Monday, August 3, 2009

My 101th Post, An Awesome Giveaway... And a special Guest Appreance!!!

Okay, the moment you all have been waiting for.....
Yay for me!!!!!
Congrats to me.... I made it to 101th post!!!!!

You bet I do Rock!!!!!
Oh man, do I ever rock!!!
Bradley Cooper is soooo hawt!!! And he thinks I rock too!!!
***at least that is what my inner hussy voice tells me***

***Yea, she is purring right now...****

Now, on to the good stuff.....
**oh yum num mum.... still looking at those eyes**
If you haven't heard yet....
I am celebrating my 101th post!
And I have all of you to thank!!!
So, in honor of all of you.... we going to have a party!!!!
***insert caban boys passing drinks to everyone***

nd if you have stayed with me this far~ in blog land,
you deserve something for your patience and loyalty! =)
And I hope you will like....
Let the games (contest) begin...

Make sure you read allllll the way down.....
there is a helping of Double Stuff Oreo Cookies down there....
**Yea, that is the cookies I am eating tonight**

I have three books I am personally going to give away
(they are all brand new, never been read)...

The first book is The Chosen Sin by Anya Bast

In this sensuous and lust-filled otherworld, the Chosen are vampires fighting for their very existence.
It is Daria’s destiny to become one of them…
Daria Morris is a special forces agent with one obsession: to wreak vengeance on the brutal vampire who nearly destroyed her. Now she’s finally about to get her chance, on one condition.
She must become something she detests: a vampire.
Her fate rests upon one man’s lethal bite.
His name is Alejandro Martinez, and he can help her infiltrate a highly guarded group of the Chosen. But Alejandro is also a distraction for Daria. Because thirteen years ago,
they shared a scorching night of passion neither has forgotten.
Now, while Daria struggles against her newfound bloodlust, the two must slip into the shadows to bring a monster to justice—even as their desire threatens to consume them.
But under the cover of night, they’ll discover that it’s the darkness within that may stand in the way of their hunger for retribution…

The second book is A Mermaid's Kiss by Joey W. Hill
Some destinies are made to be denied…
As the Prime Legion Commander for the Goddess, Jonah has been battling the Dark Ones for centuries. He has led countless angels into battle, and has seen too many of them slaughtered. Now, his noble spirit has begun to tire with the weight of endless war—which allows a Dark One to strike a blow that severs his wing and knocks him into the sea.
Anna is a Daughter of Arianne — a direct descendant of the mermaid whose poignant legend and lore is much darker and more complex than the human-made fairytale. For tragedy and isolation are the fate of all the Daughters of Arianne. Anna’s longing for love compels her to risk her very life to protect and hide the fallen Jonah. And the longer Jonah delays his return to the heavens, the more Anna’s secret passions are tempted.
Anna knows that Jonah’s destiny lies beyond her desire—and that if she repeats her ancestor’s mistakes, heartache will be her only reward. But as she falls more in love with him, Anna wonders if she’s destined to lose her heart and her dreams to save Jonah’s soul…


The last book I have to give away is an AUTOGRAPHED copy of
Jennifer Haymore's ~~ A Hint of Wicked

Sophie, the Duchess of Calton, has finally moved on. After seven years mourning the loss of her husband, Garrett, at Waterloo, she has married his best friend and heir, Tristan. Sophie gives herself to him body and soul…until the day Garrett returns from the Continent,
demanding his title, his lands—and his wife.

Now Sophie must choose between her first love and her new love, knowing that no
matter what, her choice will destroy one of the men she adores.
Will it be Garrett, her childhood sweetheart, whose loss nearly destroyed her once already?
Or will it be Tristan, beloved friend turned lover, who supported her through the last, dark years and introduced her to a passion she had never known? As her two husbands battle for her heart, Sophie finds herself immersed in a dangerous game
-where the stakes are not only love…but life and death.

This is where the Double Stuff Oreo Cookies comes in at...
My guest appreance is none other than the wonderful Ms. Kimber Chin!!!!!
****insert clapping and cheering****
She is an awesome writer. Here are a few of her books....

The first person she made disappear was herself.
A Man Living In The Past…
Antique collector Hagen Rayner has fourteen business days to find the deed to his Great-Uncle’s house or he risks losing the estate to his devious cousin. Should be easy enough for the self-made billionaire to accomplish, except for one small detail, his only source of help is to be from a woman who doesn’t exist.
A Woman Without One…
Maeve Delaney knows how to make people disappear.
The rules are simple. Cut all ties to the past, don’t talk about yourself and never ever let a man get close. That includes any would-be partners with potty mouths, broad shoulders, and gentle hands.
Invisible is a financial treasure hunt through the world of hidden identities. A world where loyalty and love can be found in the most unexpected places


When a business secret is shared, can love survive?
When You Play With The Best…
For years, Anne James has played a dangerous game, secretly manipulating venture capitalist Philippe Lamont into financing her clients. She knew there would be a price to pay for her arrogance. That price, she thought, was three months of negotiated torture as his sexy Girl Friday.
…The Stakes Are High
Anne was wrong. In Philippe’s fast paced world of start up investing, the lines between business and personal blur. One misstep, one misplaced confidence, and Anne could lose her heart, her business, and her life.

Can Cara close the deal on love?
The Best Sales Plans…
Real estate agent Cara Jones needs a celebrity handyman for her charity auction. Reclusive billionaire Richard Thompson is the perfect choice. All she has to do is find his trigger and trip it, without becoming emotionally attached.
…Sometimes Go Awry
Richard wishes to be valued for himself, not simply for his money. He certainly isn’t going to fall in love with a pushy, pie baking saleswoman, no matter how sweet she tastes.


Ms. Kimber was very kind to do an interview with me!!!!
Yes, I am very thankful for the internet, so she did not have to witness

***the fangirl happy dance***!!!!

So, without futhure adu... May I present to you...
Ms. Kimber Chin!!!!!

Hello Ms. Kimber, I want to thank you so much for doing this with me!!!!

Can you please tell us a little about yourself?
First and foremost, I love romance. I love writing it. I love reading it. I love talking about it. Romance is about love and hope and there's nothing better than being surrounded by love and hope.
I was asked yesterday by a reporter if I'd ever consider writing in another genre. I replied that the day someone tells me there's too much love and hope in the world is the day I genre jump. That hasn't happened yet but I am hoping it will!!
I also love business. I'm a project gal. I love helping with new product launches and system roll outs. Spending the day gawking at men in suits. Yum. Getting into those passionate boardroom discussions (personalities change when the boardroom door closes). Wonderful Stuff!
How did you fall into the writing business?

