Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Anniversary To Mr. & Mrs. Smutty Hussy....

Today marks my wedding anniversary.
Four years for Mr. Smutty & I.

I am not sure he knew what he was signing on for when he met me and I the same about him.

After four years we are still newly weds in my eyes.
We still have so much to learn about one another.
On this road we have traveled together,
we have had our share of good times and not so good times.
We have had our share of triumphs and miscommunication.
Our life is not a fairy tale, actually far from it.
I will never lie to anyone, marriage is hard work.
What keeps us together when things get rocky,
a common thread of love for each other.
Things are not like I thought they were going to be;
all roses, sunshine, passionate kisses and soul searing love making.
No... but they are what they are ~ real.
I have a man that loves me through and through.
He would give his life for mine or my (our) daughters.
He holds doors open for me and my daughter.
He whispers he loves me when he leaves for work in the morning.
He makes personal sacrifices that I am sure he does not realize I see or notice.
I know him to be a man of faith, even if he does not show it.
I know there lies a hidden passion in him that I have yet to see.
There are things about himself he has yet to reveal to me and I to him.
Of course he does not see what I see when I look into his eyes,
I see so much more.
In some ways, he is my very own personal hero.

~So to Mr. Smutty~
Happy Anniversary.

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  1. Happy Anniversary honey to you and your wonderful hubby!!! I wish you many many more years of happiness!!!

    *hugs & kisses*

  2. Happy Anniversary!
    What a beautiful post, hon, this is the most beautiful post I have ever seen between two people. What a wonderful gift. He is a lucky man and you are a lucky girl. Not many people have such love.
    Happy Anniversary and to many more to come.
    Hug and Kisses

  3. A Very Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby honey! I wish you many more happy and wonderful years together!

    You are right marriage is sometimes a rocky road but you know what... the most beautiful places in life are always more difficult to get to. But when we do get there the journey was well worth the weight and time traveling there. Sometimes you have to pass over several mountains to get to the beautiful and secluded waterfall. Oh the beauty and majesty when you do! :)

    Big hugs to you both!

  4. OMG...this was so beautifully written! Cecile I hope you have a great weekend and a very Happy Anniversary!

    You hit the nail on the head when you said Marriage is HARD is, and that hard work is what keeps the marriage working! It's the secret to a good marriage.

    Big hugs and kisses

  5. Happy Anniversary! I love this post! And the wedding picture is just beautiful!!*teary eyes* I wish you all the happiness in the world!

  6. Happy Anninversary Cecile & Mr. Cecile!! I wish you many, many more years of happiness!



  7. Happy Anniversary to both of you!!! Wonderful post, Cecile! You made me think about relationships, and you are right, they are hard but to have someone who truly loves you - that's priceless :)

  8. Hey, I didn't know it was your anniversary.

    Happy Anniversary!!! Have a great weekend!

  9. What a beautiful post and a gorgeous couple. Have a wonderful anniversary!!!

  10. Happy Anniversary! I hope he reads your blog - this is a wonderful tribute to the love you share!

  11. Happy Anniversary Cecile and Mr. Smutty Hussy!! LOL

    May every day be better than the last. :)


  12. Wow that was wonderful words. Happy Anniversary and hope you have many more years of happiness!

  13. Happy Anniversary to you both!!!
    I hope you have many more years of joy and happiness
    Beautiful post and pics


  14. YAY!!! HAPPY ANNIVERSERY!!! ..... and many many more smutty years to come!

  15. Happy anniversary, hon!! :) That was a beautiful declaration of love, sweetie! *sob*
    Mr Smutty Hussy is a lucky man to have you! And I'm glad he's making you happy! Have many more years together, honey! *big hugs*

  16. Thank you guys for coming here to share this with me!!! And thank you for all the wonderful wishes!!!!
    Hugs to all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Happy Anniversary to my fav Smutty Hussy couple! =) Love you both!!!

  18. Happy Anniversary Darlink! May you and your honey enjoy this special day with extra love and hugs and kisses! Looks like we are keeping you in good supply... :D

  19. Happy anniversary Mr. and Mrs. smutty, may you have many more years of happiness. xoxoxo

  20. Cecile, congratulations to you! What beautiful words you've written. You're right, marriage is hard work, but I think you've summed it up very well!

    Happy Anniversary!

  21. Happy Anniversary Cecile!

    Wishing you many more years of happiness.

    Best to you.

  22. Happy anniversary!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope you and your hubby will have a great day, and cheers for mnay more lovely years to come.


  23. Happy Anniversary hon and many happy returns. (Do oyu say that English? Not sure if I just made that up O_o)

    All the best!

  24. Happy anniversary!!!! Mr. Smutty is sooo lucky to have such a wonderful, sweet, beautiful, loving woman as his wife. I hope you have an amazing weekend! Love ya!

  25. Happy Anniversary. Very lovely post and I wish you both all the best :-)

    Stephanie G

  26. What a sweet post! Happy Anniversary honey!

  27. Happy Happy Anniversary Cecile and Mr. Cecile!!

  28. Thank you all for the heartfelt wishes on my anniversary day!! Thank you a lot! It means the world to me to have friends to share this day with!!!!

    And I am happy to report that hubs sent me a Dozen of White Long Stem Roses to my work today!!!!! Awwwwwwwwwwww, he does have a sweet spot to him sometimes!!! =)

    Thank you gang!!!!! For coming and sharing!!!! Wish we could alll go our for a drink or supper or something together when we all have something to celebrate!!! Could you imagine the look on the host/hostess face if we alllll showed up!!!!!
    I hope you have a great day.... and wonderful weekend in case you all take off for Memorial weekend!! Be safe and happy!!!! And remember ~ I love ya!!!!!

