Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Lo Down on Monroe With A Twist!!

Here at the Lair, we announced a new resident....
Well,  today I would like for you to get to know her yourself....
Grab a cup of your favorite liquid, pull up a comfy chair... and great ready for some girl talk!!!!!
Please give a warm welcome to Monroe with a Twist!!!!
I know my tribal members greeted you well the other day, 
but I wanted to officially welcome you to the Smutty Hussy Lair!!!! 

I found Monroe with a Twist's blog though another blogger friend who was kind enough to introduce this new place to me. Once I went there... I was hooked!!! I have been stalking her for almost a year now.... Yea well, at least I can admit my stalkeristic habits!! LMBO! Anyway.... I became one of her followers. Her reviews rock. She keeps them very honest and real to her opinion. Sometimes she can not help herself with giving a little more than she should, but at least she gives us a warning when she does want to spill the beans, lmbo! And the snippets she gives leaves me wanting more. Her reviews make me laugh, tear up... and fall in love with all kind of novels! As she grew, she became a part in Breezing Through's blog.
Over the course of this year... we would email each other every once in a while... Or hit each other up on google chat... but we never really got close until a few months ago....
One email set the whole thing off... and our friendship has been instant! She has quickly become one of my best friends!!!! But enough from me, let's welcome Monroe!!!

Welcome Monroe! How has your first few nights been at the Lair?? Is the staff treating you well??

Monroe: Oh yes they are! A few have needed *ahem* more attention than others but you know how giving I can be :);)

Oh that I do know.... has my hussiness already worn off on your... You were a good girl, who only showed a little leg.... lmbo! Now look at you, lol!

Monroe:  I know... I have to admit being in this house...woowee...makes me hot under the collar! But I think I'm coming into my own with all the men...and of course you my dear have shown me the ropes!

**Does a hussy blush, lol. I don't think so!**
Okay, so tell us a little about yourself hon....

Monroe:  Well I'm a Florida girl... lived there my entire life until my man up and asked me to marry him AND to follow him to Georgia... which I did! :) We've been married 4 years this November... no kids yet! I always hated reading but about 3 years ago picked up a book and haven't put them down since! What book did I pick Ok I know this sounds odd but George Orwells 1984. Since then I've expanded my reading SO MUCH! I think my first love for romance however was Rachel Gibson... See Jane Score! And when I started blogging I found so much more was out there! I'm not much of a hussy... ok I am but it takes people (like you my Cecile) to bring it out in me. The ladies at Breezing Through found me and adopted Ive come full circle and ended up here! I feel like I'm in the lions den! :) I'm uber excited to be here!

Well, I am uber excited to have you here as well!!! You know I love bring out the hussy in people!!! But you know what they say about the quiet ones... Those are the one's you have to watch! So you are a new reader too... Twilight is brought me out my reading hole. So.... some of you may be wondering why did you wonder over here to the Hussy Lair... From A Twist to here.... what'cha brought ya here....

Monroe:  Well, I found you through commenting on my blog and came over! I realized soon enough we were interested in the same books! Then I was the stalker! lol Then that one little lovely day when you emailed me...well it all just fell into place!

Funny what an email can do huh... lol! :)
Well, let's talk books shall we?!?! I guess the more important question is what kind of books do you read??

Monroe:  Oh jeez... let's see... anything romancy! lol I love Paranormal Black Dagger Brothers, Georgina Kincaid, Sookie Stackhouse, Mercy Thompson, Psy/Changling Series etc. Contemporaries are a MUST in any romance lover... Rachel Gibson, Jill Shalvis, Jenny Crusie, Linda Howard, Susan Donovan, Victoria Dahl etc, *sigh* historicals such as Mary Balogh, Diana Gabaldon, Judith McNaught...needless to say I'm all over the place!

I see that, my first love is paranormal (romance)... (with a mixtures of erotic and bdsm)... then historical... then contemporaries... Yea, I am kinky that way, lol.

Monroe:  Not a surprise hun...NOT AT ALL! lol

**Remember hussy's don't blush, lol**

So, okay... let's dig a little deeper. You recently reviewed a Megan Hart book.... Was that one of your first erotic novels?? ((silently thanking Ames for sending that box to you)) Are you hoping to expand in your erotic reading? Do you blush easily? A hussy must know these things...

Monroe: Well yes…in a way. Ive only read a few really. I started off with Colters Woman by Maya Banks! And YOWZA! Lol three men and one woman…what a way to start off my erotica reading! I really am hoping to expand my erotica readings. I really think your blog will push this along! Im not a shy girl…I mean Im 25…Ive had some *clears throat* experiences, but I was always bias against erotica until I started reading people like Maya Banks, Lauren Dane…MEGAN HART that showed me just because its erotica doesn’t mean it cant have heart in the story!

One thing I haven’t read is m/m…lol I just…idk…Ive read one but it didn’t hit the spot for me so needless to say the jury is still out on those books.

Are you open to reading any more m/m books? What about f/f books??

Monroe: Hmmm…well…yes…Ive had a TON of friends trying to sway me to but I think getting me warm and fuzzy in erotica is first on the list! Lol As long as theres heart in a story (mixed with a bit of naughtiness) then Im game! ;) Ill need plenty of recommendations though…Im sure all of yall could help in that area!

What do you hope to bring to the Hussy Lair?

Monroe: Well I really hope to bring my quirkiness and personality that I do in my reviews and chats! Ive really gotten my “voice” and personality through embracing my readings lately and I want to show everyone that! Also one thing I don’t do much is discuss the things we all sorta think while reading…like for example: Do you hold your ethics (and expect your characters to) when reading or is it a no rules kinda deal with you? …Btw that discussion is in the works ;) But ya through all of this Im wanting to expand my mind (and yours) with discussions and great STEAMY reviews!    