I was given a diary as a young girl (lemon scented - now when I do laundry, I get the urge to write). I wrote in it every single day for years. In high school, I was approached to cover school events for a newspaper. What? I get paid to write? I was in heaven! The natural move from there was bloggin. I blogged on business topics (my personal interest) and that led to readers suggesting I write a book. I didn't write the business book they expected. Instead, I wrote a romance!

What are you currently working on right now?
I'm working on my Russian Mafia series (a contemporary romance trilogy). The first book (sent to my pre-editor two weeks ago) is Gregory's story (tentative releast date 2011). Gregory, the 'perfect' lawyer, appears in Breach of Trust. I set him up with a baddie, a 'sister' of Nikolay's. The second book started law week is Nikolay's story (tentative release date 2012). Nikolay, the heir of a Russian mafia family, appears in Invisible.

What is a pet peeve of yours (one, two or more...
what ever you would like to tell us)?

The hot shot business executive who secretly wishes to be an artist. That's one of the reasons I write about business folks. The best in any field do what they do because they love it. It is no different in business.
Oh, and it drives me crazy when people squish filled chocolates and leave back the ones they don't like (usually orange or strawberry). I don't mind eating them but the normally soft fillings tend to get a bit crunchy.

If a song could describe your life, what song would it be?

My theme song is 'Open Up Your Heart And Let The Sunshin In.'
'So let the sun shine in
face it with a grin
Smilers never lose
and frowners never win.'
My dear mom said I was the ugliest baby alive (my hair fell out in patches) but I always had a smile on my face so people thought I was cute. Life is too short to spend it being unhappy.

Do you have a favorite book and why is it your favorite?
I read a romance a day so I don't simply have one favorite book.

For paranormals, I'd vote for J.K. Coi's Immortal Kiss, brilliantly deep characterization, what a romance should be. For Regencies, Amanda Quick's Ravished, beauty and the beast done so very well. Margaret Moore is the queen of Medievals. You can't go wrong with any of her novels. I just read Marriage Proposal by Kelly Kirch and loved it. The list goes on and on.

What are you reading right now?

Today I re-read my February release, Flawless, as I am finishing up yet another round of edits. But I recently read I Bid One American by Amy Corwin and loved it! Very funny Regency!

If you could choose, out of all your characters,
which would be your favorite and why?

I love, love, love Tavos Santos, my F-bomk flinging, knife wielding vigilante from Invisible. His own story, Flawless, is out in February and wowsers, is he a powerful character!

Warning: He is a bad, bad man and doesn't magically redeem because he falls in love.

***Cecile: oh I am sure some of the ladies here will love that story... and bad bay with no way out!!!!***

What do you do when (if) you get writer's block?
I hop on the bus. All those different people, many carrying on one-sided phone conversations. I love to fill in what is being said on the other side. I play games, watching people and asking myself 'what is their deepest, darkest secret?' So much fun.

What do you do to unwind after a stressing deadline is over and the book is out?

Currently, I have a story in with my pre-editor, a story in with my editor, a story in with the line edit folks, and a story I've recently started writing. One of the wonderful things about having books in so many stages of development is there isn't a break. No real unwind time.
But when we do get a chance, the hubby and I love, love, love to travel. We love to cruise. I call it backpacking for older folks. Go to sleep in one country, wake up in another.

What is something that most people would find surprising about you?
That I'm an accountant who never learned her multiplication table. I have a hereditary memory challenge (have had it since birth, my dear eight year old niece is dealing with the same challenge). If you paid me a million dollars, I couldn't tell you what seven times eight was (unaided). I made up that weakness by focusing on my problem solving skills, a skill that now helps me get my characters out of jams.
That means if I don't remember your name, please don't get insulted. I was best friends with a girl for two years (still am best friends with her) and couldn't remember her name. My loved one send me email reminders not only of their birthdays by of mine. I forgot it one year. I was working on a story and got miffed because the phone kept ringing. (Grinning)
Oh, and I'm 38 so I can 't yet blame it on age, dang it!

Well, I am very happy **still squealing** that Ms. Kimber took the time to do this with me!!!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!


Now on for the news you have been waiting too hear!!!!!

Each book will have a winner....
The contest is open to ALL ~ everyone!!!
It is open from now till.... August 5th at midnight my time CST!
And Ms. Kimber Chin has also decided to toss in a complete set of her to date eBooks ~~~~
Invisible, Breach of Trust and Selling Forever
to one lucky winner!!!!!

The rules are simple....
You have to leave a comment or question (1 entry)
(please leave your email address, so we have a way of getting in touch with you)
****Hell, I will even give you an extra entry for leaving your email address (1 entry)****
But please let me know which book you want
~ it can be one or all and don't forget about the ebooks!
You have to brag about it at your place (1 entry)
You have to answer Ms. Chin's question if you want another entry (you get an extra 1 entry for answering)!!!!

Ms. Kimber's Question.....
If you could eat Double Stuff Oreo Cookies with anyone in the world,
who would it be?

So, you have four chances to win... but remember ~ it only takes one!!!!
So, what are we waiting for.... let's talk books!!!!
Thank you guys for just being there for me!!


  1. Hi Cecile and Ms Kim!!! First, congrats Cecile on your 101th post :)
    Second, I just love the interview with Ms Kim. She's one of the nicest persons/authors I had a privilege to meet. I've read all her books (thank you Ms Kim for sending them to me :)) and they are GREAT.
    Please count me in for your books, Cecile, since I have those of Ms Kim's.
    At this moment I would like to share those cookies with you two more then with anyone else in the world (and I really mean it).
    I’ll post about your contest at my blog
    Once again, great post!!!

  2. Hey Hon...

    Congrats on your101 post - How cool is that...

    Big hugs and kisses from all the way from rainy Britain...

    Loving the givaway as well - loads of wonderful books for all the book hussies out there...

    Also nice to know more about Ms. Chin, I'll be checking out her books in the future...

    Don't enter me please...


  3. Congrats on post 101!!! I have never seen a 101th post look so good:)

    Very nice interview with Kimberly Chin!!

    If I could eat a double stuffed oreo with anyone, it would be Brandon Flowers of The Killers:) Just a teeny tiny obsessed with him.

    Great contest..all the books look like fun!

    I am posting about this on my blog.

