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Author Fan Letter Blog Crawl

I have been invited to participate in the Author Fan Letter Blog Crawl from Kassa.
Our goal is to show some much deserved "fan-love" to the authors who have touched our minds and souls like no other person has. To give back just a little of what they give to us!

Yesterday, Ralph from The Dancing Dove went and I got introduced to new to me author!

It is now officially my turn...
*sweat drips from forehead, palms are sweaty and butterflies float in my tummy as I look at my shelf of books and ponder*
I sat here and sat here... and think of all the wonderful authors that I have read their work, come into contact with and just interacted with through the blog world. I think of the different genre's that I have read and came across. I gawked at my books, I was overwhelmed with the amount of people that I actually have had the privilege of getting to know. All these writers on my shelf have touched me in some way with their writing. They have created worlds for me to escape into and dream the impossible...
So it is with extreme pleasure that I get a chance to express myself to not just one... but three wonderful authors who have shown me a world I never knew existed.
These three ladies have each touched a special place in my reading soul unlike no other and each one leads into other one.
So here goes....

The first author to set off the chain of events in my life:

Dear Ms. Megan Hart,

When I started reading ~ eons ago ~ Sandra Brown was at hot as I got. I thought I hit the mother load of what hot and sexy was all about.... Then life got in the way and I put the books down for my baby... Now my baby has grown into a young lady herself, I am able to pick up my reading again. Twilight came out and I picked that up ~ cuz baby girl and I read it together... After reading it, I craved what I had with Sandra, but loved the new twist, so I began reading paranormal books. I was in heaven ~ or so I thought till someone suggested that I read Megan Hart. I had never heard of you of before. I began my first google search of you. I saw the words that I never thought to see that would entice me ~ erotic novel. Once I entered the world, there was no looking back. I found Stranger; my first hardcover book. Opening the pages, the words started to spill and Grace's story started to flow - all I could think of was: where have you been all my life.
Since then, my life has not been the same. You brought a reading experience to my life that altered the way I looked at my books and the way I buy my books. The characters you penned were so well written that I felt as if I was in the story with them. The emotion you poured through the veins of your characters had me feeling every single emotion they were going through. Your writing style touched a side of me I thought was buried. It made me see sexy in a whole new light. I give you props for keeping the sexy side very sexy without being raunchy.
And you have set the bar for what I expect to have in my books from now on. However... I have to tell you that your stories do not leave me. Ever! They are caked thick with emotion ~ heart and soul and for that, those stories leave me thinking about them long after I have finished reading the last words. Thank you for bringing Sexy Back!
I thank you for all of your hard work and dedication.
Sincerely a fan forever...
To see more of Ms. Megan... please go visit her website here.

Ms Hart leads me to my next author of props...

Dear Ms. Joey W Hill,
Where do I being.... I had read paranormal before but they were light-weights, then I found erotic novels.... Then I saw a review for The Vampire Queen's Servant and was totally spellbound. I read the review and knew that I would be testing my comfort level with the reading of this book. A dear friend immediately shipped me her book so I could put my feet in the Joey W Hill baby pool. While waiting for the book to arrive at my doorstep, I stalked your website till I had my fill of all I was in for.
Then lo and behold the book arrived **cue the magical music** I petted the cover for a while ((did not want to do to much petting, the book was not mine)) and then found a nice cozy place in my house and settled in for a night of reading. I know I read this book in a matter of a few days. I could not stop reading it. Jacob and Lyssa's world engulfed me. Wow... you blew me away. You were my first author that I dipped into the BDSM scene with. You were my first author that I experienced the world of dom/subs. You held my hand through the whole thing and told me that even though it might not be okay at times, that I would learn if I liked it or not. And did I like it... hell yeah!!! I ate it up. I learned more about myself than I was really comfortable admitting to anyone. You did not sugar coat anything for me, you did not hide anything from me. You gave it to me straight and that is how I like it.
Your writing style blew me out of the baby pool and into the deep end without my floaties. Did I drown or stay afloat... well, let's just say that I floated cuz I have stalked you ever since.
I have only read the vampire series, but I know you have so much more out there that I have yet to touch and devour. But I promise, I will get there one day.
I know your writing is not for everyone and that is something that everyone must learn for themselves. Because all I know is that I freaking love your writing!!!!
Thank you for welcoming me in a world of unknown and making me feel at home. Thank you for being there for me when I stepped out of the comfort zone us readers have and telling me that I was a big girl! LOL! Thank you for being the saucy writer you are! You know I love ya!
Thank you Ms. Joey for all of your hard work and dedication to this art!
Your stalker till the end.... (and Hussy forever)
To find out more about Ms. Joey W Hill, please visit her website here.