You will bring some diversity over to the Hussy Lair... Are you prepared??

Monroe: OH YES I AM! *evil grin…I really am excited about all the things that are going on over here! We have such a great time doing everything else ;) I know it’ll shine through in our reviews!

Well, I know I am looking forward to our joint reviews, as well as your solo reviews here at the Lair...
I am also looking forward to the girl talks and discussions as well as..... SLUMBER PARTIES!!!!

Monroe yells......: and PILLOW FIGHT! ;)

Oh, yes we cannot forget about those!!!!!

***Cecile eyes her wonderful hunky staff.... Boys, you better get ready... hee heeee***
Monroe: Aright boys…lets go! *Wiggles eyebrows

Walking away Monroe looks back…

Monroe: Cecile honey…you coming? We got a ton of work to do on...*ahem I mean with these guys.

I hope all of you welcome Monroe with open arms... She is a sister of the Lair now and I can not wait to get this party started!!!!!

If you have any questions or comments for Ms. Monroe or me or whoever.... Feel free to ask/comment  away! Thanks for taking the time to come to my lair!!!!

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  1. Welecome :D
    This is a very quick hello, I really should eat some breakfast and get going, but I could not miss to be the first (we will see if someone beats me to it) to welcome you!

  2. "Remember hussies don't blush"

    LOL - I love that line :)

    I am such a fan of Monroe's blog...and now joint reviews from the two of you - Can Not Wait!!! :)

  3. Blodeuedd~
    Well thanks girl! Glad to be here! Now go eat that breakfast! ;)

    Hey sweetheart!! Im a total fan of your blog girl! And me and Cecile together *shakes head...its a riot!!! Cant wait to put up some reviews!

    PS~ This hussy DOES blush! lol And quite often!

  4. Blodeuedd!! Morning honey, although right now I think it good afternoon to you! Girl, you sure wanted to make sure you were the first one here!!! I love ya hon!!
    Thanks for welcome Monroe with open arms, she is a wonderful person! And I am glad that she wanted to come over to my Lair and play with me!

    Mandi! Hey honey, have not seen you around! Thanks for coming over and welcoming Ms. Monroe here! She is such a sweetie!!!!! I look forward to seeing more of you!! Hope all is well honey!

  5. Welcome Monroe! *big hug and air kisses*

    Hussies blushing are a rare treat! Glad to have you on board. I think the crew will like the new toy to play with ;) Or would they be the toys? Humm... depends on how vocal your feminist is that day, I guess.

    *Tips her Mimosa in Monroe's direction* A toast, to Monroe!

  6. And the Lair will never be the same again. ;)

  7. Sweet Vernal Zephyr~
    Thanks for the toast sweets and I think toy fits the bill nicely lol ;)

    Nope! It's forever tainted w/ my wickedness! Lol

  8. Sweet!! Hey honey!! Thanks for toasting Ms. Monroe!
    I am sure we love playing with our toys.... hee heeee...

    Chris! Hey honey... It will never be the same... Well that depends on how you look at it... Was I ever normal?!?!? **Evil, wicked grin crosses Cecile's face**

  9. I love both your blogs, I can tell you're going to be a handful when you're togther!

  10. Smokinhotbooks~
    WOOT WOOT hussies unite! ;)

    Hey sugar! Ya girl...more than a hand full is NOT a waste here! lol

    Have a Happy Hump Day girls! <3

  11. Monroe's awesome and I love her blog.

    Can't wait for the joint reviews!

  12. Tracy~
    Awww thanks girl! I'm glad to know yall enjoy me bc I always enjoy yalls comments! It always surprises me people even care what I have to say! Lol

  13. Smokinhotbooks!!! Hey honey!!! You gotta love more hussies. There can never be to many!!!!

    Patti! Hey honey! Awwww you are too sweet honey! You know I love both of yours! And handful huh, lol.... might have to watch whose hands we fall into!! LMBO!!!!

    Tracy! Hey honey! Thanks for coming over!!! You are sooo sweet honey!

  14. Welcome Monroe.
    it was nice gettingto know you alittle better and look forward to reading your posts.

    I don't know if Cecile has told you but I get to.....occupy ;) Luke from time to

  15. Hi Monroe and Welcome I know Cecile and the guys will take good care of ya ;)

  16. Elanig8~
    I can't wait to get more up over here...and I don't just mean reviews! Lol oh Luke...I its like. A man buffet around here!

    Oh they great me better than I deserve girl! It's special treatment daily!

  17. Elaing8! I thought you might have forgot about poor Luke baby!! Heee heee! Thanks for coming over and welcoming Monroe into the Lair!

    Tricia! Hey honey! Thanks for stopping by to welcome Monroe! I know it makes her feel more at home! And of course you know me and MY men will take good care of her! Hope you have a great day honey!

  18. Hi Monroe and Cecile! Again welcome to you Monroe and I look forward to getting to know you better. BIG HUGS and you two don't wear yourselves out to badly ok ahahhahaa.

  19. JennJ~
    lol are you kidding me?!?! Im a spring chicken...I dont tire easy ;) Thanks for the warm welcome darlin!

  20. Jenn!! Hey honey! Thanks for welcoming Monore to the Lair!!! Oh don't you worry honey... we will not be wearing ourselves out!!! But oh what fun we will have!!!!
    I am mjst glad that you are here to enjoy it with us!!!!!


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