  4. Morning Cecile!!

    Congratulations to you. :0) Awesome 101st post and interview.

    I'll pimp in my sidebar for sure. :)

    I would eat a double stuff Oreo cookie with 'Devereux', from the Vampire Shrink... ;)

    Listen, don't enter me in the contest, because I already won a wonderful gift at your last contest and would like others to have a chance...

    Best, Have a great day!


  5. Hi Cecile! Thank you so much for hosting me here. Such an honor!

    Wowsers, isn't the cover for A Mermaid's Kiss gorgeous?
    I'm drooling with envy!

    Awww... Frana, you are such a sweetie! If you win my books, I'll send you out a three pack of my favorite July reads. I read some terrific romances in July.

    E.H., I hear you about the rain. I usually hang my laundry and have only done that twice this year. (sigh) At least I don't need to water the lawn. More writing time!

    Waving at Mandi!
    Mandi's are always the best of people. My pre-editor is a Mandy (with a 'y'). I don't know what I'd do without her. Ironically my editor is a Mindy.

    Hi Lea!
    Ohhh... are you a vamp lover?
    Have you read J.K. Coi's Immortal series? She is writing the story of Justice, her big, bad vamp, right now. I can't wait.

  6. Happy post Cecile!!!
    *throws confetti*
    I made yummy chocolate cupcakes for your special day.

    Oh, oh, oh, want books, they all look great. Put me in for those first 3.

    As for Kimber's books, well I have all except Breach of Trust.

    Hi Kimber, great interview, and fun to see you here.

    To the question, hm *thinks hard* Richard Armitage, oh he makes my body melt into a little puddle.

    blodeuedd1 at gmail dot com

  7. Happy 101st post! Great interview - Ms. Chin sounds like someone who would be fun to hang out with. I've not read her books yet but will be adding them to my TBR - they sound good.

    Definitely interested in A Hint of Wicked (sounds yummy!) and am headed over to pimp you out on my blog.

    pspinney AT cox DOT net

  8. Congrats, Cecile, on your 101st post!! Fun interview, too. :)

    (P.S. No need to enter me in any of the giveaway goodness.)

  9. Hi! Congrats on your 101st post! Great interview too. Please count me in for everything except the ebooks please

    If I could eat double stuffed oreaos with anyone in the world it would be with Jason Segel..he is hilarious (and cute!)

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  10. Hi Cecile,
    Forgot to add that I posted it on my sidebar :D
    I think some more pimpin' might be in order in my Friday post ( as long as my forgetful brain remembers)

  11. Hey Cecile! Congrats on your 101st post! It seems like you only just started your blog. TIme flies when you're having fun!!

    Awesome giveaways and interview! No need to enter me in for the paperbooks, but I'm game for the e-books by Kimber Chin. She's new to me and they sound great!

  12. Hi Cecile and Ms Chin!!

    First....Cecile, CONGRATULATIONS on 101 are amazing and we love you and your blog!! :)

    I've pimped this contest in my sidebar! :)

    Awesome interview with Ms. Chin!! I can't wait to read more about your books!!

    If I could eat double stuff Oreos with first thought is with my favorite kilt wearing Mr. Gerard Butler!! :) If he wasn't available I'd have to say my kids, they laugh and we would have a blast!!

  13. Cecile: Congratulations on your 101st post! Time goes by fast, doesn't it?
    There is no need to enter me in the giveaway...I wanted to thank you for your comment regarding my troubles with my made me feel better to know that I have a reason to feel the way I do. You're a wonderful friend, and I appreciate you! :)

  14. Congratulations on your 101th post! I'm just getting started over at my blog, 4 followers strong and my 1st review posted today!

    I would enjoy winning all these prizes! Is that an option, or just plain greedy?

    I would want to eat double stuffed oreo cookies with Prince William! My mother always said we would get married one day... lol, I wonder if that still stands with my current husband in the picture!?


    mdwartistry at yahoo dot com

  15. Congratulations on your 101st post! Wonderful interview. So many of these books are new to me, I can't decide!!

    Has anyone seen the cover for Maya Banks' new book.. The Darkest Hour? Well that is who I would like she share those cookies with :)

    Amy M

  16. I have a copy of A Hint of Wicked so I'd like to be entered for the other two! I just watched He's Just Not That Into You Last Night and Bradley Cooper was HOT!

  17. Hey Cecile!

    Great Interview and Congrats on your 101 post!!! WOOT!

    Let's see, I already have the first three book giveaways in my TBR so don't add me to that one. But I'll answer the question for the ebboks.

    I'd share those cookies with my hubby b/c number one, I love him and two, he won't want any cause he hates sweets so I get to eat them ALL!

    (((hugs))) VFG

  18. Hi Cecile and Kim!

    Congrats on your 101st post!!! Wonderful interview. I haven't read any of Ms. Chin's work--yet--but you definitely have me interested ;) Count me in for the e-books.

  19. Um, answering the question would be nice, huh? LOL!

    Well, I'd share them with my little girls. They love oreos :)

  20. Cecile,

    Congrats on your posts - I love your blog. :) This is a wonderful giveaway!! Please enter my name for The Chosen Sin by Anya Bast.

    Sharing, that is a major big deal...LOL I would share my cookies with all the wonderful people who love to read. :)

    Have a great day. :)

    kweenmg at yahoo dot com

  21. Hi Cecile a HUGE Congrats on your 101th post milestone! YOU GO GIRL!
    It's a wonderful blog and I hope wish you many more 101 posts. :)

    A great interview with Ms. Kim.

  22. Hi Cecile! Congrats on your 101st post! Fantastic contest BTW!

    Hi Kim, you are a new to me author and I look forward to reading your books in the future!

    Hum, I would have to say Butch of the BDB, I just love, love, love him!

    I pimped you out too on my contest blog

  23. Hey Cecile, Kimber!!

    A big congrats on your 101st post!!
    Don't all good things come in 101's!
    101 Blog posts, 101 Dalmations..LOL

    Thanks for the great giveaway!
    I would love to win Ms Kimber's books, so please enter me in the drawing for her books!

    If I could eat double stuffed oreo's with anyone it would be Vin Diesel!!! I can just see him licking all of that extra cream...Yummy!!


  24. Hi Cecile,
    Congrats on your 101th post!

    No need to enter me in the contest, cause I've had some of the books already. But I will pimp it on my sidebar. :)

  25. OMG congratulations Cecile!! I am so pleased for you!! What a great interview too!

    Please enter me for all the books and the ebooks too!!, thanks so much for the fantastic chance!!!

