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Contests and So Much More....

Okay... this is in no particular order... It is a bit long, but I promise it is worth its weight in Books!!!!!!! So, please take your time.... for it has taken me a very long time to do this.... lol!! I give all my props to the sites that are listed below for the pictures and some of the words.... I did not want to screw any prizes up, so I used their wording!!! I hope you enjoy!!!!

The staff here at the MMC is planning a birthday party for moonmaid Cora Zane this Friday, August 28th, and everyone is invited! Bring a "virtual" gift and leave a birthday wish for Cora and you could win an MMC T-shirt and other goodies!

The party starts at stroke of midnight and will last until we all fall asleep or midnight (wee Saturday). ;-)

There will be *live* music, free drinks and food to nosh, and dancing too. So join us for some fun as we help celebrate our bff 's birthday. Woohoo!
From their place!!
So, make sure you head over there to celebrate the party!!!!
Who doesn't like a party!!!

Ms. Kimberly is having a contest.. Hop on over to her place --->>> here to enter... This is what she has up for grabs: This is how it started.... Anyway, in honor of going from being a debut novelist to a multi-published novelist this year, I'm hosting my first-ever contest. Right here. Beginning on Tuesday 8/25/09 for seven straight (or twisted) days. I'll be giving away copies of BARELY BEWITCHED (& WOULD-BE WITCH if you missed Book 1) as well as copies of other fabulous paranormals. All you have to do is show up and comment for a chance to win. Let the partypalooza begin!! Now if you'd like to win a signed copy of Barely Bewitched from the Southern Witch series (and Book 1 Would-Be Witch, if you don't have it) and an autographed copy of the first book in Gerry's series (Real Vampires Have Curves), please pop into the comments and tell us whether you'd like to be a vampire or not. ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Seductive Musing is has a Guest Author and a giveaway... Please go --->>> here to check it out!!! Her guest is none other than... Ms. Lori Foster!!! Make sure you read her rules and ways to enter... Good luck! It ends August 29th! So hurry! ~~~~~~~~~~

That would be Chaos yawning... He was proving to us that he was not dead... I think he wanted to show that he had Vampire Spirit too!! LOL!!!
Anywho... head on over to Chris @ Stumbling Over Chaos's place and check out her links... She has some for all kind of contests going on!!! So head over there now... ---->>> here!!!

Rebecca Savage is offering one of her books for a giveaway! The winner can choose any of Rebecca's books (in pdf format). Go HERE for more information on her books.

All you have to do is leave a comment and tell us - Are you the kind of person who has an idea and follows through, or do you have tons of ideas and have no idea where to start?

This contest will run through midnight August 27th and I will announce the winner on Friday.
Please go to Smexy's place and see what's going on there... --->>> here!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~

Please make sure to visit Ms. Amanda's place --->>> here... she only has a few more days left for her tour... and I know she would love to see some of you all there!!! And by going to her tour places... she may be giving away a copy of her new release... Tortured... You see on my left sidebar... Awesome!!!!
Go to her place... oh and if you scroll down far enough... You will see sharp dress men... and my favorite scruffy men!! Oh, how yummeee for my tummeee!!!!

Now, Kristie J @ Ramblings on Romance Etc. Etc.... is having this YeeHaww of a contest... I mean just look at this picture!!! Come'on, you know you want to Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy!!
Take a trip to Kristie's place --->>> here to see what all this has to do with riding Cowboys... You know you want to know what's going on!!! Her contest is going on now till August 28th!!! So, hurry!!

The Book Queen's Personal Palace is having a give away!! Please make sure to go check out her palace --->>> here!!
The Prize:
ONE signed ARC of Tom Dolby's upcoming book, Secret Society!
You will have until September 1st at Midnight to enter-- after that, this post's comments will be shut off so you cannot enter anymore.

She is giving away 2 copies of The White Queen by Philippa Gregory

Open to Followers Only!
~ Just leave a comment on this post for an entry :] ~ Post this on your site {side bar's ok!} +2 ~Tweet this contest & leave link +2 ~ Longtime Followers + 3 ~ New Followers + 2
~ International
~ All entries must be received @ midnight EST 9/1

So, who wants to read Philippa's latest? I have 2 copies to give away to lucky ducks ; )!
Go --->>> here!!!

The Giveaway:
To enter for a chance to win a set of the first three books in the Feral Warriors series, please leave a comment on this post --->>> here! If you can remember the first paranormal romance that got you hooked on the genre, we’d love to here it. If you have a question for Ms. Palmer, she has graciously offered to check-in today and answer them. The winner will be announced on September 1, 2009, so be sure to check back! Good luck, and happy reading.

