Thursday, August 20, 2009

I am so stealing this from MS. SHOWALTER!!!!

Isn't he gorgeous... I mean the book cover!!!! ((Click on the picture to be taken to Ms. Showalter's place to see more of her posts and more of my Lords))
I will say right now that I have taken this straight from her site!!! And this as well:

"This is for Into The Dark, the book that will have all the e-books I've written printed in one collection, plus bonus Lords of the Underworld material."

Well, if you have not picked up this series... I oh so suggest you go to the nearest book store, libraray, online store... whatever and pick these men... I mean books up!!!! They are hot!!


  1. Thank You for the lovely cover I downloaded the first 4 of LOTU to my ereader a week or so ago I really need to start them.

  2. HOT DAYUM!!!! That guy is smokin' hot! *fans face* He's got me all flustered.

    I might have to steal this from you Cecile and decorate my own blog with it. *wink*

    Thanks for the heads up!

    (((hugs))) VFG

  3. Tricia ~ You are more than welcome for this!!! Please let me know what you think of my delicious men when you read them!!! They are oh-so-yum-MEEEE for my....!!!!
    I hope you had a great night and have a wonderful tomorrow!

  4. VampFanGirl ~ Girl... You can steal all you want... They have enough Lord's to share **evil wink** Isn't he so yum-ME for your tum-me!!!! Girl, those cover Lords love Gena and her men!!!! I had to steal this from her... And since you always get the dibs first, lol, I could not Pass this one up, lol!!!
    Girl, he helped me decorate my place... he had paint, chocolate, rose petal and everything else all over him... we had to clean him up before he made his display out here, lmao!!! ***evil smile on my face!!!!***
    Have a great night honey and a wonderful FRIDAY!!! I know my night just got a little better! =)

  5. Hi Cecile!!

    He is so very nice!!! :) She has really nice book covers, I might need to borrow him too!

  6. Hi Cecile,
    Mmm, yummy! I really have to get started on that first book, if I only didn't have a bunch to read before. I want to get to know the lords

  7. Cecile,

    I love all of the Lords covers and I can't wait for this release...I haven't read any of the e-books Ms. Showalter has released. :)

    And congrats on the 'Chatty' nod. Best of luck to you. :)


  8. Hey Cecile,
    I don't read this series, but then I don't read many paranormals anymore. But I always hear good things about this one and I do admire her covers!

  9. Love the cover - maybe he has a twin?

    I loved her first book but have had a hard time finishing book 2. Will I miss anything if I skip ahead to book 3?

  10. Beautiful cover art Cecile and a very cleaver idea of Ms. Showalter's!

    Thanks for sharing!!


  11. ***gasp!*** me want! And here I was, waiting for the Darkest Whisper to come out in 4 days! Soon to be 3! ahhh!

    Thanks for sharing! =)

  12. WOOHOOOO he is a hottie and a half! Thanks so much for sharing Cecile and for the heads up *runs over to Gena's siteto read more*

    BIG HUGS girl and I hope you have a great weekend!

  13. Cecile, hon I found me such a beautiful, addictive-let-me-devour-it-now-birthday pressie in my mailbox this morning. Thank you :::smooches:::

    The cover is gorgeous and I thank the book gods above that the e-books (short stories) are going in to print of LOTU series YAY Me so happy :D


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