Now for my last author.... Ms. Hart gave me erotic, Ms Hill gave me BDSM & dom/sub.... Then this woman... well... This woman... well, let me just write the letter...

Dear Ms. Lissa Matthews,
I found you through the wonderful world of blogging... from one blog click to the next... I stumbled upon your blog spot and knew from the writing on the walls that I had fallen in love... Your covers were the apple of all temptation that I simply could not resist. Then I heard you whispered in my ear that it was okay to stalk you... Oh boy... did you know what you were getting yourself into! Lmbo! I have read your books and can honestly say that all I have to see is your name on the book cover and I immediately get the goose bumps and break out in hot flashes.
In Sweet Caroline, you gave me Buck. Oh, I meant you shared Buck with me. And Caroline is such a woman after my own heart. Your style of writing made me realize that real is what is needed some times. I love that you write your characters as real women. Real sizes, real issues, real problems, but most of all real attitudes. Your women are not the typical heroine of all books... Your women take a stand and some actually leave the hero. And the men have to go after them. I love that you write them with such a backbone that they are not afraid to back down. But you also write them with their insecurities that touches my heart. Because we all struggle with our own problems. You write the characters knowing that they are sexy. But your softer side comes out because you allow the male characters to help teach, coax, help them to discover the other side of their personality. The men bring out a new side to them, not better... just new. The stories you write are told with such a sexual intensity ~ it should come with a warning that you made need some relief after reading. You write with so much passion, that while reading, I have to make sure no one can see my face turn bright red from the fire that is going on within my body from reading your words. Words that are simply on paper... black and white... can ignite into flames and fuse a short wire to explode. Woman you can write... and with Joey Hill holding my hand... Ms. Lissa ~ you have taken my training wheels off when it comes to BDSM and dom/sub. Your books freaking rock apples honey. You give this hussy the smut she needs to survive. You are my crack of book life. I have to have your books, they are my fix. Some people talk of comfy reads... and they are the nice romantic books, my comfy reads are your hot and spicy books!
Stepping out of one's comfort zone is not always easy, but I am sure as hell glad that I did.
So from the bottom of my smutty hussy heart, I thank you for coming into my little snow globe world an shaking it up!!!
Signed your smut huss stalker ~with much affection and giggles
To find out more about Ms. Lissa Matthews, please go to her website here.

So thank you ladies for your hard work and dedication to given me exactly what I want and need!!

There are eleven letters before mine.... And tomorrow, please go check out Fiction Vixen for the next letter!
To get the whole list... please go here!
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  1. I've been seeing this all over the blogsphere and I've been enjoying reading the letters and found some interesting new to me authors.

    Love the pics and I did find some authors to check out, thanks!

  2. Terrific letters, Cecile! I love how they show the way that your reading has evolved and what you have taken away from each of the styles and works of the authors. Great stuff, you smutty hussy you. :)

  3. Cecile...

    You have added another two more author to my long list..

    I remember our love-fest of Ms. Hart's work - I share your love for her. She really does something magic with her characters...

    Love the letter hon - Wishing you many more happy reading days with all three..


  4. OMG wonderful tribute to the three you picked! OMG, there are so many author's I enjoy I don't know if I could pick just three!

    You've turned me on to some many authors from reading your blog articles and reviews it's unreal...So my first fan letter would have to go to you!

    Hugs sweetie and thank you for doing what you do (reviews)so well!

    Big hugs

  5. Fabulous letters!

  6. Cecile,

    Wonderful letters. :) I am going right now to google Ms. Matthews - she is a new to me author - found because of your letter. :)


  7. Great letters Cecile!
    This is such a fun thing to do, and great authors sure deserve some credit

  8. Very nice Cecile!! I just read my first Joey Hill book..and it moved me so much I almost wrote the letter to her..LOL.

    I still have to read Megan Hart!!!

  9. Wow, Cecile. You took away my words - just be assured that such praise blew me away. And to be included with Megan and Lissa...I'm beyond flattered! Thank you for your letter, and for participating in the Fan Letter Blog Crawl - this was a tremendously wonderful idea and I thank everyone who's taking part. Readers often don't realize just how very vital their praise is to us authors. A letter like this can get me though a full first edit run - and that's like the Boston Marathon of my writing process (smile).

    Thanks again, hon. This meant so much. And PS Mandi - thank you too!

