Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Mailbox

Okay, so this was not exactly in my mailbox for Monday. I actually bought this ~ this past Sunday. I am really trying to be a good girl with following suit!!! LOL!!! Really, I am! Some times, it just does not work out! Anywho...

Now before I allow you to see my books, I have to say that at Kristie J's - Ramblings on Romance place... she asked us to check out the western genre.... And I wanted to get in touch with this genre since I have never anything western... There was this one book by Sandra Brown I read a long long long time ago... Texas Sage, but I do not remember what it was about, so that does not count and besides I do not own it. So, that does not count. So.... I tried to get in touch with that side... and now I will show you what I happened to hop in my bag all by themselves. (I swear, the books literally were jumping off the shelf and in my bag, I promise!!!)

I went to Wal-Mart and of course I could not pass up

And look what my eyes behold saw on the shelve practically scream my name!!! He so wanted me, I know I am hard to resist, lmao!!!!

Isn't he just soooooo hot!!!!
Then..... Look what else I found and jumped in my buggie.... Charles... More Charles!!!!! YAYAY!!

Then, I have been seeing this on more than one occasional.... which meant that I needed to get it before it was no longer there.

Then I went to Borders.... and this is what was really (I mean it ~ really they were) jumping in my bag!!! They really wanted to come home with me!!!!

This on I found on sale... Hardcover.... for $2.99.... Yes, $2.99!!! So, of course I was going to get it... I have a little idea as to what it is about... But since the cover has some cowboy hats... I am hoping this counts towards my Cowboy~Western promise to Kristie J!!!

Then I found this one... A dear friend gave me the second one... So, of course I had to get the first one... Just in case they need to be read in order!! Just in case...

Then... these last two... You know I always save the best for last.... Well, let's just say that my inner hussy was freaking yelling at the top of her lungs for these to come home with me!!!!

Especially him.... Oh how I am loving him up... My friend, Mindy, was with me... And she does NOT read books.... she wanted to steal him just for the cover. I told her to buy her own!! HE IS MINE!!!! OMFG!!!!!

***still fanning myself from buying it on Sunday... he is that hot!!!!*****
I hope you ladies had a great weekend....
~~ Save a horse, Ride a Cowboy... I will be doing just that~~~~
Oh you better believe, if this is considered Western... I will be reading a WHOLE lot more!!!
Keep me informed... What did you do this weekend???


  1. Good Haul Cecile...

    my copy of Hunting Ground should be in my grubby little paws soon..

    Can't wait to catch up on BRAN - my man... Looking forward ot your review..


  2. OMG Cecile, you got your hands on some hot stuff...the cover of THE COWBOY oh my oh my...he is defintely getting me in the mood of some yeehaw action!

  3. OMG...I'll have to start reading westerns again!

    Some awesome looking guys when are you going to give us the details?

    I'm waiting!


  4. Very nice Cecile. :)

    I grabbed The Darkest Whisper last week from my Wal-Mart - and it was great - but my Wal-Mart didn't have all the books you found at your Wal-Mart.


  5. Oh..I am so jealous you have Hunting Ground already!!!! I need my Bran fix!! Can't wait to talk to you about it! :)

  6. you got some really great sounding books. It was a slow week for me and the mailbox, but I did buy two books this week, yes thats all. LOL

  7. Carolyn Jewel's series does need to be read in order, but the books are really, really good, so... :)

    Mmmm... whoops, sorry about the drool on The Darkest Whisper...

  8. Wow Cecile you've got some great looking books there! I can't wait to read your reviews of them.



  9. YAY!! Lisa Kleypas rocks!! I hope you love it.

  10. Wow!! Never mind the books I would buy them just for those covers!!

  11. Hi Cecile,
    Oh great shopping! How strange that the books just keep jumping into your bag ;) Just begging to be bought.

    Oh cowboys, yes please, and some sugar on top

  12. I'm so jealous that you got Hunting Ground & the newest Showalter. I went searching this weekend but no one had put them out early. Ah well, I think I have enough books to get me through. :) Great haul!