    *hugs* here's to the next 101 posts!!

  26. Congrats on your 101 posts!!
    Kimber Chin is a new author to me so its nice to learn more about her.The books sound great.

    who would I eat double stuff oreo's with? My 5 year old nephew I still haven't met.We talk on the phone but it would be nice to see him and do something as simple as enjoying a few cookies together.

    please enter me for
    The Chosen Sin by Anya Bast
    Kimber Chin's ebooks

    thanks for the chance to win these books.And congrats again.


  27. +1 Congrats on your 101st post!!! Do you ever run out of ideas to talk about on your blog? A sorta blog block?

    +1 joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

    +1 Posted this on my FB page in the My Links section (

    +1 I definitely want to share my Oreos (gee, that sounds a bit kinky) with Ryan Reynolds and Gerard Butler

    I would love to be signed up for the three print books your offering Cecile! I don't have them yet and they look fabulous! I already have Ms. Chin's ebooks since she was sweet enough to send them to me and thoroughly enjoyed them.

  28. Hi Cecile and Ms Chin!

    Great interview! I haven't read Ms. Chin's books, but I see now that my education has been lacking!

    If I could eat Double Stuff Oreos with any of my favorite heroes...I would love to eat oreos with Kisten of The Hollows Series. Well, not sure how many cookies would actually be consumed! lol!

    Congrats Cecile on your 100 posts! 101 is a special one, what a great way to celebrate!

    And you know I'll be spreading the word

    I'll take any one of these beautiful books (except Mermaid's Kiss, AmyC was pimping it a while back, and I had to purchase it myself). Any or all of Ms. Chin books look too good!

    Thanks Cecile and Ms. Chin!

    Dottie :)

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Visiting from Book Addict (Patti). I would love to take a peek at The Chosen Sin.

    Thanks in advance!!

    hannahherrick AT gmail DOT com

  31. Congrats on your 101st post Cecile and what a great post it is!



  32. +1 Hello Cecile and Ms. Chin,Congrats on your 101 post. I love the interview btw.

    Please count me in for a copy of The Chosen Sin or A Mermaid's Kiss.

    +1 My question for Ms. Chin is: Will you have any paperbacks out soon? And how do you find your muse when you are writing?

    +1 If I had to eat a double stuff oreo, I would share it with Nathan Kamp. Mmm..

    +1 cindyc725 at gmail dot com
    +1 Blogged on my sidebar

  33. I am here, finally at last!!! I am here... but hubby called me on my way home and asked very nicely if I would mind to start cutting grass - he does not get home until after 6:30 cst - that way, when he gets home, he can trim what is left.... So, I am going put my Superwoman Cape on... Have to cook supper and do clothes... and now cut grass... And I want to see what you have all had to say today!!! I will be back!!!!

  34. the chosen sin

  35. i'd eat it with lindsey lohan so i could eat all of it

  36. Cecile and Kim, what a great post and interview. Congrats on your 101st post. I'm just a newbie and slowly trying to find myself and purpose on bloggerspace...but wow, I am truly jazzed about that I have found your blog site. I love your inner hussy reviews...they're awesome. I would love a chance to win The Chosen and A Hint of Wicked as well as Ms. Kimber's ebooks. Thanks so much.

    Braggin' at my site:

    armiefox at yahoo dot com

    I would eat double stuff with my kids. They just love dipping their cookies in milk.

  37. I would eat DS Oreos with Ralph Nader. Heck I have voted for him enough times, I deserve it:)

    runningmatey at hotmail dot com

  38. Congrats on your 101th post. Great interview Ms. Chin is new to me I will have to check out her books.

    I would love to be entered for all of the books. thanks for the chance to win. I would eat a double stuff oreo with Niol from Midnights Master.

    I posted the contest on my blog.


  39. Congrats on 101 !! Loved the interview. I'd love to read A Hint of Wicked - sounds great.

    I'd eat DS Oreos with Kenny Chesney

    msboatgal at

  40. Thank you all for the congrats!!! I am just delighted to be around for that long!!
    I am really excited that all of you are enjoying this!!!!

    Now on for the comments....

    Hey honey! You were the one that introduced me to Ms. Chin. And for that I am foever in debt to you!!! You are right, she is such a sweetie!!
    You are definitely counted in for the books!!!
    Awwwww, you are soooo sweet. I would love to sit across a table from you and share oreo's with you!!!
    Thank you for being such an awesome friend to me!!!

    I am so glad to see you around!! I have missed you my dear friend.
    Thank you my dear! Yea, I figured 101 was better than 100!!!
    I won't enter you... but I thank you for stopping by and showing your support here!!!

  41. ~Mandi~
    Hey there!!! Thanks!
    I really enjoyed doing the interview with Ms. Kimber. She is such a sweet person to get to know. And her books are amazing!!!! Spicy and hot!! And with hot guys... who could resist!
    Oh girl, I knew you were going to say Brandon from Flowers of The Killers!! I knew it, I knew it!!!
    OH... you need to tell me if you want in for the books and eBooks??

    Hey there honey!!! Thank you for coming by to show me your support!!! You are such an awesome friend!!! I am very lucky to have you for my friend!
    Oh, a girl after my own heart... Devereux!!!!! Whew.... Yummmy... would eat cookies with him or on him, lol!!!!
    Thanks for coming by!!!

    ~~~ Ms. Kimber~~~
    Oh, Thank you so much for doing this with me!!! I had such a blast learning more about you!!! And to get others to hear about you... what can I say!!!!
    Yes, I have to agree with you, A Merm­aid's Kiss is an awesome cover. Are you sure you are drooling with envy or just plain lust... lol!!!!
    Thanks for coming by and playing with me!!!

    Yay for me!!! Thank you for coming to my party and having fun with me!!! I am just so excitd t­hat my friends are with me!! Ohhhh and you made me chocolate cupcakes!!!!! I think I smell the enticing aroma!!!! Oh, yea, I smell it!!!
    You are put down for the three books!!! Oh... Richard Armitage... How did I know you would say that!!! **wink** Girl, I know you all to well!!
    Girl, than you for adding me and **possibly** doing a litte more pimpin Friday!!

  42. ~Patti~
    Thank you for the congrats and the interview~~
    Oh you will love her books!! She writes such amazing stories!! They will leave you feeling like a purring hussy!!!! =)
    You are counted in my friend!

