Monday, February 28, 2011

A Party!!!! Wanna Have Some Fun!

You’re invited!

From March 1 – 31, 2011


It’s The Romance Reviews’ Grand Opening!

Play the games. Explore new books.

Chat with authors. Vote for Best Books of 2010.

Rack up your points!


Visit everyday to increase your chances to win awesome prizes!

Over 200 prizes waiting for you!


Weekly Prizes

$10 Gift Cards – 32 winners!

(8 winners each week)

Over 150 Book Giveaways in total

(paperback, hardback, ebook)

Major Prizes

Grand Prize: $100 Gift Card

2nd Prize: $70 Gift Card

3rd Prize: $50 Gift Card

For Authors

(based on results of book votes)

Grand Prize: $200 TRR Advertising Package

2nd Prize: $100 TRR Advertising Package

3rd Prize: $50 TRR Advertising Package

Main Sponsor

Dorchester Publishing

Participating authors

Kat Martin Beth Kery Susan Lyons Madison Blake
Ashley March Karen Rose Smith LK Rigel Gini Rifkin
Sandra Edwards Grace Elliot Suzanne Barrett Jessica Chambers
Maeve Greyson Sable Hunter Josie Arlington Tanya Stowe
Laura Tolomei Kristen Painter Renee Rearden Elaine Cantrell
Susanna Ives Amy Corwin Keta Diablo Suzette Stone
Suzanne Tyrpak TL Schaefer Monique Martin Kari Gregg
Susan Meier Laura Moore Susan Roebuck Kathy Carmichael
Brita Addams KT Grant Winslow Eliot Ingela F. Hyatt
Jan Scarbrough Victoria Blisse Sharon Buchbinder PG Forte
Bronwyn Storm Patricia Preston Alice Gaines Cate Rowan
Ann Tracy Marr Joan Beth Erickson Tara Lain Terri Reid
L.J. McDonald Lucinda Brant Eden Baylee Hayley B. James
Jason W. Chan Pat Amsden Elle James Kayelle Allen
Beth Trissel Viviane Brentanos Morgan Rice Rita Hestand
Mahalia Levey LK Below Gale Stanley Sarah J. Bradley
Joanne Troppello Rhonda L. Print Pamela Jackson Jenny Schwartz
Mary Manners Eve Silver Jennifer Crusie T.C. Archer
Jocelyn Modo Sloan Parker Kerri Williams Stacey Espino
Heather Matthews Marcia James Cherie De Sues Savannah Chase
Simone Eden Lauren Fraser Annie Nicholas JoAnne Kenrick
E.D. Walker Rachel Haimowitz HP Mallory Suzanne Rock
Andrea Speed Elle Amery Nichelle Gregory Eden Bradley
Shermaine Williams Berengaria Brown Tina Donahue Taryn Kincaid
Red Haircrow Virginia Cavanaugh Hailey Edwards Elle Druskin
Rachel Brimble Frances Pauli Nancy J Cohen Tarah Scott
Em Petrova Heather Wardell Cara Marsi CJ Archer
Mary Eason Skhye Moncrief Jana Richards Jill James
Alison Chambers LoRee Peery Gail Pallotta Alison Henderson
Nicki Greenwood Alianne Donnelly Tiffany Ashley Michael Davis
Gem Sivad Stacy Juba Tory Richards Darcia Helle
LaVerne Clark Sibel Hodge Ashley Ladd Jennifer Labelle
Elaine Hopper Victoria Howard Linda Mooney

And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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  1. Thanks for the heads up!

    @Chris - Yes, this Monday ranks right up there for crappiness.

  2. The authors are hiding... Damnit... Yes... a stupid Monday! I don't like it... I want Friday afternoon back.... Ugh...

    Hey ladies! Thanks for peeking in! I know I have been behind, I promise to catch up... Or the least email you!!! Hugs to you both!

  3. WOW...this big event looks awesome!

    Big hugs

  4. Hey Hawk! Yea, this is some party! You better hop on over to see what's going on!
    Hugs to you honey!!!


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