  10. Oh girl Stranger was my first Hart book! I love Megan Hart...she keeps it both naughty and heart felt!! =) Great post!

    Oh and Lissa Matthews is a new one ot me but I already adore her! Stick Shift was great!

  11. Three great letters! You overachiever, you! :)

  12. Dear Cecile -- You made my day. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And I'll echo Joey -- to be included with her and Lissa is an honor. Thanks for reading and for taking the time to make us feel special.

    M <3

  13. Hon, you gave me a threesome!! I love threesome's!! I've read many letters in this blog crawl and like Kris said, I too love the fact you show us how you've evolved as an erotic reader. I can only concur with you on Joey W Hill. I'm sure to give Megan Hart and Lisa Matthew a go too. Thanks for these awesome latters hon!

  14. Wonderful letter! I love Megan's books, so I can totally understand your fan letter. Just lovely :)

  15. Great letters Cecile.
    I've enjoyed reading both Joey W Hill and Lissa Matthews. Now I just have to try Megan(which I will be soon with Deeper)

    Leontine,you went there huh....threesome..LOL

  16. Oh, Cecile - those letters are beautiful! And I love that the authors left you comments *squee*!! Megan Hart is one of my faves too but I have not experienced the other two. Now I know I will have to see about stalking them as well :)

  17. First I want to thank everyone for coming here today to read my letter **Cough* letters. There are literally hundreds of authors that I want to express my thanks too. Because truly ~ without you guys ~ I would not have no where to escape!! So, from the bottom of my heart thank you for all you do!!!

    Second, I want to thank all of you guys, my friends & followers, for coming over and reading what I have to say. Not only with this letter, but the reviews or just the silly posts. I know I would be shamelessly pimping out the authors that I love to read about, but without you guys... no one would know about them!! So.. for my patent saying...


  18. Beautiful letters Cecile. You did an outstanding job of saying how those authors touched you. I have heard of Joey W. Hill's work before but the others were new to me. Great job. :-)

  19. Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Reviews!! Hey honey! I was very honored to be a part of this. It truly was a tribute to people who have touched us with their mad writing skills. Just wish I could have included everyone, lol. Yes, I have found some new to me authors over this great idea Kassa had.

    Kris! Hey honey! Thanks for coming over! **Blushes** Thank you. These women have really evolved me as a reader and it simply amazes me still at what the written word can do to a person!
    **ppstttt, I promise to come to the contest and try my name in there**

    Erotic Horizon! Hey honey! I am glad that I could add some new authors on your list. That is what this is all about and I am just glad that I cam contribute.
    Ohhh, how could I forget out love-fest over Ms Hart's work!! She really does amazing things with her words. The connection she pulls us to with her characters is just awe inspiring. Thanks for coming over!

    Houston A.W. Knight! Hey hon! Aww, thank you hon. I have a very hard hard time narrowing it down to just these three. I mean every author I read something of, touches me in some way or other. But these three in particular touched a place in me that I did not know existed.
    *blushes* Well honey, you know me and when I love something, I just want to share it with whoever will listen, lol. Awww, you really are going for making me stay red with blush, you are to kind my friend. Thank you... I am humbled.
    I hope all is well honey! Love ya! Hugs right back to you!!! =)

    Eyre! Hey honey, thanks for coming over! And thank you for taking to read my letters!

    Michelle G!! Hey honey! Thank you! I am glad that you could come over!
    Well, I am glad that you found a new author because of me. That is what this is all about! And that makes me feel like I am doing my job!!!

    Blodeuedd! Hey honey!!! Thank you! Yes, a lot of authors deserve this much credit. Gosh only knows there are hundreds out there that deserve such praise. And I wish I could have given it to all of the ones that have touched me. But then we would be here forever, lmbo!

    Mandi!! Hey honey! Thanks for coming over! I know you just read your first Joey Hill book, I saw your review *wink* It was awesome! And yes, you must read these authors, they are amazing!!!

    Joey W. Hill!! Well hello honey!! Awwww, thanks for coming over today!!! **Blushes** You know how I feel about you and your books! And you know what they do to me **blush spreads** =)
    You deserve such praise because you are a phenomenal writer. Your work speaks for itself and I just want everyone to know that.
    Well, it is no secret that you rock my world honey!! So, I just wanted everyone to know why you rock my boat, lol!!!

  20. Monroe Dawson! Hey honey! Thanks for coming over this morning! Stranger was my first Megan Hart book and my first erotic book and I devoured it. And like I said, I never looked back after that! Her writing is forever branded in my soul.
    And I so glad that you gave Ms. Matthews a go ~ she is awesome!!!

