.... Funny how men can be so territorial.

Smutty turns toward Monroe...
Welcome to the Lair....

My Smutty Hussy Followers...
It is with great pleasure for me to announce to you today that as of this day forward there will be a new contributor to the Lair...
Caleb and I have been talking for a while now about adding a new Hussy to the Lair.
He knows that some many men to one woman is just... well.. some get jealous...
So, we thought by adding another Hussy, it might soothe some feathers...

Ms. Monroe and I started talking about this endeavor one day and a plan was brewed.
Ms. Monroe will come and go as she pleases...
Her posting schedule is nothing set in stone..
She will share whatever her hearts content...

Ms Monroe has learned one thing about the Lair...

you must provide us with eye candy.....

And she did just that...

She brought with her her own.... bartenders...

So, not only are we welcome Ms. Monroe to the Lair, but her delicious, wicked bartenders...
(Who can tend my bar any day..)

Please let's welcome Adam Levine (from Marroon 5)

Ms. Monroe's very own personal bartender is quiet hot......

You would think that Ms. Monroe has stalked me for some time to know I love a man with tats....

And in his boxers... Oh Yum....

The next of man of Ms. Monroe's choice for the Lair...
Is no other than Mr. Eric.....
I think we all know him...
Oh my Vampire.....

What a lovely ASSet he will be the Lair..

Stay tune for an in depth interview with
Ms. Monroe with a Twist...

I want you all to know who this woman is...
And her thoughts to being a new member of...

The Smutty Hussy Lair!!

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  1. Ok, we need to talk about the overcrowding problems at the Lair. I'm not sure it's sanitary... ;)

  2. Welcome to the lair! And oh my! That is some serious eye-candy you brought with you

  3. Hello Ms. Monroe... oh my, that just rolls off the tongue. Welcome to the lair and thank you so much for the lovely eye candy.

    Adam, darling... will you come mix MY drink?

  4. Welcome Ms. Monroe. Wow what eye candy, I needed that to wake me up this morning;)

  5. Welcoem to the lair Ms.Monroe
    Looking forward to your posts.
    And thanx for the Saturday morning eye candy :)

  6. Welcome Monroe! And what wonderful eye candy you brought with you!

    w/v: fecatio - anyone want to guess what I thought it was at first?! ;)

  7. Hi Ms. Monroe welcome and congrats on your position in the lair! :)

    Thanks for the eyecandy ooo Eric is yummy.

  8. Welcome & thanks for the yummyness! You can't go wrong with Eric and Adam.

  9. Thanks everyone for making me feel so welcome! Yes Eric and Adam are my personal man meat but I'm always willing to share! ;) I totally look foward to posting here as often as I can! Cecile is such a sweetie for asking me to move in (and share her men lol). Hope yall enjoy the upcoming interview and talk to you soon!

    Kisses ~ Monroe

  10. Hey Girl! Sounds as all is going well there in the lair. :) Welcome to the new member, and it appears she has great taste. :)

    Wanted to stop by and say hello. Hope all is going well for you. :)

  11. Chris! You make me giggle!!! Okay, let's talk of the overcrowding problem, lmbo! We all take showers... Pleading the fifth if it is together or now, lmbo!!!!!

    Blodeuedd! Hey honey! Thanks for welcoming Ms. Monroe over! She is great! And didn't she bring some great eye candy over! She knew me to well - especially for Eric! =)

    Sweet Vernal Zephyr! Isn't it amazing how that just rolled off, lol. Ohhh already getting Adam to make you a drink... lol!

    Laurie (BittenbyParanormalRomance)
    Hey honey! She did bring some wonderful candy with her! She knows that I have such a sweet tooth! I am glad that it could wake you up!

    Lissa! Hey honey!!! Thank you for coming over today!!! It is an honor to have you over!

    elaing8!!! Hey honey! Thanks for welcoming Ms. Monroe over to the lair! I know she is excited!

    Patti!! Hey honey! LMBO!!! OMG!! ROFLMBO at your w/v: fecatio... I know what I thought it was!! !OMG!! Thanks for welcoming Ms. Monroe!

    JennJ! Hey honey, thanks for welcoming Ms. Monroe at my place! =) I hope all is well honey! Hugs to you!!!

    Eyre! Hey honey! Thanks for coming over and welcoming Ms. Monroe over to my place! And of course you can not go wrong with offering a hussy Eric & Adam!

