Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Elaine Works Over The Tribal Men....

Mistress Cecile has given Elaine the mundane task **oh yea right** of doing background checks on the Tribal men and **Cough** getting information from them~ for your pleasure of getting to know them better... So... I will allow Elaine to give you the low down...

In the Lair, Jed walks into office and sits at the desk.... He eyes Elaine and waits for her to speak. *Mistress Cecile has taught them so well to be obedient.*

He eyes Elaine sitting on the couch across from the desk. Elaine gets a shiver up her spine wondering what he is thinking... I mean, he is part of the Lair and you know the men of the lair are well..... Experienced....

Jed coughs to bring Elaine back to the matter at hand. Damn man is always all business. "I’ve asked some of the guys to come by and help you with their…profiles. As you requested Ms. Elaine."

Elaine finds her voice... "Who is my first victims?" She tries her best to sound calm. Damn thing this man makes her body do.... But she will turn the table soon enough on him..... **evil grin**

Jed raises eyebrows and begins to laugh. Damn man. "I think we should start with The Butler. Since he is Mistress Cecile's personal assistance. I think everyone will want to know about him first and foremost. Then we can tackle Jack...." Jed lets an evil laughter sneak through. Yea... Jack... Omg...

"Thanks Jed.This should be very interesting. I can take The Butler... but Jack. Damn Jed, do you not like me or something? I mean, that man kinda scares me. I am not sure how Mistress Cecile deals with him...."

"No pouting Elaine. You can handle him..." Jed throws her his best stern look and the slightest smile that makes butterfly in the tummy look like an earthquake.

Not giving her enough time to process that smile there is a knock at door...

Elaine clears her throat.... "Come in......"

The Butler enters the room. Jed stands to shake his hand and Elaine... Well.. She just sits there and admires the view... Hell, who wouldn't.

The Butler turns his attention to Elaine... "Is there anything I can get you Elaine before we start?"

Elaine picks up her glass, eyes The Butler up and down... "No, I’m good..." Although, I would love some of that damn man behind the towel....

Elaine puts her drink down and motioned to the chair in the middle of the room. "Please have a seat. I have a few questions for you. We need to update your profile. So... let's get personal."

"My first question is do you own pants?"
**Jed tries to hide his laughter behind his hand... He is so not succeeding.**

The Butler gives Elaine a startled look... Throws head back and laughs....

"Well, I actually do own pants. But... Mistress Cecile won't let me wear any. She always says she's waiting to catch the towel fall. **She is an evil woman**

"Okay, I have a few other questions I’ll be asking the others as well but there are just the normal things." Elaine hands him a sheet of paper. "Can you please fill this out?"

The Butler softly speaks... "Anything for you my sweet."

*Elaine blushes**

Elaine watches while The Butler fills out form... **He was very easy on the eyes and I very much love my job!**

Age: 29 years old
Height: 6'1”
Weight: 200 lbs
Hair color: Black
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Blue
Experience: My talents are well known

**Elaine sips drink slow and steady while she watches The Butler under her lashes...**

The Butler, "All done **hands sheet back** Anything else sweet?"

Elaine looks the sheet over, waves it at Jed to signal him to come and get it..

**Jed walks over and takes it**

"I want to thank you for coming in and doing this for me... I mean us..."

The Butler gets up from the chair and advances to Elaine... He takes my hands... Kisses my palm. And softly whispers, "It was all my pleasure. Are you sure you don't need anything before I go?" He asks with an evil glint in his eye....

Elaine lets out a giggle... Must be the drink... and whispers, "No, I’m good, thank you."

Elaine admires the view as The Butler leaves the room... Damn that man has an ass...

**Jeds sits back behind desks. Starts typing away as he enters The Butler info into computer**

**Elaine is still daydreaming about that ass on The Butler and the man on the computer..... when...**

**The door swings open, bangs against wall**

**Elaine jumps from the couch... Scared out of her mind... **

When Jack walks in... All six foot something... Stands in the door frame... Almost filling it out... And he grumbles... "I’m here, what did you need!" He proceeds to stalk in the room and sits in the chair.

Damn man, scares the bejesus out of me... Elaine gathers her courage... And downs her drink.. Bites bottom lip and just goes with it... "Jack, I need you to take a new profile picture so the ladies can see that face of yours... " Elaine grins... trying to break Jack...

Jack glares hard at Elaine... Her grin starting to fade... He mumbles under breathe, "I’ll tell you what you flipping need... Screw the picture. The one you have is just fine. I’ve got sh… **Jed clears throat** stuff to do.I’m out of here........."

"Wait, I have other ques……"

And with that he storms out the room with the door banging against the wall.... Damn man...

Elaine looks over at Jed... "Well that went well...."

Jed speaks very steady... "You knew he wasn’t gonna be easy...."

"Well, he usually is..... a difficult person... but still...." Elaine sighs deeply... "I guess I’ll have to tell Cecile and she can deal with him."

Elaine eyes Jed... hoping to take her mind off of Jack... "You done over there yet?"

**Elaine gently slides down the couch**

"Oh Jed.... I could use your….Skills over here"

**big grin**

Stay tune to see who we have next for introduction at the Lair..... Until Later....

And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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  1. I like the first guy, can I have the first guy? Take him with me to basic? Puh-lease!.... I don't care, I shall take him anyways. *snaps fingers* come on man slave, you belong to me now... but only for a quickie.... I mean... yes, I mean a quickie, sue me! lol.

  2. "Experience: My talents are well known" I haven't had the pleasure of experiencing your talents Jed ;-)

    Stephanie G
    Paranormal Haven

  3. Lol. Great story here. That lair is sure something to discover

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. JR-I assume by the first guy you mean the Butler. Because Jed is mine and is off limits ;)

    Paranormal Haven-You'll have to come visit the lair to "experience" the men :)

    Blodeuedd-LOL..glad you liked :D you can come over and discover ;) whenever you like.

  6. i am so loving this i want play in the lair

  7. ~*Jessica Rabbit*~ Hey honey! It is so good to see you around! I hope all is well for you! And I hope that boot camp is not too bad. Although, I know you are one tough cookie~ you can do it!

    Ummm, you can't have the first guy. As Elaine has pointed out... Well she almost got it right... You can't have him.... He is mine! I might share with you... but you can't have him!

    Paranormal Haven~ Hey honey! Oh yea.... Experiencing his talents are such a treat! Thanks for stopping in honey! Hugs to you!

    Blodeuedd~ Hey honey! Thanks for peeking in. I knew you couldn't stay away from the lair, especially on a day like today.

    elaing8~ Hey honey! You do know that Jed is on loan to you little missy... lol!!!!

    becca~ Hey honey... You know you are welcome here any time!

  8. Jake looks like a challenge to me, and boy oh boy do I love a challenge.

    *winks and thinks...*

    And a man in uniform. Where is Max?


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