    Thank you!!! I had a great time with Ms. Kimber!
    Thank you for stopping by and showing me your support!! Thank you for being a friend of mine!!! Oh, and tell Mayhem and Chaos I am sending my love!!!

    Hi there! I hope you enjoyed your visit enough to stick around!!! Thank you!!! You are counted in for everything but the eBooks!
    Jason Segel... Now I am going on a man hunt to scope him out!!!

    ~Amy C~
    Thank you honey!!! I know, it does seem like yesterday that I created my baby and started to chat with you all. You all have been very generous in your friend with me and for that I am very thankful!!!
    I will definitely put in your for the eBooks. Like I said earlier, they are awesome!!! I love her books!

    Hi there Ms. Vacation!!
    Thank you, thank you and thank you!!! You are to kind.
    Thank you for pimping me at your place!!!
    Oh, Mr. Butler... man oh what a man!!! A kilt you say... You know what they wear under them things huh... You sure all you are going to be doing is eating oreo cookies with him **evil grin**
    Oh, the kids, now that is a wonderful choice!! Life gets to busy sometimes... and that would be perfect!

  43. ~Missy~
    Thank you!!! Time does go by so very fast!!!
    You are more than welcome for the thoughts on your Mom. And it stands true if you need anything!

    ~Sweet Vernal Zephyr~
    Hello there!!! I hope you had a great visit and hope to stick around!
    Thanks! Oh, as soon as I finish here... I will be hoping over to your place to check it out!! Then you can be 5 followers strong!
    Girl, you are not greedy at all!! You are counted in for it all!!!
    Prince William you say! Wow... and mother said you would marry one day... Make sure you invite me!! Explaining to hubby might be a little problem though!! LOL!!

    ~Amy M~
    Hey there!! It is nice to meet new people. I hope you liked the place and decide to stick around!!
    Thank you!
    Oh a new one for Maya Banks.... I will be checking that out. Her covers are normally smoking hawt!!! And THAT is who you want to eat cookies with... damn!!! LOL!!!

  44. ~Tetewa~
    Hey there!!! You will be counted in for everything but A Hint of Wicked!! Thank you for stopping by to visit me!!!
    Oh yes, Bradley Cooper is super duper hawt!!! Those eyes... and that body!!! Oh yum-me!!!

    Hey there honey!!! Thank you!! YAYAYAY for me!! I made it too 101!! =)
    You are added for the eBooks!!
    Nice thinking... hubby because he hates sweets and you get all the cookies!!! I like that thinking!!! You are to sweet!!

    I can not say enough thank you... If it was not for you.. I would not be here at alll!!! You are a wonderful friend!!! Thank you for being my friend!
    You are counted in for the eBooks honey! Oh... sharing cookies with those precious little girls of yours... That would be a wonderful time!

    ~Michelle G~
    Thank you!! Thank you!! You are entered for Ms. Anya''s book! Awww, you are to sweet to share your cookies with us!!! I hope you have a wonderful day as well!

    Thank you!!! Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!
    Do you want to be entered in the contest??

    ~Book Junkie~
    Hey there!! Thank you!
    I am glad that I could bring to light Ms. Kimber Chin.
    Oh Butch from BDB!!!! Are you sure you just sharing them with him... or are you dunking him in your milk with your cookies, lol?!?!?

    Hey there!!! Thanks for coming over, I hope you stick around!!!
    That is what I thought... 101 Dalmations... 101 Ice Cream flavors... I just made that one up... lol!! But hey... it is a big thing!!!
    You are more than welcome for the giveaway! I love sharing with my friends!
    Vin Diesel.... oh, now that is my kinda of thinking!!!! ***Evil wicked smile on face***
    You are added!!!

    Hey honey! Thank you for coming over!!! I greatly appreicate it! Thanks for pimping me!!

    Thanks for coming over!!! Oh and thank you!!! You are entered in for the books honey!!!
    Thanks for the hugs... Right back at ya!!!! (((HUGS)))

    Thank you very much. I hope you liked the place and decide to stick around! I am glad that Ms. Kimber is new to you!!! She is such a fantastic person!!! I had a great time doing this with her!
    Oh, family... no body better to share with.. especially one you haven't met yet!!!

    Ohh... nicely done with the numbers! Thank you!!!
    Oh question for me... I am liking this!
    No, I never run out of ideas... in fact, I always have something I want to do, but never enough time to do all of what I want. So, there will always be something here for you...
    Oh... Ryan Reynolds... and Gerard Butler... Wow... You really went for the double stuff!!! LOL!!!
    And you are counted in for the books!!! I am glad that ou have Ms. Kimber's books already. Isn't she one of the best!!!! I love her books!!

  45. ~Dottie~
    Hey there honey!!!
    I am so glad that you made it!!! Or should I say, I am glad that I finally made it to my party!!!!!
    Thank you very much. Oh, you have to read Ms. Kimber's books! They are awesome!
    Oh, double stuffed with... Kisten of The Hollows... Oh and a person who is not sure how many cookies would be consumed!! LOL!!!
    Oh we are spreading the love at your place!! ****doing happy dance and clapping*** And consider yourself entered for the books, expect for Joey W Hill's book!!!
    You are more than welcome!

    ~Razlover's Book Blog~
    Thanks for stopping by and I am glad that you enjoyed the interview!!!
    Thank you!!! You are entered in!!!
    Oh... Zarek and... AND... Zsadist!!! Wow... Double stuff... You go girl!!! LOL!!
    Thank you for spreading the love about me!!! You are more than welcome.
    We pay it forward by sharing our love for our books... this just seems like the right thing to do!!!

    ~Stalker v1.5~
    Hey there... Always welcome a friend of a friend to my place! I hope you like it here!!! Thanks for hopping over!!! You are in!!

    ~Ms. M~
    Hello there honey!!! I am so glad to see you!!! Thank you ma'am!!!
    Are you in for the books or ebooks??

    ~I Hear Book Gossip~
    Hello there honey!! Thank you for stopping by!! I am so glad that you came over!! You are counted in!!! Oh... Nathan Kamp... and double stuff oreo cookies!!! Oh....

    Thank you for coming! I hope you stop by or stick around!!!!
    You are entered in for The Chosen Sin!!!

