Friday, August 28, 2009

What does your birthday mean to you.....


Got you attention... lol!!! I bet I did!!!

I was going to put a whole bunch of pictures of gorgeous hunks with birthday things around them **cough cough** But I chose to do one picture.
Is there a reason behind this picture - yes...

My birthday (and Amy C's) is coming up in October...
and I am the type of person that LOVES my birthday!!!
In fact, I love it so much, I celebrate it all month long!
Yes, all month long!!
Whenever I am in the store and buy something,
it becomes "Treat To Me" ~ with a big cheesy grin on my face...
yes really, I even say that in the store.
Now, if you were around me, believe me, I would have you doing the same thing when your birthday rolled around. That is just how I roll... lmao!!
So... now you are asking the reason for this post... We just helped Leontine celebrate her birthday on August 23rd... and I want to learn more about my friends...

So, my first question to you is...
1.) When is your birthday???

You don't have to tell me the year if you don't want.

The second question for you is...
2.) What do think about your birthday??

Do you love your birthday and celebrate like there is no tomorrow....
Or are you one of those people that hides their head and acts like your birthday does not exist?

I love my birthday... October 30th... Day before Halloween...
My personal costume/Halloween/birthday party...
My daughter's birthday is seven days before mine...
The fall season... College Football season **Geaux Tigers**...
And it was the day I was born... brought into this world...
I embrace each year, I love my age... I look back and see how I have grown...

So which are you...

Now, I will be gearing up for my birthday,
which means....
Party Time!!!!
"*"*Birthday Bash @ Cecile's"*"*
and it also could mean possible presents for you...
Depending on how good you are....
I see treats coming in your future, lol!!!

So, if I were you, I would stick around!
If nothing more, you will get to see some delicious eye candy
~of course bearing **cough** gifts of all kind~
**wink wink**


  1. Cecile! You're making me love my birthday! Your enthusiasm is sure to rub off on me :D.

    It's never been anything more than a day to go out to dinner and buy a few books with my husband and son. But you make me actually want to celebrate it!

  2. Cecile,

    My birthday is May 6 and I was born in 1971. I love to say it as 5-6-7-1, I know I'm a nerd. LOL

    My birthday is book day. Hubby, kids, sis and Mom all give me gift cards for the book store. Woo-hoo. :)


  3. good morning Cecile,

    My birthday is Aug.9, 1976, I don't mind sharing my age. I am not old but I am not young. I have lived a pretty good life thus far and look forward to many more years. I always said (as a child) that I would grow old gracefully, meaning I wasn't going to go under the knife to hide anything and I wasn't going to dye the gray out of my hair. Fortunately I dye my hair for the fun of it, I don't have to hide anything and if I am true to form (like the old ladies in my family) I won't have to dye my hair to hide the gray until I am close to 50.

    I always hated my birthday. My sister's is 5 days before mine and we always had to share the Bday party. I wanted my own spot light as a child I guess. I was the middle child so I guess we can chop it up to the Middle child syndrome. Now I love the fact that my sister was an early birthday present. But I still don't care for my birthday. All in all it is just another day to me, I don't want any fuss or the spotlight. I actually told my family to not even mention it anymore once I turned thirty. They didn't listen.

  4. My birthday is on 8-23-1976 and yes, I just turned 33. I always have to get used to my new age and takes a week or two most of the time. My birthday has always been a family gathering and I always enjoy myself and get to unwrap great pressies.

    I love celebrating my b-day with family but I think I will opt next time for something with just hubby and me. Anyhow, Cecile, hon, October just got a whole lot more interesting and can't wait to celebrate it with you!!

  5. HI Cecile! Great idea!!!
    My B-day is January 30 and I really love to celebrate it :) Only depressing birthday for me was this year's - I just couldn't believe I'm already 27. Most of my friends are married and have children and I didn't do anything like that. Then I realized that I didn't want those things and don't want them soon. But I've decided to use my single years for something purposeful and I'm going back to school to get my MBA degree. So I love my B-days, the date is just right - a month after Christmas so it feels like holidays prolong a little more - and I can get a few more presents :)
    Now girl, what would you like for your birthday? You have one wish (maybe even two) that will be performed from Croatia :)

  6. Good Morning Cecile,

    my birthday is June 25
    I'm forever

    I used to have a party for my birthday when I was younger.Now my family just comes over for dinner and cake.My niece,who I'm very close to,likes to get me gag gifts to remind me how old I really am :)

    I look forward to you virtual birthday bash!! EyeCandy,drinks and sturdy tables ;) Maybe Leontine will lend you Tristan for the festivities :)

  7. ~Amy C!! Girl, we are going to rock out this birthday!!! =) If one thing comes from me... it will be the excitment over our birthday!
    I can promise you that!!!

