Saturday, August 29, 2009

~Show Me Your's Saturday~

I Heat Book Gossip started this neat little meme... and I missed it last Saturday.... This is straight from her place (please go--->>> here to see her's!!!)
This is the rules from her place:

"Show Me Yours Saturday"
Each weekend I will try to post a Show Me Yours.
It can include a favorite food to something about me.
I want a teeny bit of anonymity so I won't post pics of myself.
Show me the deets and I will show you mine.

Key word is show: So show us some snazzy pictures not just words.

Okay... my Show You Mine's is very random... Yea, I mean very random.. I did not get out of the house to take pictures of my town... But I will do my damnest to do that tomorrow!!! And hopefully next Saturday I will have some "area" pictures.

This is my favorite thing... Besides my family... LSU FOOTBALL!!! I am devoted fan!! One wall in my living room is all about LSU!!!

My favorite thing in this picture is the cat painting a picture of himself. The caption says "Self Portrait." But besides it being about LSU... it reminds me of life... The cat sees himself as a fierce tiger (and LSU Tiger, lol...) but a tiger none of the less... not just a cat!

Now, this is one of my favorite foods... a Shrimp po-boy... with a side of fries and my daughter putting in her favorite macadamia nut cookies! This was supper one night... The po-boy was not dressed at all... I do like dressing... but my hubby does not like.. So there is no mix up that night, we all had our plains!! Yea, I added after the picture was taking!!

This is me.... the reason this is here... Well, I was highlighted as a blonde and then went back to my natural color! To show you the difference hair color makes, lol!!! But I love experimenting with my hair color. My sister in law does my hair... And I really don't mind putting a name to my face. At least now you can "See" who you write too!! =)

Now this is my babies.... all of them... The first picture was taken a couple of years ago... But that is my baby girl... with our older dog - Chewy - and our Albion ferret - Blue Belle.

Then.... one day our neighbors puppy had gotten out the house and headed over to ours... Well, needless to say, Brooke and I owww and awwww over her all day long!! Well, that is like baby fever to me... So... one Saturday, Hubby comes home with this... - Lil Monkey - Now... 5 months later.... yea... he fills out that bed back there!! Yea... He is a monster!!

I hope you enjoyed the random day of me! I really am hoping for more pictures next weekend!!
I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


  1. Look at you Cecile in full techno color and look ab-fab gorgeous!!! Makes me instantly want to lose 25pounds LOL And the doggies, I luuuuuuurve doggies and puppy love. I have 4 senior doggies walking around, perhaps I will do this MEME and show you gals around my town, where I do my groceries, walk my dogs, my apartment building et cetera. As always, this will take a bit of time and photography on my part LOL

  2. Hey Cecile, I love your pictures. And you look great both as blond and as 'natural'. And I just looove your dogs. And that food is making me hungry (although it's 10 p.m. in my realm and I'm really not suppose to eat anything this late).
    Have a great day :)

  3. It is nice to put a face to the name! :)

  4. Great post Cecile and I love all the photos!



  5. AWWWW I think I'm in love with you puppies. There so precious. Thank You for joining me.


  6. Lenotine ~ Hey honey!! Well, I am hoping that next weekend, I will have pictures of where I shop and things like that. I did not go anywhere this week to take pictures. And I don't seem to have the knack for it like some people do. Some of our fellow bloggers take some amazing pictures.
    Thank you... **blushing** honey.. believe me, we all think we need to lose 25 pounds.. I am struggling holding on to the weight I have... It loves me oh too much to leave my body!! LOL!! At least that is my reason! LOL! And it makes me laugh to say it! And who better to laugh at than youself!
    Oh... those are my babies!! Oh, puppy love is bad in this house. Until I look at the monster and remember the size he started, lol!!!
    I hope you have a great weekend my dear friend!!

  7. Hey Host!!! Thank you... for everything! I was starving while posting that picture...!!! Oh, honey, you better gets some sleep.. you have a big day a head of you tomorrow!!!
    I hope you have a blast tomorrow at the cycle race!!!

  8. Hey Chris! That is one reason why I put the pictures of myself up there... I love putting a face to a name/voice...whatever. And I am the biggest skeptic of doing that... but I figured you guys are my friends... and I would want you to know what I look like!!
    Thanks for visiting me!! I hope things are going okay at work!!
    I know you are there... but I hope you have a great weekend!

  9. Ms. Moonlight! Thank you.. I enjoyed doing this... Thank you for coming by!! I hope you have a great weekend!

  10. Oh... IHBG... thank you for starting this little meme!! I enjoyed doing it. I like the sharing part... I love learning about you all!!!
    I hope you have a great weekend!

  11. Beautiful pics Cecile and can I just say you are beautiful and Brooke looks just like you!!! Very fun pics....oh and I'm a huge K-State Wildcat football fan!!!

  12. Girl look absolutely fan-frickin'-tastic!!! Love the pics of all your babies - beautiful family!!! Fall is coming...LSU and Po'boys...a southerner's dream!!!

  13. Hey Cecile, I see you have *my* (grin) Taylor Kitsch in your right side bar, do you watch him in Friday Night Lights or are you just waiting for the movie?
    (FNL is one of my favorite shows EVER).



  14. ~Blanche
    Thank you hon! Aww, thank you for kind words!!
    Go Wildcats!! I love my college football!!! I had fun posting this!

    Awwww... thank you so much! You are too kind, my friend! That is my babies!! I love them (especially the human) to pieces!!! =)
    And yes ma'am... First game of the season is next Saturday night... we play Washington State!! I will be posting pics of that!