    Oh, hey there!!! Glad you could make it!!!
    Thank you! I had a blast with Ms. Kimber, she is really a awesome person and so fun!!!
    Don't worry about trying to find yourself here in the blog-0-land... your purpose will come... Mine is to just make someone smile or laugh for a while!! I just want to make someone feel better about themselves or their day! I think you are doing a great job!
    I am glad that you like my place, I hope to see you around more often!!
    Oh girl, if you love my inner hussy... stick around... She only gets worst, lmao!!!! I am such a hussy!!!
    Oh, oreo cookies with the kids!! I love those the best!
    You are entered!!!

    Ralph Nader... wow!!!
    You are entered...

    Thank you very much!!
    Oh, please go check out Ms. Kimber's place... She is awesome!!
    You are entered for the books!! I hope you like my place and want to stick around!
    Oh... Niol from Midnights Master.. what a choice!!!

    Thank you and I am glad that you stopped by!!
    Oh a girl after my own heart... Kenny Chesney!!!!! What a hottie!!!
    You are entered... would you like a chance at the others as well?

    I hope everyone is having as much fun as I am!!!!!

  46. 101posts -- congratulations!!!!

    Please enter me for (1) The Chosen Sin or (2) A Mermaid's Kiss!


  47. HUGE congrats on the 101st post, Cecile, and here's to another 100 more!!!!!!

    I so enjoy your blog and your sense of humor. I always find myself grinning when I visit, and that's such a good thing!!!

  48. Hi Cecile and Ms Chin,

    thank you for the lovely interview. I'm a great admirer of Kimber Chin's writing so please count me in for the ebooks.

    I'd share the cookies with my nieces and nephew.

    My email address: nettxzl at gmail dot com

  49. HI Cecile, Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! I linked to your contest here:


  50. Hi Cecile and Kimber…great interview!!! Congrats on 101!! Glad it’s not just me with the name thing. I’ll recognize you in an airport in 20 years and will never forget your voice, but your name will be gone in seconds!!! – I have Anya Bast’s The Chosen Sin (so hot!!) but I haven’t read any of the others but they look great!!!

    If I could eat Double Stuff Oreo’s with anyone – fictional would be Rhage of the BDB and in the real world it would be Hugh Jackman!!!

  51. blodeuedd, my buddy! I didn't know you didn't have Breach Of Trust. Yikes. Can't have that! Philippe and Gregory make an appearance in Tavos' story Flawless. I'm sending you an email!

    Awww... Patti, I'd love to hang with you also! Drop me a line if you ever want to talk books, especially romance novels, and most especially GREAT romance novels. I'm always looking for more of those!

    (Waving at Chris!) You must have a TBR pile like mine. Wowsers, overflowing!

    throuthehaze, there is something about a man with a sense of humor. I can't imagine going through life without laughter!

    Amy C, you're new to me also! Oh, I am so excited, rubbing shoulders with all Cecile's buddies. Good people always hang with good people!

    Blanche, have you seen the new Gerald Butler movie? Yum, Yum, Yum. Tho' I have to say Eric Bana in Time Traveler's Wife may give him a run for the hottie money.

  52. Miranda, Prince William is a cutie, isn't he? And a Prince! That's something.

    Amy M, Maya Banks has some killer (good) covers. And her stories, wowsers... the girl has skills!

    tetewa, I am SO behind in my movies. Bradley Cooper does five o'clock shadow SO well. And those eyes!

    VFG, awww... so sweet about your hubby. My hubby used to dislike chocolate but after years with me, his tastes have changed (okay, he used to like tall Middle Eastern women too and I'm short and Irish). Now we fight for the cookies.

    Barbara, you're new to me also! Giving you a big hug! And eating oreos with your little girls, awww..., that is too sweet!

    Michelle, you're a generous gal! That's a whole lot of folks to share cookies with!

    Waving at JennJ! Thanks for stopping by! LOVE your avatar. Is that you?

  53. Book Junkie, this is SO nice, meeting all Cecile's buddies. It is like the who's who of wonderful people!

    Afshan... I have just one thing to say... Chronicles of Riddick. When Vin Diesel pets the big cat and says 'it's an animal thing.' Shivers!

    elaing8, awww... do you have family far away also? That is so challenging. The hubby and I have family all over the world and too much time passes between visits.

    joder, my romance reading buddy! So glad you could drop by. Gerard Butler AND Ryan Reynolds? That is one steamy Oreo eating menage.

    Hi Dottie! I hear you about buying The Mermaid's Kiss yourself. Based on the cover alone, that is one for a collection. Too beautiful for words! Actually I guess since it is the cover of her book...

    Hi back Razlover! Thank you for the kind words about my covers. I can't take any credit for them, unfortunately. That is all my publisher's magic. They take good care of me!

  54. Hi Cindy aka I Heart Book Gossip!
    I hear tell both Breach Of Trust and Invisible are available in print (the links are on my website). I haven't received my author copies of Invisible yet though. Readers get first dibs on the print books.

    My muse is quite rational. She'll help me out if I show her I'm willing to work for that help. That may mean pages and pages of uninspired garbage before she gives me something.

    The plot fairies, well, they're a whole different kettle of fish (sorry, is my country showing?). They require chocolate, coffee, and masses amount of over stimulation. I have to wine and dine these prima donnas. I read the newspaper to them, take them on public bus rides, sit down with them at coffee shops. If I give them enough input, they'll eventually give me plot ideas. Of course, by then they're so hopped up on sugar and caffeine that they give me 10 great plots and then laugh because I can only work on one at a time.

  55. Armenia, oh, no, milk dippers! The horror! LOL I'm one of those anal people who doesn't like any of her food to touch.

    Mari, Ahhh... that would be an intellectual oreo eating.

    Hi delitealex! You're new to me also! So happy to 'meet' you!

    scottsgal, have you been to a Kenny Chesney concert? I haven't but it looks like a real hoot. Something about Kenny's music and summer.

    Awww... thank you lxz! How many nieces and nephews do you have? I only have one niece thus far. (Sigh) But one is one the way! Woo hoo!

    Cybercliper, we can forget names together! What is really challenging is introducing people. Friends and family are used to volunteering their own names but when I don't know the people as well...

  56. Congrats on your 101th post! But if I could eat cookies with anyone, it would have to be the R&B group Jagged Edge. I wonder if they would sound as sexy with cookies in their mouths than without. And I agree- Bradley Cooper is a hottie!


  57. Hey Cecile and Ms Kim,

    WooHoo on the 101 post! Awesome hon!

    To answer Ms Kim's question - I'd want to eat it with my hero, me hubby and the man of my dreams! I can't think of anyone else I'd want to do something like that with.