    Chris! Hey honey! **Blushes** I do try, lol! Thank you for coming over!

    AuthorM! Hey Ms M! I am glad that I could make your day. You always make mine when I crack open your books and dive into the world you have waiting for me. I have told you before, your writing is like nothing I have ever encountered and I mean that. Your books never leave my heart or my thoughts. They are so real and so close to home in matters of our daily lives and that is rare. You are truly welcome! Thank you for coming over!

    Leontine!!! Hey honey!!! *Giggling at what Elaing said** You did go there didn't you! But how could you not at my place... lmbo!!! You know how I love threesomes, lol! I never put that together! Takes a hussy to know a hussy! =) Love ya honey!
    The letters I wrote came from my heart. I know we express how we feel when we review books and when we talk about our passion for reading and who burns our candle (so to speak), but I truly wanted the author to shine for the reasons that I thought they are awesome! I just hope that I did them justice!

    Stacy~! Hey hon! Thank you for coming over! Thank you for taking the time to read my letters!

    elaing8! Hey honey! Thank you for coming by today! And reading my letters!!! Well, I cannot wait to know your thoughts on Megan my dear. I know what you think of the other two (and just in case someone is reading this... elaing does not have a blog, lol). So... I am glad that you have read the other two authors! They mean a lot to me!!!

    Patti!! Hey honey! Thank you, truly!! Ohh yes, I know... talk about I am over here jumping up and down with delight that they came here to comment!! That means the world to me that they did that. Which is another reason that I chose them. They are wonderful ladies!!! Ohhhh you have to experience the other two and when you do... come tell me all about it!! *Evil grin*

  21. Tam!! Hey honey! Thanks for coming over today! And thank you for your words! That means a lot to me!

  22. Great job Cecile!



  23. Fabulous letters Cecile. You made some good choices in authors too! :)

  24. Incredible letters Cecile! What a lovely tribute to all three and to show how personal their books are to you. I think that's what I love most about these letters. It's great to discover (or re-discover) outstanding authors but also to see how much someone's creativity can really affect readers. I love it!

    Such beautiful letters and great response. Thank you for participating!

  25. Great letters to these wonderful authors.

    Sandra Brown was one of my first romance authors to read and because of her, she opened a whole new world for me.

    Viva la smut!

  26. MsM! Hey hon, thanks for stopping over today! And thanks for reading my letters!

    Fiction Vixen! Hey honey! Thanks for coming over! I cannot wait to see you what you have in store for us tomorrow!

    Kassa! First, thank you for asking me to participate in this. This has been an awesome journey for me as a reader to see all these wonderful letter. Second, thank you for coming over to my place and reading my letters. And for your kind words.

  27. Katiebabs/ KB! Hey there hon! How have you been? Thanks for coming over today!!! And thank you for the gorgeous words, "Viva la smut!"
    Sandra Brown was my very first author - as an adult - I picked up. The first book was Breakfast in Bed and I still have that book on on my shelf right next to my bed!! She started it off... and oh gosh.. the journey since then!!!! Thanks for coming!

  28. oh wow...i don't know what to say. my brain is all foggy with cold meds so, i'm probably not going to do this justice, but...thank you, Cecile.

    i have been reading Megan Hart for a few years. the first one i read was Dirty and i fell in love with her style, her no-nonsense way of emotion and depth and sexiness that i was an instant, constant, and consistent fan. she write some of the most honest books and i have nearly all of them. to be included in with her...there just really are no words. she is one of my writing heros (and her monster word counts just blow me away). there are a few writers i want to 'be' when i grow up and Megan is one of them.

    i have not read a Joey Hill book. people have talked to me about her books for a long time and i have her vampire books on my iTouch. i don't do very well with the female dominant/male submissive dynamic very well, but that is only my own person preference and personal experience with some that has kind of scarred me. but, the love that so many have for her books, that my editors have talked about her books to me, my author friends, and other readers...there is, i know something very special about her books. she is very beloved among her fans and i know she has other books that i may enjoy more and i will be going on a search for them. i am, honored and thrilled though to be in her company here... i can only hope to one day have my books talked of with such love and reverence as hers are.

    and i have no idea what to say about your words about me, Cecile. you completely blow me away with your kindness, your support, your book pimping skills, your availability at all hours, your shoulder for me to cry on, your willingness to listen to me whine, and your uncompromising smutty hussiness. i am in awe of your beauty and sexiness and i thank you from the bottom of my heart for this letter than means so much to me...