    ~Ms Moonlight
    Hey honey!! OH... honey!! yes, I have OUR man, Taylor up on my side bar and down below my post!! I knew he was in Friday Night Lights, but my heart sank for him when I watched Wolverine... OMG... Total hottness!!!
    But after reading your reviews of FNL's I will have to rent the dvds and watch it!!! LOL!!

  15. Cecile you look so different when you're not covered in muddy water. :) The last pics were of the 4 wheeling vacation.

    My Hubby has always wanted a shrimp po-boy - I have to admit, it looks very tasty.


  16. Love the photos Cecile... your family is fabulous...

    Have a great weekeend..


  17. Love the got it going on! I just got my umm...natural highlights done this week. I love to get my hair colored ;)

  18. Haha - I was at the store today and I saw an LSU necklace and I thought of you!! And the first thing I noticed as I looked at your po-boy is that it wasn't dressed!

    Your daughter is beautiful and your dogs are so cute!

    (Like your hair both ways)

    Great share!!

  19. Hey Girl! You are too cute!! It is great to put a face with the name! Thanks for sharing all of the photos. I think I will take part in this meme next looks like fun!
    Have a great weekend!

  20. Cecile...look how gorgeous you are! JEEZ! ;o) And your pups are adorable!!!

  21. Cecile, you're beautiful!!! And what a cutie daughter you have!

  22. Cecile!

    OMG Girl - you're beautiful!

    Oh, me heart filled with the pic of the puppy... so sweet and oh...the cookies!!!


    How could you do that to us?!!!
    My favorite cookies! Now I'll be thinking about it all day!
    Bad! Really bad!

    I shouldn't do it now that you've put that cookie picture up, but, well, I like ya' so come get the award you've won on my blog!

    Hugs sweetie!

  23. Hi Cecile,
    great I know who my virtual party buddy looks like:)

  24. YOU--ARE--GORGEOUS, GIRL!!! Love the pics!!!!

  25. Hey Cecile!
    You are a beautiful lady :D! And your cute!

    So tell me, is the po-boy sandwhich called a po-boy because all it has is the shrimp or whatever meat you can get and nothing else?

    Thank you for sharing your pictures.

  26. ~Michelle G
    LMAO!! Yea, you are right... I look a lot different when I do not have mud splashed all over!!!
    Oh the po-boy was delicious!!!

    ~Erotic Horizon
    Thank you! I just wanted to shaer with you guys!

    Thank you! Yea, I love messing with my hair and I trust my SIL to do whatever she wants. The only rule is I have to keep it long. Other than that... she could do whatever she wants. Color makes me no difference. I love red though. For Halloween one year, I dyed it black! That was tough!

    Awwww Patti!!! You thought of me!!! How sweet!!! (((HUG)))
    Geaux Tigers... this Saturday!!!
    Yea, hubby does not like anything on his sandwich.. So when Brooke ordered them, she just got them all plain. I was not happy, but I had the making at home. So, it was not to bad!
    Thank you! I know I am very partial, but Brooke is beautiful. I will take, no make that steal, a picture of her now. She takes her own pictures of herself. She is too funny! She has a whole sim card of just her! LOL!!!
    And I love my dogs!!! They are my babies!!!

    Hey Girl! Aww... thank you! I was kinda skeptical to share a "face" photo... knowing this is the interenet... but you guys are my friends and I have come to think of you as my friends that live next door. So, I wanted you all to be able to put a face with the words... and comments!
    I got some more photos to share for this coming Saturday. It is fun to share. I love learning about everyone else!

    Hey!! Thank you... I was just dressed up for a wedding with the blonde and I had to work at Madewood for the other picture...

    Thank you very much!

    Hey honey! Aww, thank you!
    That cookie was gone in a blink of an eye... Brooke devoured that thing! Did you finally have one after seeing this picture?? LOL!!
    Thank you for the award!!!
    I will post it soon!!

    Hey girl!!! Of course, that is another reason why I posted the picture... So you could see who was on the table top with you!!! LOL!!
    Are you ready for my party!!! I have reinforced all the tables!!! LOL!!!

    Aww.. Thank you... I am glad that you loved the pictures!!

    ~Amy C
    Thank you! Awww, I love my babies!!
    There are a couple of different versions on how po-boys came to be...
    There are countless stories as to the origin of the term po' boy. One theory claims that "po' boy" was coined in a New Orleans restaurant owned by Benny and Clovis Martin, a former streetcar conductor. In 1929, during a four-month strike against the streetcar company, Martin served his former colleagues free sandwiches. Martin’s restaurant workers jokingly referred to the strikers as "poor boys", and soon the sandwiches themselves took on the name. In Louisiana dialect, this is naturally shortened to "po' boy."
    That is one from Wikipedia.

  27. That is sure a difference, and you look great at both pics :)

    Not a dog lover, but perhaps they look somewhat cute lol. Takes a lot for me to say that, I do love cats. I think it's the whole, dogs are huge and have wet noses thing. But those did like small, hm

  28. Hi Cecile! Hon you look beautiful! Love the hair and getting to put a face with the name! You have a beautiful family as well!!! Such cute babies! This is a great idea I may have to do this sometime soon, tho I'm not nearly as pretty as you at least you would know who your talking with lol. Thanks for the inside look into your life that's awesome! BIG HUGS

  29. Wow...I agree with "ruk marve-lous". Lovely pictures and thanks for sharing a bit of yourself and family. Now I have a face with the name. Your blog is my inspiration which I love visiting every day. Just wanted to say "Thanks" for being a friend to this newbie.


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