    The Invisible sounds really awesome.
    The Chosen Sin by Anya Bast sound good too.
    And A hint of Wicked...oh gosh I'll take them all!
    My e addie is

    I hope I can win one of them!

  58. OH, see my blog about your contest on the left side bar!


  59. ~Etirv
    Hey there honey!! Glad to see you back around!
    You are entered!!!

    ~Oh Ms. Charlotte
    Thank you so much!!! I am hoping to have a whole lotta 100's to come!! Then I am doing my job, if you come to my place and leave grinning!! You did not say if you wanted to be entered... You can if you want to!

    Hi there!! Welcome! I hope you had a good time!
    You love Ms. Kimber too! Isn't she the greatest!
    Oh another family sharing cookie person!! I am loving these up!!
    Counted in for the ebooks!

    You are more than welcome! Thanks for the pimpage!!!

    Hey there honey!! Thanks!!!
    My hubby is in the same group with you too and Ms. Kimber. He can not remember names to save his life. So, he relies on me to introduce myself to people so he can get their names! You are counted in dear!!!
    Oh... Hugh... you have stolen my heart!!!!

  60. ~Ms Kimber!!!
    Thanks for coming to hang out at my place!!! I am so glad to be showing you off to my friends... and you are too kind with your words!
    I love the story about your muse and your plot fairies!!! The plot fairies are hiliarous!!!

    Thanks for coming by!! It is nice to meet you! I hope you enjoyed yourself.
    Oh... Jagged Edge... Depends where they are eating cookies from... how sexy that is!!!!

    Hey there honey!!! Thanks!
    Aren't you just a sweetie.. to eat cookies with your hubby!!! Awwww!
    Consider youself in honey!!! Crossing my fingers for everyone... wishing everyone could win!!! And thanks for the pimpage!!!

    Well ladies.... I am really liking this contest... and if you have time to see who everyone wants to eat their cookies with.. you may be a bit jealous!!! LOL!!!

  61. Congrats on your 101 post. That is amazing, and your blog rocks. I always enjoy reading your post. welcome to the party Ms. Chin. I have enjoyed reading your work.
    Now if i could eat double stuffed oreos with someone anywhere in the world I would eat them with my husband in a castle in Scotland. Oh I would also make him wear a kilt. lol

  62. Ohh Bradley Cooper is so hot indeed!! Congrats on the 101th post!! I wonder how long it'll take me to post 101 posts! =O

    Now, onto the contest!


    Book I want: The Chosen Sin please! *vampires... drools* If not, then any other! I haven't read any of them...

    Great interview by the way. (:

    If I could eat Double Stuff Oreo Cookies with anyone in the world it would be Larissa Ione. I truly admire her and love love love her books! =)

    Or how about Alexander Skarsgard just for the pleasure of seeing such a piece of human art? LOL

    I'm bragging about this contest right now on my blog! heh

    Congrats again Cecile!


  63. ~Sarabelle
    Thanks honey!!! Glad that you like to visit!!! Always enjoy your comments!!
    Oh... hubby... and a klit!!! Wow... now I am a little jealous!!! LOL!!! Hubby must be a little hottie!!!

  64. ~Hilda
    Oh yea, Bradley Cooper is definitely a super duper hottie!!!
    Thanks honey!! You will make, I promise and I will be around when you do... We will have a huge party for you!!!
    Yes, now onto the contest... You are entered my dear!!! And of course thanks for the pimpage at your place!!!
    OH... Larissa Ione. That would be a wonderful oreo sharing experience!!
    Or.... ohhhh...Alexander Skarsgard, And a pleasure it woudl be!!!

  65. Congrats on post 101! Great way to celebrate it. I'd like to be entered for print books.
    Perfect company for that cake would be one of those "mermen", like Ian Thorpe

    teresa.fav AT

  66. What a coincidence! I'm redownloading some kitchen confidential as we speak, I think Bradley Cooper is so great in it!
    gibbylet21 (at) hotmail dot com

  67. Hi Cecile!
    I own all the paperbacks you're giving away (good taste, I must say!!!) and I'm not reading as many e-books anymore owing to the fact I don't have an e-reader and so much of my time is spent writing on the computer that at the end of the day, the old eyeballs are too tired to read off the computer. So, I'll bow out of this one and allow someone else a chance. It wouldn't be very fair of me to win e-books that might languish on my hard drive when there are other readers who will jump right on them!!!!!

    Ms. Kim's book do really sound great!!!

  68. ~Teresa
    Welcome and thank you. I love to share with my friends, because if it were not for them, I would not be here... Really, I would not be here! Consider yourself in!!! Good luck!

    Oh, Bradley is just yum-me!!!!!

    ~Charlotte Featherstone
    Thanks for stopping by. I just wanted to make sure everyone got a chance!!! I love to share the love I have for these hot books!!!

  69. ~Teresa
    Welcome and thank you. I love to share with my friends, because if it were not for them, I would not be here... Really, I would not be here! Consider yourself in!!! Good luck!

    Oh, Bradley is just yum-me!!!!!

    ~Charlotte Featherstone
    Thanks for stopping by. I just wanted to make sure everyone got a chance!!! I love to share the love I have for these hot books!!!

  70. Wow, congrats on your 101th post! This is truly an 'Amazing Giveaway'! :D I'd love to win any of the books, they are all on my wish list, and I really enjoyed the interview with Ms. Kim-- you did a great job!

    Here's my answer to her question:
    I'd eat them with Jamie Fraser from OUTLANDER... I can just imagine the 'fun' we could get into with the cream filling! LOL. Plus he's never had one before, so it would be a new experience entirely! ;)

    My email: The_Book_Queen[at]


  71. I would eat double stuffed oreo's with my Grandmother! She is awesome and my favorite person, next to my husband.

    dancealert (at) aol (dot) com

  72. Mary D
    zenrei57 (at) hotmail (dot) com

    Hi there and a HUGE congrats on your 101 post!!! I love your awesome giveaway and the interview with Ms Kim was one of the best I've read - now I want to read all her books lol
    Well, by golly - if I could share oreos with ANYBODY it would be my mom & dad who are currently eating oreos in heaven without me :)
    Blessings to one and all ~

  73. Hi Cecile and Ms Kim,
    Loved the interview and Cecile, congratz on the 101 post YAY May many more be posted.

  74. Happy 101st Post !!!

    And Hi Kimber :), always great reading about your work. Thanks so much again for allowing me to review Selling Forever over at Romance Junkies.