  8. Michelle G.
    Girl, there are no such things as nerds anymore... If that were the case, we are all nerds (with our noses stuck in books)!!!
    At least your family knows to give you gift cards to the book store!

  9. ~Heather D.
    I could not agree with you more about leaving things as they are. Except I will say that I color my hair... For change! But as far as everything else... Yea, I would love boobs that defied gravitiy, a flat tummy, a butt that actually showed in a skirt, hips that were not as big as they are and such on... But I tell myself, that I love myself for who I am ~ not what a knife could do to me. This is who God made me. With exercise (that is such a curse word) I could achieve a couple of things... but come on.. there are books to be read!!! =)
    I hope by the time by birthday is over, you will want to celebrate your b-day... at least here with us!

  10. ~Leontine
    OH honey to have your birthday present your hubby gave you... I would give my right arm for that kind of present any day!!! Your hubby was very thoughtful and sooooo romanctic!!! And for those reading this, you simply must to go to her site and I will have to see which post it was, but her hubby won the "Best Hubby" award!!! He rocked!

    I always forget how old I am when people ask. I have to stop and think about it. Eek!

    Oh, Leontine... October is going to ROCK!!! Or at least I am hoping, lol!!! You think Tristian would be interested in making an appearance?? Maybe even Sam?? Oh....

  11. ~Host!!!
    You are so right that your birthday is like an extended holiday! And I so glad to hear that you love to celebrate!
    Well, my saying to not being where your friends are (marriage, kids, that kind of thing is...) there is a reason and purpose for everything in your life. *not meaning to go religious on anyone* but... God knows where we should be and who we should be with (and around) in life. Even though I sometimes question Him when hubby do something stupid... Having Brooke very early in life taught me that He knows where my life should be. The man upstairs knows what He is doing with my life, when I don't know what I am doing with it, lol!!!

    I think that is fantastic for you to be getting your MBA!!! Hats off to you girl!!

    ***OH... rubbing hands together at the idea of a wish!!!*** And it would be coming from Croatia!! I will have to think hard!!! You are something else girl!! =)

  12. ~Elaing8
    Oh my party buddy!!!! YAYAYAY!!!

    To be forever 21!!!! What a wonderful age! They say you are only as old as you feel... wonder what happens when we always feel like we are 21! I love that!!

    You are a couple days before hubby's birthday!

    I love that your niece gets you gag gifts!! That is hilarious! At least she allows you to enjoy yourself and your age!!

    Thank you for wanting to be a part of my birthday bash! I can not wait either!
    Girl... I had the tables reinforced just for this occassion!!! And I will have to hunt extensively for major eye candy!!! And I will sneak a letter to Leontine... asking if we can borrow Tristian!! And maybe Sam and Adian too!!! Oh... =) Drinks, hot men... oh man!!!
    Let the festivals begin!!!!

  13. Haha Cecile - what a fun post! My birthday is May 11 - sometims it falls on Mother's Day. I always tell my hubby no combo gifts - I want a separate gift for my birthday and Mother's day! He's a good one though, he gives me book gift cards!

    Your birthday is the day after my husband's so it won't be hard for me to remember!!

  14. I LOVE my birthday! Mine's in October too, and last year I did a week-long celebration at my blog. 10/11/71 Now you've got me thinking about what I want to do this year :)

    And it's like a major celebration in my office too *g*

  15. My birthday is 3/29/78. I enjoyed celebrating until I turned 30.

    No, just kidding. My husband, myself and my youngest son are all March B-days so we do a lot of paryting! :)

  16. Hi Cecile,
    Yay birthdays :D Early happy one. I will sure be back and party like there is no tomorrow in October.

    My birthday is on Feb 22nd, and I was born in -83.

    My bday, well end of February, snow is melting and everything was ice. That is how I remember it from when I was little. Now the winter has been pushed forward so still lovely winter then. I don't have to celebrate it big, just as long as I have my loved ones...and presents!! Oh I love pressies hehe

  17. That's really good, that you enjoy your birthday. Everyone should.
    Me? I don't really party like there's no tomorrow but I don't hide either. Whatever comes my way, I take it.
    Of course I love presents, but then again, who doesn't? ;)
    And my birthday's on January 20 =)

    Since you celebrate all month long, why not start from now? So my present to you is a lovely award I've left in my blog. Go check it out ;) hehe

  18. ~Patti
    I am glad that you liked the post!!! I was hoping you guys liked it! Oh, Mother's day... I am glad that there are no combined gifts either. But gotta love those gift cards to the Book Store!!!
    Oh... I love finding people who share my month!! When I was growing up... out of 25 cousins... no one was in October, I felt kinda alone. But then when I got older and realized that just made me special!!!! LOL!! And now, I really love it!

