Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Are you Interested In M/M loving...

Then why don't you pop on over to Patti's place with me.
Patti has asked me to come on over to her place for some m/m sharing...

And if you know all about me and the characters I love...
Then come on over to her place!

And believe me, you might just find something that interest you...

And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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  1. Hey Sweetie...just coming over to see what hot stuff you've got happening here today..Thank you for the V-day wishes...I hope you had a nice one as well.


  2. 'Are you Interested In M/M loving...'

    Nope. No reason not to be sociable though. *raises hat and smiles at Cecile*

  3. Thanks for stopping by Cecile - you two were wonderful!!!

  4. Hey you guys!
    I know Mr V, this isn't your cup of whatever, but I appreciate the stop all the same. Miss you Sir! Hope all has been well for you and the porch. I have been watching and reading from afar... But know I am not that far!

    Houston! Honey, know you are always on my mind! Hugs to you honey!

    Patti~ Thanks for asking me honey! You know I love pitching in!!! Hugs to you!

  5. 'I have been watching and reading from afar...'

    Likewise, Cecile.


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