    To answer your question about the cookies... hmm Gerard Buttle might be a fun gamble ;).

    Please DON'T enter me for Kimber's ebooks. I have them all and absolutely love her work. Highly recommend them if you haven't gotten a chance to read them yet.

    I would to be entered in for all, my prefence is The Chosen Sin or Mermaid's Kiss.

    Pam S

  75. Hi,

    Enter me for everything, that sound greedy. I would eat the cookies with my greatchild Alondra but she doesn't eat chocolate so there more for me. That is greedy.
    Post many more.


  76. Congratulations and on to the next 100! Any book is fine with me! I would eat Oreos with Britney Spears (don't ask why - guess I want to see how normal she is!)
    believedreamcourage (at)

  77. Hi guys! Great interview Kimber! I have read all of her books except for the newest one, "Selling Agent". I haven't read any of your three giveaways-so any one of them please! I would love to eat D-S Oreos with Karen, my best e-friend who lives across the country and we have never met in four years!
    My email is

  78. Shawna Lewis

    Ok 1st thanks for the contest ;o)
    2nd HAPPY 10 you go girl it takes alot to keep a blog up and running so you just keep up the great work!!!
    I think I would like "The Chosen Sin"

  79. Congrats on your 101th post!!

    Hmm, to answer the question: I would probably want to eat Oreos with Joss Whedon. Totally obsessed with everything he creates!!

    I have not read any of the books you described, it would be awesome to win any of them!

    Thanks ~

  80. Hey Cecile,
    Congrats on your 101st post and Awesome job on the interview! Ms Chin is new to me and I love finding new authors :) And I really owe Mandi for helping me find your blog with all the yummy man candy!! As for the cookies I'll be sure to share them with my hubs he has a really good imagination!
    I posted this to my sidebar


  81. Loved the interview. I have a question for Kimber. You mention Nikolay in your new series. Is he the same one from Invisible? The grandson?

    I would love a chance at all of the pbs. For Kimber's ebooks, I already have Invisible but would love the other two.

    Who would I eat Oreo Dubble Stuff Cookies with? Someone that doesn't like them so there is more for me! Actually, I'd want to eat them with my kids - as they were 10 years ago. They are already growing up so fast that I miss their younger selves.

    lynda98662 at yahoo dot com

  82. Hi Cecile and Ms.Kim,
    Who to eat an orea with...think,...think some more. Well, since I am in Karen Moning mode, let me say: Adam Black,on full fae display or in glamour I'll take him either way, nibbling on an oreo. His decadent ways... *shivers of delight run along spine*

    I would love to be entered in all the contest. Joey W Hill would be preferable if I would win and from Ms Kim's I want it all *greedy much Leontine LOL*

    leontinesbookrealm at gmail dot com

    Cecile, I wish you many more happy posting, I love coming to your place (((hugs)))

  83. Waving at Texasheartland!
    I don't know if Jagged Edge would SOUND better with oreos in their mouths but I'm thinking they'll taste even better.

    Hawk/Houston A.W. Knight,
    Awww... I LOVE hearing shout outs to hubbies in the comments! Love is what it is all about, isn't it?

    sarabelle, I'm thinking your hubby must have the legs for kilts. My hubby does also. He has a huge scar on one of his knees (he got it as a child bike riding but I tell everyone it is a shark bite) but I think that adds to the look (something about scarred men - yum).

    Hi Hilda! Oh, it would be fun to eat oreos with Larissa Ione. She is such a talented author. So many great books and talented authors out there! We are lucky, lucky readers!

  84. Awww... Charlotte Featherstone, thank you for the comment about my books! I so appreciate it!

    The Book Queen, eating oreos with an oreo virgin? That would be a treat! I can just imagine the big eyes when he got to the filling!

    Brenda, Grandma's rule! They're the keepers of family history.

    Hugs Mary D about your parents. I do think there are oreos in heaven. They're likely calorie free also.

    Hi Leontine, I LOVE that name. Don't be surprised if you see it in one of my future books.

    Hugs to my romance reading buddy Pam S! I always smile when I read one of your comments. And thank YOU for your wonderful reviews. As a reader (and I'm a reader first), I rely on reviewers to help me find those unpromoted treasures. I really appreciate all your hard work!

  85. Loretta C,
    A grandbaby! That means you're one of those precious people, a grandmother! What a wonderful title to hold!

    Sarah Z, I'm loving Britney Spears' latest song Radar. Though I would have stuck with the first man (in the video). He was trying so hard to keep her.

    Hi Marcy (big squeal)!
    I love seeing so many romance buddies here! I'm sending you an email. I think my latest freebie book mailing must have went to the spam box. (Sigh) That happens.

    openlaela, Joss Whedon would be a fascinating person to eat Oreos with. What a creative mind!

    Tricia, I love that you'd eating oreos with your hubby. That's what I hope for everyone, a lasting love!

  86. Kytaira,
    That is the VERY same Nikolay, Sergei's grandson in Invisible. He grows up quite a bit between Invisible and his own book (bound to happen, a couple years have passed between). He is still struggling with finding his own identity while dealing with being the 'heir' to the family business. Sergei is not letting go of the reins anytime soon.

  87. Cecile! Congrats on your 101th post and thanks for the lovely giveaway! And Ms Kim, thanks for celebrating with Cecile and us!

    I would love to be entered for The Chosen Sin and The Mermaid's Kiss!

    Oh, I don't have anywhere to repost but the oreo question is easy -- with my 8 y.o. daughter, definitely!

    Thanks so much!

  88. Tossing hat in for the Anya Bast. Keep meaning to pick her up. ^_^

  89. Please enter me!

    I would love Selling Forever or The Chosen Sin

    I would eat oreos with Matthew Mcconaughey! Yummy!
    dcf_beth at verizon dot net

  90. Congrats on your 101st post!

    I'd really love to read any one of these books.

    If I had to eat oreos with anyone, it'd be Robert Pattinson. I don't like oreos but I wouldn't mind watching him eat them!

  91. Hi Cecile!

    Congratulations! You have been awarded the Kreativ Blogger Award! :) Because well I think your blog is Creative and nothing less than awesome! :)

    To recieve your award all you have to do is all you have to do is take the picture/award (it's attached to this email as well) from the Blog post on my blog here... post it on your own blog, and follow the "instructions" for the award. The Kreativ rules state that: Once you receive this award you are to list seven of your
    favorite things and then nominate seven other blogs.

    Congrats again and keep up the great blogging work! :)


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