  19. Hi Cecile!!

    My b-day is January 26th. We usually go out to dinner and I always get to go and spend money at the bookstore!

  20. ~Stacy
    Yay.. I am glad that you LOVE your birthday! Another October baby!!!
    Well, this is going to be my first Blog Birthday Party... So, if you want to join in the fun... just let me know!!!
    I start thinking about my birthday normally in November... yea, right after this one is over!! =)

    At my new office, I asked them what they do for birthday's and they said nothing... Well, I got news for them, that is about to change. I mean, some people don't celebrate their birthday at home or some just don't care. But I mean, we see these people 5 days a week (if not more) and 8 hours a day (if not more)... why should we not celebrate birthdays together!
    So, we will see!!! I am hoping that will rub off on them too!

  21. ~Mandi
    I thought I would have a problem hitting 30... now, I find myself really thinking about a "big" part for next year when I turn 35! And my daughter will be 16 this year... So, we are really treating her to a party... Making it special for her! That is what a birthday is suppose to be.. special!
    Awww... now that is cool! Your hubby and son are in March with you!!! That is one of my fave things too, Brooke is 7 days before me!

  22. ~Blodeuedd!
    Oh yes... ***Yay birthdays***
    Oh, I know you will back in October for the party!!!

    Girl, who does not like presents!! Especially when people get us... that we want books and more books!!! But other things are nice too! But books... with hot eye candy on them... whew! Oh, yea and let's not forget about having loved ones around us too!! Hee Hee!

  23. ~Hilda
    I beleive that too Hilda, "that everyone should enjoy their birthday."
    I just love having "treat to me" days. Like... Oh I am in the grocery store and there is a maincure/pedicure place in there... Opps... how did I end up in this chair... Oh it is treat to me day!!! Birthday present for me!!" Things like that! =)
    And you are right... "who doesn't love presents."
    As soon as I finish with this comment, I am heading over to your place to see what you have left me... =)

  24. ~Blanche
    Oh... dinner and books. Can't go wrong with that!!! You have a good man!!!

  25. My 30th bday is coming up on Sept. 27. I usually don't get too hyped up about birthdays, but this one is a milestone, so we'll see.

    And btw, geaux tigers back at ya! (I'm from LA and went to LSU) and am a huge tigers football fan.

  26. ~Fiction Groupie!!!
    OMG... Your 30th bday ... of course you have to do something!!! Hell, I'll even throw you a party at my place here!

    AND OMFG!!!! ""And btw, geaux tigers back at ya! (I'm from LA and went to LSU) and am a huge tigers football fan.""

  27. Cecile, you know I love to come to your place and party, just send me the invitation and count me in!

  28. **squealing with delight**
    Okay... so panting and fanning myself is more like it...
    Tristian, you are a Godsend...
    Thank you for taking me up on my invite... I will finally be getting you (**into my wicked hands**) to come to my place.
    Yayayay!!!! Consider it a deal!

  29. 'birthdays' *shudder*

    I'm over 40, I don't do birthdays anymore! lol



  30. Honk the horn if you love real men Cecile! I am so here, look at all the ladies present...okay, so the place looks a little too pinkish but its you! And the rose petals, make me think of the movie 40 days and 40 nights where Josh Harnett blows rose petals over Shannyn Sossamon's skin.wink*

  31. Happy Birthday, Cecile. My birthday is Dec. 15. I was the one who always received the birthday and Christmas gift combo. Instead of two gifts, I got one.

  32. Oh Ms. Moonlight!!!
    I am sorry... I can understand.. but what if I promise some delicious eye candy for you!!! I know you are the Queen when it comes to finding them... but just what if... Could I tempt you to a birthday present?? =)

  33. Oh Sam ~
    ***rubbing eyes to make sure that is you... *** Oh, I am very honored that you stopped by Sam!

    Honey, my horn is broken I have honked it so much!!!

    Yea, I know pink is everywhere... but when I think romance, I think pink... Now when I think lust, I think red... **wink**
    Rose petal... skin... blowing... Sam, are you suggesting something... I love the way your mind works!! **evil wink**

    I do hope you come to the party to Sam... I know the ladies would love to see the fun side of you.. The side I see!!!

  34. Hey Cecile!

    My birthday is October 4th.

    I'm not a b-day party girl but nor am I someone who hangs their head in shame - I'm not old enough. I just like it laid back like maybe dinner or a day off to myself.