  29. *HUGS* Happy Anniversary!!! Hope its a beautiful one for you both today and many more!!!

    Mr. Smutty Hussy...*grins* that's cute!

    You two are adorable together, and the whole entry is beautiful.

    Best wishes to you both!

  30. happy anniversary! you make a beautiful couple. i wish you both the very best for many years to come.

  31. Happy Anniversary!

    Lovely post!

  32. Happy, Happy Anniversary to you both! Such a nice gift from you to us for sharing this special day. Hubby and I are up to 51, and I pray that you and your special man will continue to have the deep regard, respect, friendship, and love then as you do now. Blessings to you both!

  33. You made me all sniffly and sappy. :)

    Big congrats to you and Mr Smutty on this special day, Cecile.

  34. Happy Anniversary!!!! Wishing you many more years of happiness

  35. Kris did you just say that I made you feel... what were those words.... I may have to go look again... lmbo...
    Honey, thanks for coming over on this day and leaving the most sniff sniff comment of all!!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  36. Dr J... 51 yrs... hell I am hoping to not kill him by 5 years, lmbo!!!
    You are truly an inspiration to me!!! I have met only a few powerhouse couples in my day and I am honored to add you to that list!!!

  37. Thank you guys for coming!!!! It really does mean a lot to be surrounded by her friends on days like this!!! Hugs to you all!!

  38. My favorite picture of you!

    Happy Anniversary Cecile! I hope that you guys go out and do something fun.....

    Love ya bunches...



  39. So sweet! I hope you had a wonderful Anniversary!

  40. My husband and I share the same anniversary, although we celebrated 20 this year! Hope you and yours had a great one.

  41. Happy Anniversary Cecile! You and your hubby enjoy the long weekend! They really are our true heroes you know.


    Dottie :)

  42. Missy B.! Hey honey! Awww, thank you for stopping by!! Your fave picture, you are something else, lol!! I am just glad that you stopped by! Thank you!!
    And you should be having a great time yourself right now!!!! We are having a great time!!!!

    Christie (The Fiction Enthusiast) Hey honey! Thanks for coming over!! I just wanted to show my man some much needed love, lol!

    Stephanie Julian!!!! WHAT!!! Oh this is too sweet! Going put this on the calendar! Well honey, I am hoping that one day Mr. Smutty and I see 20 years... I just look forward to the next year... much less a landmark of year! Thanks for coming over Ms Julian!!!! Hugs to you and your hubs on your anniversary!! I hope you guys have a great time!!!

    Dottie! Thanks for coming over!!
    Nap time is nice, lol... That is why I am here!! LOL! And yea... these men are our true hero's and I would not have it any other way! Thanks for coming over hon!!
    Love ya!

  43. Oh, sweetie, happy anniversary!! I hope you had a wonderful anniversary with each other. ;) Those are beautiful pictures there. Four years and your marrage is still so young. :) I have to agree it is hard work at times. And there are the times that it just fits right.

    Best wishes to you both and many more years to you both.

  44. Thanks for coming over Melissa! Hugs to you honey!

  45. That was beautifully written hon! Happy Anniversary... a little belated... but best wishes for you both anyways!

  46. I'm so behind on my blogging but happy belated anniversary honey!

  47. Hell Kat!!! Hey honey, I will be seeing you soon honey!! That feels so weird saying that!!! And I can not believe that it is almost here!!!
    Thanks for coming over to my place and the wishes!!!

    Tracy!! Hey honey! Thanks for stopping by! You know I will take you anyway you come.. late or on time. Okay that did not sound like it should have, lol... But I think you know what I mean!!!! Thanks for coming over to my little home!

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  49. Awesomeness! I'm so happy for you on your anniversary, too! We should get the guys together and have a drink! I wonder if there's a great bar between Bozeman, Mt and Lousiana???? ;)



  50. Hey CJ!!! Oh we need to find that bar!!! If hubs wants to come or not, lol!!!!
    Thanks for coming over to my place hon!!!! And again... happy anniversary to you as well!!!
    Our heros are something else!! =)

  51. lol You crack me up! Ahhh, that was a good one. :)

  52. Hey Tracy, thanks for letting me know!!! I never know if someone gets my humor, lmbo!!!
    I am glad you came honey!!! You make my day!

  53. Happy Anniversary Sweetie! Im sorry Im late in saying it. I have been out of town and I always try to stay away from my computer when visiting with family, not that they would have allowed me time lol

    Beautiful pictures, sweet post!!!

    Mr. Smutty has some very attractive eyes!

  54. Dear Ms C~
    See what I miss when in the dungeon? What a wonderful post! You guys are adorable and I am there sister, marriage is hard work on a daily basis! But we both know the blessings that come from hard work!
    Many more years of sweet happiness to you both.Such inspiration!

    Much Love

  55. Heather D! Hey honey! Oh honey, like I told Tracy, as long as you come on over, I do not mind how late you think you are!!!! A friend is always welcome to my house!!! Anytime!!!!
    Thanks for the kind words for my anniversary! And I will make sure to make Mr. Smutty's ego a little bigger with your compliment!

    Ms. A! OMG. Thank you for coming over to my house. IT is always nice to have you here at my house.
    Girl, believe me you are not missing much. You know you are always welcome to my house - day or night honey! And catching up with you is always a welcome my dear! Thank you for the kind words honey!
    Marriage is hard work and it to be done on a daily basis. My aunt use to have a plaque in her house when I was younger... I use to read it every time I went to her house... "Marriage is like a garden that needs tending every day."
    I know this to be very true.
    Thanks for coming over Ms. A!


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