Monday, March 14, 2011

Billi Jean sets the Lair on Fire.....

I want you to all welcome Ms. Billi Jean to the Lair today...

She is here to give us a glimpse of some hot reading she has been doing lately....... Let's see what's been keeping her occupied...... Shall we.....

Brotherhood of Fire

Elizabeth Moore

If you like a good ménage, meaning two men both adoring one woman, then this story, Brotherhood of Fire, might be something you enjoy. I know I did. I enjoyed it for several reasons. One, it was hot. Yeah, the buildup and tension Moore creates between her characters is rock hard. Hot. Blazing. Just like her men. Second reason I loved this story. The men. You can get these men, not in your bed – don't you wish! -- but you've met them before. The hungry husband, who is faithful to his wife, loves her and all they have, but….missing something. He's fantasy though, is anything but usual. He wants another guy. Not for him, for her. In their bed. Whoa. And he's hot. Alpha material, hard, tough, fire fighter, always the moving fast, paving the way for them. Then there's the other guy. Whew. Oh my. We've seen his type before, too. Tall, dark, handsome with that military background and now a hard-core fire fighter-EMT. Heck, I'd sprang an ankle just to get him bending over me with those big, calloused, gentle…oh, yeah, so…cough, cough. I liked the guys. So….oh, yep.(blushing) I did like more about the story!

The story line. One thing that has always left me going, uh, okay, hot story, but so not happening. I mean, when a man says to you I want another guy in our bed, would you just say, "What? You want to bring another guy home and in our bed? Oh, well, if that's what you want….." Holy hell, I don't think so. I'd have some serious misgivings. So does Carrie, Garrett's wife. I loved her. She brought up all the reasons why inviting another man into a good, solid marriage wasn't a good idea, but she also listened to and wanted to try out a fantasy that so obviously turned her hunky husband on.

And boy did it get hot. Very hot. And more than hot, it was heartfelt. It's so hard to write and grab a reader's heart and pull it, but Moore does with effortlessly. I loved the story most of all for that, the sentimental side of love, the Happy Ever After sappiness. In Brotherhood of Fire, I loved the HEA because I felt like the three characters shared their HEA with me after going through some real highs and lows. If ever a three-some would work in today's world, these guys and their girl will make it happen.

So, if you're in the mood for a romance, one that touches the heart, and fuels the fire – oh, alright, blazes the fire red hot – give Brotherhood of Fire a go and then harass Elizabeth Moore for the next in this scorching series.

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  1. 2 men adoring one woman, awww the way it should be lol

  2. Your talking now... I have to get this book.

  3. Monday. Daylight Savings. Bah!

  4. WOW!! I want to read this.Adding to TBR list :)

  5. I was lucky and got to review this book. One of my favorites! I pimp it out all the time. I love the internal dialog, you get a true sense of the emotional roller-coaster being in a ménage presents. The guys are just so damn yummy!


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