    ;) VFG

  35. ~Jane
    Oh we will have to do something about that... We will have to take a stand and say No to Combined presents... Like the coupon.. YOu can not combine the two together... Maybe we can work on that for you... At least that way you can get two gift cards to book stores instead of one!!!
    Thank you for the wish, I hope you stick around with me for the party!!

  36. ~VampFanGirl!!
    Oh another October Baby!!!
    I have a friend that no matter what age she hit, she never wanted me to mention her birthday. NEVER... I never understood that. So, I would send her a card and call her cell phone and sing to her. But no party, no calls, nothing.

    I glad to see that you at least like to have the day to yourseld and be laid back about it. I guess I would feel that way if my birthday was not the day before Halloween... No... probably not, lol! Thanks for letting me know what you like for your birthday!

  37. **fans self**Tristan and Sam.**squealing with delight**
    Now we need to convince Aidan to come on over ;)
    Cecile you better have an air conditioned place,those 3 plus the hunks you plan on having,the place is gonna steam up fast.

  38. My birthday's November 17. It's never been a big deal for me - I don't dread it or anything. It just IS. :)

  39. Elaing8 ~ Honey, you better beleive I have an a/c place!!! And a good fire exstingsher and sprinkler system!!!
    I can hear the Mojoto music in the back ground already... and oh... Watching Tristan play pool... Yumme... those jeans so ever so low... I think I might have to help him play!!!!
    This is going to be one hell'va party!

  40. ~Chris!
    A November baby... A simple statement.. It just is. Do you do anything special for yourself?

  41. My birthday is January 25th 1971 and I don't have any strong feelings about aging one way or another. My friends and I go out to eat at some point in the month to celebrate (whatever day works for everybody). So alot of times I don't do anything on my actual birthday. And as long as I'm geting BN or Starbucks or Scooters (more coffee) or Target g.c.s then I'm happy.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  42. Hi Cecile!

    My Bday is November 27th, we usually go out for dinner if it's not Thanksgiving and a movie. I get gift certs because the hubs got tired of returning his gifts, lol. A girl can only have so many toaster ovens.


    Dottie :)

  43. I can't believe you two are born the same day! ;) And Leontine happy birthday belated to you! You share my oldest sons BD!(I know, woohoo, right?) actually he's not half bad LOL his was his "golden" figure it out.

    Birthday: Pisces Feb 21 btohoumrrmppffff
    was the was a very good year, so they tell me;)

    My birthday falls in that weird month just after Valentines. My fav birthday is to have my family home and cook out or have chinese in and build a fire in the fireplace and watch movies.

    Amanda M

  44. Hi Cecile, Thanks for pimpin' my post with Judith James!

    My birthday is August 6th, and I was born in 1976.

    I've always liked my birthday cause it's in the summer and it usually lands during our County fair. I ended up skipping the fair this year.

    The last few years on my birthday I've done book shopping sprees.

    The last time I party hard and went all out on my birthday was ..oh it had to be 2007. Needless to say I haven't had a Long Island Ice Tea in a while. :P

  45. I share my birthday with the Queen of England (April 21) and this year I turned 40.Everyone was going around on tip toes expecting great drama!~ And boy did I supply that.First thing my electric gate didnt work and I lifted the whole steel thing off the rails and threw it aside.Seriously though the guy who insalled it made a mess and I would have done the same the day before but no it hd to happen on my birthday.MyMom had just these words to say "You're not old,you're only 40" Mom,it was the gate NOT the Bday!!
    Anyway my big celebration is New Year's Eve.Birthdays arent a big deal for me at all.Yeah,I know all you guys are thinking "she doth protest too much"(lol)

    I do hope you have a GREAT one Cecile!!!

  46. Hi Cecile!!! What a fantastic post and oh yes that photo definitely got my attention AHEM LOL! ;)

    My birthday is coming up pretty quick there on Sept. the 10th and I don't mind saying the year yet LOL! I was born in 1976 I was a bicentennial baby. And I'll be 33 this time around UGH LOL.

    I like my birthday most of the time though I don't celebrate it as much as I use to when I was younger. But we always do something nice and I have spent the last few with family and friends so you can't ask for much more than that in my book! :)

    Great post hon OH and I have a present for you at my place! Come and get it girl! *it's not a birthday present it's just for being the great romance lover that you are! :) *

  47. Joder~ Hey there!!!
    Well, you are very gracious to celebrate whenever you guys can get together. I think that is great! And who does not love getting BN gc or Starbucks... or Target... Great gifts!!! =)

  48. Dottie ~ Hey!! Oh, a Thanksgiving baby!! Dinner and a movie sounds great!!! I told hubby he is not allowed to get me anything with a plug. If it plugs in and makes me work, then do NOT get it! Now, I think he is seeing where my new addiction lies... with books! I am so glad that he sees the errors of his ways, lol!!