  13. DAYUM girl!! Those are some seriously awesome reads that you picked up.

    I saw 'Hunting Ground' at Wal-Mart too and was kicking my self that I freakin' pre-ordered it!! Oh well, it should be on my doorstep tonight. ;)

    Happy Steamy Reading!

    (((hugs))) VFG

    P.S. Some Nauti boys are on their way to you. *wink* Enjoy!!

  14. ~Erotic Horizon
    Thanks Erotic! I can not wait to start reading about my Charles and your Bran!! I have to get through my Cowboy and Tortured first, then I can read all I want about Charles and The Darkest Whisper... I sooo can not wait!!!

    Girl... Happy Birthday to you!!! I know it was Sunday, but since I wished you Happy Birthday so many times last week, I figured what was one more time... =)
    Girl... my hands were on fire with all these finds!!!! Oh yes, when I saw The Cowboy... It definitely got me in the mood for some YeeHaw Actions!!!!

    ~Houston A.W. Knight
    Hey there honey!!! Girl, if all western's came packaged ***cough cough** like this.. I would own me a thousand ranches!!!! ***cough cough**
    Girl, as soon as The Cowboy is done with me... I will give you all the deets you want.. Just don't tell Tristan!!! ***Oh, how he makes me... lol***

    ~Michelle G
    Thanks Michelle!!! Oh, I saw your review of The Darkest Whisper... but I have to confess I did not read it yet... Only because I want to read mine and then I will head over to your place. You will have probably moved on by then, but I will let you know! Girl, I was throwing these in my buggie left and right, because normally I do not find allll these good treats at WM!

    Girl... I hadddd to get me some Charles!!! When I first saw the cover, I thought it was for another book or something... I did not think it was my Charles sitting there, waiting for me!!!! Then I looked again... And my eyes read the words... **CECILE TAKE ME HOME, IT IS ME - CHARLES!!!*** I had to bring him home, right away!

    ~Heather D
    Well, I was a good girl for about a week or two... I was saving!! And boy did I hit it big!!!

    Hey honey! Thank you for the tip about Carolyn Jewel's series! I do appreciate it!
    Don't worry about the drool... I have a mop in the corner of the room - for just the occasion.. I figured it would be needed for this post!

    ~MsMoonlight (Elizabeth Jules Mason)
    Thank you Ma'am!! I can not wait to start reading these, to let you all know what I thought of them...

    I will let you know Barbara, but I am sure I will love Lisa Kleypas... I know you have read her... it is almost like a sure thing!!!!

    Girl, these covers are smoking hawt!!! One reason The Cowboy came home with me *evil wink*

    Oh girl, those damn books just keep jumping in bag or buggie... They do... I swear... I try to put them back... but I see them back in the bad or buggie... Just begging, and I can't have a book beg to come home with me!! That would not look good!! ;)
    And The Cowboy... Oh, honey, sugar... chocolate... a cherry on top!!!

    Oh, I can not tell you how good it felt to have something in my hands that I know is not supposed to go on the shelves for a few more weeks!!! Oh man, it was sweet!!! Thanks!!!

    Girl, I will second this """ DAYUM"""!!! For your sanity, I am sending my faery dust to your postman that he has your copy of Hunting Grounds on your doorstep tomorrow!!!

    And girl... Those Nauti Boys made their way to my house today!!! I was soooo excited to see them here... We are having a little party tonight... lol!! A Nauty Party... I mean Nauti... sorry, lmao!!

  15. Oh my Cecile! I need to go shopping with you girl all those lovely men just jumping in your bags ;) I wanna hear what you think on the westerns although the covers alone look worth it!

  16. OK Cecile you're making green a permanent colour of my face :)
    Just kidding, of course but you have great reading times ahead of you - lucky you!

  17. Hey, I think Sugar Daddy counts as a western. It takes place in Texas, and some of the guys wear the hat.

    Mmm, that Carolyn Jewel! I have heard excellent thigns about that paranormal series.


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