VampFanGirl has a seriously hawt, delicious cover at her place right... And the "hussies" are out in full force over there just looking at it!!! I know mine is stalking her place! Please go check out her place to see **drool** what she's got!! Go --->>> here!!! Be warned... bring a cold bottle of water with you! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Barbara @ Happily Forever After is having a giveaway with Ms. Eve Silver...
Thanks to the generosity of Ms. Silver, one lucky commenter on this post will be receiving an autographed copy of, "His Wicked Sins" as well as a beautiful coverflat of "Seduced By A Stranger". And because I have not a single shred of doubt that the winner is going to fall in love with this author's writing, I am personally tossing in...
A copy of Dark Prince
A copy of His Dark Kiss And finally, a copy of Seduced By A Stranger

This contest will run through Saturday, August 29th and is open to residents of the US and Canada only. Winner will be chosen at random and announced Monday, August 31st.
Click ---->>>> here!!!!
From Barbara's place*** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Giveaway: Devyn Quinn has offered to give away two copies of Possession.
To enter just leave a comment along with an email address.
Open to All.
I'll announce the winners on
August 30th. Go --->>> here!!!

If I forgot someone, please do not be mad.... Now I see why I list them on the side!! I hope you had a great Tuesday!!!


  1. Thank you for the pimpage ;) That was quite a post...hope you have a lovely evening!

  2. Hi Cecile,

    Thanks for pimping my giveaway. :))

  3. Hiya Cecile - I have been terrible with not visiting! Thank you so much for sharing the giveaway link for DR, you're a sweetie. :)

  4. Wow, something for everyone!! Thanks for getting it all on one page!

  5. Thanks for the mention! And dang, I just listed a bunch more for tomorrow - and I'm just going to link here for the others that you found and I hadn't seen!

  6. Hey Cecile! There's lots going on isn't there? Thanks for all the updates.

    And guess what? This hussy has already had her little paws all over Sabin! Wait till you read all the little tidbits about Torin, Paris and Aeron...Mmmmmmmmmm

  7. Hi Cecile!

    Great info and thanks for the heads up on some that I missed!


    Dottie :)

  8. Cecile! LOL! Girl, thanks for the mention and hailing some hussy love for the new cover for Kathryn Smith.

    And DAYum! Thank you for the heads up on all the awesome contests going on around the blogsphere. You're the coolest!!

    (((HUGS))) VFG

  9. Cecile--
    Ah, thanks so much for pimping my giveaway, both on your post and your sidebar! ((HUGS!))

    I've got your name down, so good luck! :D

    Oh, and thanks for letting us now about other contests going on!


  10. ((((hugs)))) Thanks, Cecile!!

  11. Hi Cecile,
    Goodmorning hon. This will keep me busy during my first cup of coffee *grin* Thanks for the round-up of interesting links!!

  12. Hi Cecile,
    Wow a lot of things going on in blogland :D That is some great pimpin' indeed

    I will go and check around

  13. Wow!!! YOu have been busy this morning!! Thanks for all the info!!

  14. Cecile,

    Wow, you were busy. Thanks for the heads up.

  15. Wow that was great! Thanks for the heads up about all of it. :)

  16. Cecile,

    Thanks for all the wonderful info. :)


  17. Thanks Cecile.. lots of fun happening in blog land..


  18. Hey you guys!!!!
    You are more than welcome for the information! I know we allll try to spread the word of what's going on in blog land... I just wanted to do my part!!! I just want you all to know that everything you do... having contests, having guest authors, putting information of new releases and contests going on else where is greatly appreciated!!!!!! Thank you!!!

    I hope you had a great day. Girl, your place is jumping!!!

    Anytime Anna... Anytime!!!

    ~Kimberly Swan
    Don't worry about it Kim... Girl, your reviews have been back to back!! And they are awesome!!!

    I tried my hardest to get it on one page and not make it too long!

    You are more than welcome... I love those kittens of yours!!!!

    ~Charlotte Featherstone
    There is a lot going on every where!!!!
    And I can not believe you read Sabin's story... Hussy in me screaming... I am not rushing Amanda's story though... (Tortured). When I am done... Charles and Sabin better watch out!!!!! Because here the hussy comes... Okay... not sounding right... Or maybe so, after reading those two!!! LMAO!!! **did I say that out loud**

    You are more than welcome. I thought I would try to give you all a break...

    You are more than welcome for the mention honey!! You know I love ya!!!
    Girl... I will be showing some love to Kathryn Smith's cover... as soon as I go shopping!!!

    You are welcome for the pimpage... How do we want people to find you, if we don't tell them!!!

    You are welcome honey!!!

    Boy, have I missed you!!! You are welcome honey!!!

    There is my birthday girl!!! Girl, get your cup of coffee... which by now.. you should have a drink stronger than coffee, lol!! Actually, you should be in bed right now... But I hope you found everything okay "yesterday."

    There is a lot going on in Blogland. The sad part is I did not even cover half of what is going on!!!

    ~Heather D
    Busy... and this was very exhausting!! I do have to admit that!!! But it was fun putting it together!!!!

    ~ Armenia
    Hey there!! You are welcome!!

    You are weclome!

    ~Michelle G
    You are more than welcome!! Just trying to spread the word around!

    ~Erotic Horizon
    Girl... a lot has been happening.. I am only catching not even half of it... But I hope I was able to help some peeps out with their contests!!!

  19. Hi Cecile,

    Thanks for latest contest pimpage, greatly appreciate it!

  20. Psst: I'm giving a signed copy of Wanderlust by Ann Aguirre. Contest is open until 14th Sept.


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