  49. Hey girl, I gave you an award on my blog!! You deserve it!!

  50. Amanda! I could not beleive that either when Amy told me that! I was really besides myself.... The same exact day... however, she is older than me by a few hours, lol!!!
    Oh, cool... your son and Leontine! I think this is cool... I mean, this is not TOO personal, but personal enough! I love learning things like this!!!

    You are so funny... ""Birthday: Pisces Feb 21 btohoumrrmppffff
    was the was a very good year, so they tell me;)""

    Now that kind of birthday celebration sounds really nice.. Take out (or someone else cook for me), a fireplace and a movie... I like that!
    I hope to see you around for the party!!

  51. Anna~ Hey girl, you are more than welcome for the pimpage!!! I want to make sure everyone I know... knows what wonderful contests you hold over there at your place!!!

    Your birthday is week before our kids started school... So that is kinda cool to have a before school/end of summer birthday!!

    Oh and a County Fair!!
    And Booke shopping spress... Every woman's dream... at least the ones that are here!! LOL!!

    A Long Island Ice Tea girl... Well, at least you had a great time!!!

  52. Yvette~
    Oh, the Queen of England, how nice!!! Sharing it with her... wow!!! I am happy just knowing that I share my birthday with one of my own friends (Amy C!!)...
    Oh a milestone of 40!! Congrats to you!! Everyone was expecting drama!!! LOL!!!
    Thanks for sharing the story... I was laughing... actually picturing the events!! LO!L!

    Oh a big celebration on New Year's Eve!! Cool!!

  53. Hey JennJ!!
    Oh thank you!! I am very glad that I got your attention!! I thought he would do the trick!! LOL!!

    Oh... a birthday coming up!!! ***yayayayay***
    Its just an age.. lol!! You can look at it this way... I will always be older than you, lol!

    I think a lot of us stop celebrating like we did when we were growing up... And maybe one day... one long day from now... I might settle down in celebrating my birthday... but thing is why should I?? Anyway...
    Books are a girls best friend as far as presents are concerned!!

    Awww, you are too kind... As soon as I am done here, I am heading over to your place!!! You are too sweet!!

  54. Book Junkie.. I am heading over there right now. You are too sweet!!! And hey... you need to leave me your information!! =)

  55. Well, my birthday is July 19, 1979. OH GAWD!!! 40 next year...sob....

    I usually end up working on my birthday, and always try to be off for my daughter's which follows mine seven days after. Nothing much happens on my birthday, and sometimes it irks. I spend a lot of time getting hubbies and the kidlet's day special. It'd be nice to be pampered for my day....

    Oh geez, I sound damn whiney. Must be PMS!

  56. Charlotte~ Hey honey!!!
    No sobbing... we will make it the best birthday you will have next year! =)

    OH, that sucks that you usually work on your birthday. I do too... I think I am going to start taking off for my birthday!

    That is why I started throwing my ownself a party. I have always been the one to makes everyone else's party or day a special day. I even threw hubby a surprise party one year... And Brooke gets a party every year... But they don't do anything special for me... so I do it myself! Take matters in my own hands. Now hubby is seeing the light and he says this year, "It is your birthday, we will do whatever you want..."
    I think a manicure/pedicure is in order... day to self... spa maybe... Girl, we will take care of you next year!! LOL!!

    That is funny, my daughter's birthday is seven days before mine... and your's is after! =)

    I hope everyone is enjoying this and learning something new about each of us!!
    And I hope everyone is enjoying their Friday!!!

  57. LOL Cecile;

    You are too funny... Birthdays eh?

    No comment...

    Wonderful post from a very enthusiastic Blogger..


  58. My birthday is Dec 11, 1974! Will be 35 this year! Yikes. when I was little I hated my b-day. Two weeks away from x-mas, and what did that mean! One present, I felt shafted. Still happens but as an adult I don't care about it anymore or expect present from anyone except my hubby. Even my fam gets me one, they would freak it if I did it to them..... lol. But it is my sleep in and do whatever I want day and with a 2 year old who gets up at 5am! Sleeping in is the best gift of all!!

  59. All i'll say is that i am old enough to know better but not to do better and i do not celebrate birthdays -at all...

    love your enthusiaism for your birthday though...I hope you have fun fun fun this year.....


  60. Hey Cecile! My birthday is April 11, 1974. I don't mind my age stopped counting after 30 anyway :) Birthdays are just another day to me we usually go out to eat but thats about it.

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