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Gina Gordon is Caught Sneaking in the Lair....

Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Lorelei James
By: Gina Gordon

When Cecile asked me to come over and talk about a book that I would recommend, only one author came to mind, Lorelei James. Unfortunately, trying to pick one of her books was an impossible situation so I am picking ten—her entire her Rough Riders series. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

But just in case you don’t want to take my word for it, here are my top ten reasons why you should pick up a Rough Riders book today!
1. I’ll start with the most important reason because, after all, we are at the Smutty Hussy’s lair. All Lorelei James books have smoking, scorching, singe-you-fingers-on-the-pages, cause-your-e-reader-to-short-circuit sex.

2. Not only is the sex hot but it is different in every book and in every scene. There’s outdoor sex, group sex, public sex, missionary sex, tie-me-up-tie-me-down sex, sex-by-the-front-door-because-the-couple’s-too-hot-to-make-it-to-the-mattress sex…the list goes on and on.

3. The heroes are all strong, alpha males willing to go to great lengths to satisfy their women. They like control, they take it--sometimes without asking (: --wield it and leave their ladies a bone quivering, limp mass on the mattress. *sigh*

4. The heroines are strong, independent women who have their own lives and their own dreams that they continue to pursue even after meeting the hero. Most of the heroines even have their own businesses. You will not find any damsels in distress in these books.

5. Cowboys….’nough said!

6. Realistic characters and plots. These are down to earth characters with real life problems. Whether it be struggling with addiction, age differences, money trouble or taking care of a two-timing dead husbands love child, these couples always come through it stronger and ultimately more complete after having found each other.

7. You will always get a happily ever after!
8. Recurring characters. I love books that show you a glimpse of old characters or give you a taste of new characters to come. Each book can be read on its own but each book contributes to the larger dynamic of the McKay clan.

9. You will fall in love right along with the hero and heroine. You will experience every kiss, savor every touch, feel every flutter. Not only with the characters but with the state of Wyoming. I would totally visit this state just because of a fictional family. Ridiculous, I know, but what can I say, I love these books.

10. Family values. These books are filled with one big, nosy, loving, hating family.
There you have it. My top ten reasons why you should become a Lorelei James fan. For me, these books are the definition of erotic romance, and include all of the elements I look for when reading, and writing, a book.

To find out more about Ms. James, check out her website at I have included below the Rough Riders book list in order. Enjoy!

Rough Riders SeriesBook 1: Long Hard Ride
Book 2: Rode Hard, Put up Wet
Book 3: Cowgirl Up and Ride
Book 4: Tied Up, Tied Down
Book 5: Rough, Raw & Ready
Book 6: Branded As Trouble
Novella: Strong, Silent Type
Book 7: Shoulda Been A Cowboy
Book 8: All Jacked Up
Book 9: Raising Kane
Novella: Slow Ride
Book 10: Cowgirls Don’t Cry
Just in case... I could not resist this picture....

And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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  1. I agree 100% I love this series. Found out about them free on amazon and have been hooked ever since.

  2. think i might have to check this writer out their books seem really good

  3. Thanks for stopping by ladies!!

    Rebecccccca....I found these books courtesy of Amazon as well. I love them so much I buy the ebook and the print copy.! Don't walk to get them lol. Lorelei has a new Blacktop Cowboy series out as well but I fully recommend you start with Long Hard Ride.

  4. Gina you make me want to read these books right now :)

  5. Blodeuedd...nice to meet another cowboy fan. I swear my obsession has gotten so bad I may ask my hubs to dress up as one for Halloween...although then I have to wait til October lol

    Hi Elaine *waves* don't make me ask Cecile to break out her whip..go and read lol

  6. Check out the Wild and Wicked Cowboys site and you will get lots of good recommendations for reading, those are some hot authors over there with some scorching reads!

    I found the freebie Novella "Slow Ride" a while back and it is on my Kindle waiting for me now that have one to read the e-book finally!

    Thanks for this neat post on the author and her series Ms. Gordon, you cinched my need for the rest of the books! (I am from Texas and cowboys are my bad boy guilty pleasure all year long all my life)

  7. My my! Seems I'm late to the party again! Ill have to get them from my dear Rebecccccca...I can just swap out our kindles ;)

    So is someone going to spank me for being naughty and not having these read yet???



  8. Love, love, love all of her Rough Rider series. I have read them all. When I ran through all the series I needed a cowboy fix so bad. So a friend got me hooked on Sarah McCarty's Hells Eight and Promises Series.Different, but still yummy cowboy goodness.

  9. Hey Ladies!!! Thanks for stopping by for this post! Gina is an awesome author herself and her choice just freaking rocks apples! I know I will be starting this series soon..... really soon!!!!!!

  10. Hey Jackie B!! Thanks for stopping by. A word of advice...don't read Slow Ride first. I fear it just doesn't make as much sense if you don't already know Keely and Jack. And I am jealous, you get to stare at cowboys all day every day. Thanks for the site recommendation.

    Brandi hello!! I knew you were kinky lol. There are lots of tribal men hanging around the lair. Maybe just bend over and see what happens lol

    Janeen! Hi! I might have to check out Sarah McCarty. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Cecile!! Thanks honey! You rock some serious apples yourself. Thanks for having me...again lol


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