    Monroe Dawson! I am so glad that you made it over! And I am hoping that you are feeling the love!
    Sharing is what we do bet!!

    Melissa (My words and pages)! Thanks for coming over to my place hon! All is going well in the lair. Having Ms Monroe over is some exciting news!!! She does have some great taste!!!
    Hugs!!! Truly, thanks for stopping by!!!!

  12. Cecile!

    Ah that's what's been going on...Well, welcome Mz. Monroe!

    Hummm...some sexy men you brought to share?


  13. Huh! I want to see more of Ms. Monroe.

  14. Hawk~
    I DO share girl! It looks like Adam and Eric's schedules are starting to fill up! ;) Thanks for the warm welcome!

    Dont worry youll see plenty! Cecile and I already have some ideas brewing thatll help you get to know me better! =)


  15. Houston A.W. Knight! Hey honey! Yes, this is what has been going on at my Lair! Thank you for welcoming Ms. Monroe to the Lair. I do have to admit that she makes a very nice addition to my Lair... **Evil laughter**
    She has no idea what is in store for her, lol!!

    Mr. Valance, how nice to see you at my place. Thank you for coming over! You wish to see more of Ms. Monroe huh... And here I thought you came to see me, lol. More of Ms. M will be coming soon, I promise!

  16. Cecile~
    Your evil laughter gives me the chills! Lol lordy what did I get myself into?!? ;)

  17. More evil laughter..... mmmaaahhhhaawwwwwwww.... no turning back now my little pretty!!!!!!


  18. Oh now youre just exciting me! Lol ;)

  19. Oh you have not been excited yet... just wait... my Lair is very big... the more room to run around, lol!!!!

  20. Welcome Ms Monroe! If you ever need help clearing out some room just let me know *winks* I'll be more than happy to take someone off your hands!

  21. Hell Kat~
    Well youre more than welcome to play but *whispers...their really quite attached...its a bit embarrassing always having them hiding under my skirt like little kids!

    Lol ;)

  22. I'm a few days late with this greeting, but welcome! :) Looking forward to even MORE yummy pictures and posts hehe

  23. Tori~
    Well I'm ready to share more! =) so excited to be teaming up with Cecile!

  24. Welcome to the lair Ms Monroe! I already like your contribution :) Nice candy! I'm sure you and our smutty hussy Cecile have some great things for us in store! *hugs*

  25. ErotRomReader~
    Oh yes mam we sure do! Thanks for the warm welcome and feel free to oggle my man meat anytime!

  26. LOL! I will, sweetie! Feel free to oggle mine too ;)

  27. Hi Cecile,
    I'm with Blodeuedd, that's some eye candy.
    So there are changes being done, I will have to come by more to see what is going on, I've been so busy.
    I think we should take this eye candy and go sit on Mr. Valances' Porch and toast a few to the eye candy.
    I love your sight first thing in the AM it gets my day started the right way...good eye candy meens a great day to start off with.
    Your my ray of sun shine you little hussy...miss ya
    Love Jes

  28. Hell Kat!! Hey honey! Thanks for welcoming Ms. Monroe! And so nice of you to volunteer your time to help us clear some room!!! And to help take some off our hands, you are so kind my dear!!!!! Evil laughter filtering through!!!! LOL!!

    Tori [Book Faery]! Hey honey! Thanks for coming over and greeting Ms. Monroe to the Lair!!! It is appreciated!

    Janna!!! Hey honey! Thanks so much for coming over and welcoming Ms Monroe to my Lair! That means a lot that you guys welcome her like this! Love ya honey!!! Hugs to you my love!!

    Jes' Mystical Treasures!!!!!! Hey honey!!!!!! How I have missed you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, there are a few changes to the Lair here. But all is good in the Smutty world of Cecile. You know I love when you stalk me!!!! Thanks for calling the other night too!!! Miss you and your sister!! Hugs to you honey!!!!!
    You make me giggle!!! -->>"Your my ray of sun shine you little hussy..."

  29. Hey haven't told the poor girl about this place!!! OMG wait till she discovers just how bad we can get! ROTFLOL....

    MZ Monroe...we'll make you into a bad girl in no us....evil laughter as well!


  30. Houston A.W. Knight!! Hey honey!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMBO.. she knows all about this place, lol!!! I promise, now what she might not know about it is how all of us react to each other and my men, lol. But she is a big girl, hee hee... I know she can handle it! I will be having her inner hussy purring in no time, lol!!!


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