  29. Cecile darling, you are a lady after my own heart. I too love Ms. Hart and now have two more authors to look forward to, for your recommendations ring strongly in my ears.

  30. just dropping by to say "hi"

  31. Hey Cecile,
    I too heart Megan Hart! I couldn't agree with you more. Her books stay with me long after I finish reading them, unlike a lot of romances.

    I've not read Joey Hill, but I think I need to add her to my list of authors to try this year along with Lissa Matthews. I was actually looking at Sweet Caroline online yesterday but didn't buy it....I think I need to go do that right now :)

    Thanks for the letters. I loved that you put what you like about their writing and their books in with the praise

    Take care!

  32. Three lovely letters to three great authors Cecile. Wonderful to see you share the evolution of your reading experience and your enthusiastic support of your favorite authors!


  33. Hi Cecile!

    Great letters sweetie, and the authors are more than appreciative of your words. I know it means a lot to all the authors to know their readers treasure the stories they give to them.


    Dottie :)

  34. Great letters, Cecile! I wish I'd been creative enough to think of doing three! :) It can be so hard to narrow it down to one. I haven't read much m/f, but I like paranormal and I'm going to remember these three authors!

  35. How can I call myself a hussy when I haven't read Joey Hill or Megan Hart, shame on me!

    Nice letter, so well said.

  36. Lissa! Hey honey! I am touched beyond words and that is rare for me. I do hope you feel better if/when you come back here.
    Oh you are a Hart fan too!!! Isn't she amazin!!
    Like I said about Joey is that you either like her books or don't. There is no middle ground. But when you fall for her, you will fall!
    **sniff sniff** you will make me cry hon! You are to kind! Really you are. {{{hugs}}}
    You want to talk about not knowing what to say... But Omg... The words you have expressed right here... well... I am truly speechless. I am just me hon.. You know I am always here for you!!

    Sweet! Hey honey! Thanks for popping over here honey! Awww hon, you are too sweet. I am glad that I could give you two more authors to look into!!! You know I love sharing the wealth!!

    Dru! Hey honey, I will be dropping you an email to see what you are up too! Thanks for dropping by!

    Booklover1335! Hey hon! Thanks for coming over to my place! Awww, thank you for your kind words!!
    Oh gosh yes, Ms Hart's book stay with me... it has been over year since I have read my first Hart book and that book is still with me. I can recall the story like it was yesterday!!
    OH if you have no yet read Joey, you need to read it now!! I am I glad that I could *gently* nudge you back to go get Sweet Caroline! You will not be disappointed! I promise you!
    Thank you for taking time to read my letters!!

    Lea! Hey hon, thanks for coming over to seeing my letter!!! My reading journey has only just begun, but oh what a journey this has been!!! And I can only imagine where I am going to go from here!
    And it is always nice to have friends along the way to share this with ~ thanks Lea for being there.

    Dottie! Hey honey!!! I am so glad to see you here. Thanks for the kind words honey! I appreciate it... and yes you are right... I hope all the authors realize how much they mean to us ~ the readers!

    Val! Thanks for visiting me hon!!! Aww shucks, it was nothing short of wanting to show some love to three women that I absolute love! It was very hard to narrow them down... I feel like I could write 100 more letters... And you are right... genre speaks for itself.. it is amazing the amount of authors you get to know!

    Smokinhotbooks! Hey honey! Thank you for coming over... **Grasp for air.. oh my word...** You have not read Joey Hill or Megan Hart! We must fix that at once so you can reclaim your hussy status at once!!!!! Thanks for peeking in!!

  37. What a cool idea! Love your letters and I'm sure the authors will be overjoyed by them! Big hugs

  38. Awesome letters Cecile! I love Megan Hart! I haven't read Joey Hill or Lissa Matthews yet but I will be picking them up for sure!

    PS Your blog always rocks!

  39. Great letters, Cecile!!

    I've really enjoyed reading Joey's stories in and although I haven't read the others I can tell they've also made quite an impression on you.

    Love your blog, btw! :)

  40. I love those letters!
    I'm reading Tempted by Megan Hart and I have to admit that her writing is just wonderful...I heard SusiSunshine talked so much about her books I had to read them...and I'm not sorry I did. Megan Hart's books are heart-wrenching and beaufitul.

    Those letters are wonderful

  41. Wow, you couldn't choose and just did three! That's so great, hon! Shows how generous you are :) Wonderful letters! *hugs*


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