Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Day with Caridad Pineiro!!!!!

Everyone, please give a warm welcome to an author friend of mine!
I want to welcome Ms. Caridad Pinerio to the Hussy Lair!
She is new to the Lair in all manners!
So ladies, let's get comfy and make sure those glasses are full because

we are about to get the lo down on Ms. Pinerio!!!!

I want to thank you Ms. Caridad for taking time out of your busy schedule to come over to the Lair! I love introducing new authors to my fellow hussies!!!

Now, would you care for something to drink??

**Cecile makes a gesture towards her bar**

Please allow one of my bartenders to get you your
favorite flavor....

A peach margarita would be just perfect, thank you!

Ms Caridad, we are going to start this off nice and slow since this is your first time to the Lair. I don't want to scare you too much, lol.

Tell us a little about yourself? For those of us that don't know you yet...

Well, I’m a wife, mom, and lawyer who has also been doing overtime on a writing gig since 1999 when my first novel came out. I write paranormal romance, romantic suspense and a mix of the two that I like to call paranormal suspense. STRONGER THAN SIN (November 2010) is my latest paranormal suspense from Grand Central Publishing and AZTEC GOLD (January 2011) is my current novella from Carina Press. Both are sexy and filled with action, which is just how I like the stories that I read.

Let's share something that you would normally not share anywhere else.

Oh oh, a TMI moment. I’m basically shy. It’s taken me a lot to get over that and be able to meet new people, but it’s definitely been worth it.

How did you come about creating the world within your books?

They just come to me when I’m somewhere new. The inspiration for SINS OF THE FLESH and STRONGER THAN SIN came to me while I was taking some time off at the Jersey Shore where the two books are set, and actually, the rest of the SINS/SIN HUNTER series. As for AZTEC GOLD, that idea hit me when I had a chance to visit some pyramids in Mexico . You can find out more about that trip at the Carina blog (http://carinapress.com/blog/2011/01/temples-and-demons-and-heights-oh-my/).

What makes them stand out - in your mind?

Both stories are paranormals, but very different from your typical vampires, werewolves and other demons. In the SINS/SIN HUNTER series the paranormal elements from people who have been genetically engineered against their will and have otherworldly powers. That series will get even darker with the next two books as I introduce a race of people who have the unusual ability to gather energy and use it for an assortment of powers. In AZTEC GOLD, the demon is an Aztec demi-goddess who is basically a monster. She’s content to hoard her treasures and eat the locals and it’s up to the hero and heroine to stop her after centuries of abuse.

What do you read when you are in the mood?

I read romantic suspense and sexy contemporaries. It’s a nice change of pace.

Don't get to comfortable with the nice questions, I promise, it will get smutty in a minute!

Tell us a little about your writing style.

I used to be pantser, but now I take the time to write out a basic plot. I work on the train ride to and from work and on the weekends, I get up at 6 to write for 3 to 4 hours before tackling the family responsibilities.

What has this writing/publishing experience been like for you?

It’s a rough gig and very uncertain. Sometimes you feel as if it’s that old Hollywood saying, namely that you’re only as good as your last book. I try not to let that stop me because I love to write and writing has allowed me to meet so many new and wonderful people.

Okay, last safe question, **pauses** I think, hehehe..
What do we have to look forward to?

2011 will be a very busy year! Besides AZTEC GOLD, there will be Nocturne Bites novellas in the Spring, Summer and Fall. The Fall one (Vampire Genesis) is the most exciting for me as I get to write about Diana and Ryder again. I hope to use that as a springboard for a new series with them. I’m also excited to have a July release with THE FIFTH KINGDOM from Carina Press. This is a romantic suspense set in Mexico again and it is really action-packed as the hero and heroine battle a terrorist group in order to save the heroine’s mom and protect an ancient relic from falling into the wrong hands. Finally, in August the SINS/SIN HUNTER series continues with THE LOST a very dark and sexy paranormal that I hope will really have readers thinking about this new race of Hunters and their incredible powers.

**Here is where Caridad gets a little nervous... I can see the sweat on her brow...
She hears the wicked Hussy laughter.... Sees the gleam in Cecile's Smutty eyes...
The atmosphere changes from light.. to slightly
wicked... a little dark... and some what naughty**

So, Ms. Caridad are you ready??
Now get ready for the best quickie you ever had!!!!

We will start with the safe questions first...

What is under your bed? Dust bunnies
What is on the side of your bed? A book.
What book is within reach of you.... at any given moment? One of the J.D. Robb IN DEATH series books.
Are you an organizer or out the box chaos? CHAOS!!!
What would you do on a dream day off?? Go to the beach to relax, take a dip and sip on a peach margarita while reading a romance book.

Now for the smuttier side:

Kinky or Non Kinky: Non
Spanking or No Spanking: Nope. Butt is too sensitive.
Tie Up or Tie Down: Tie up!
Biting or Licking: I can't do both?

Top or Bottom: Top
Boxers, Briefs, Comando: Briefs.
Lingerie or Naked: Nake.

I want to thank you Ms. Caridad for coming over to the Lair to play with us today!!! I hope your visit to the Hussy Lair was everything you expected!! And we hope to have you back! I know I had an absolute blast getting to know the Smuttier side of Ms Caridad!!

Please feel free to visit Ms. Caridad at her place! Drop her a comment... I am sure she would love to know you visited! Thanks for coming over everyone!

And her New Release!!!!
Out Now!

Now for our giveaway:::::: It is open to US/Canada only

Ms. Caridad is offering up to give away an AZTEC GOLD T-shirt, STRONGER THAN SIN Tote bag as well as a copy of SINS OF THE FLESH.

Now you are asking what we want from you...
We want to know what is one of your sins??
Oh you knew I was going to go there...
((No email address, no entry))

Contest Ends Friday February 4th

Winner Announced Sunday February 6th

And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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  1. Well...There may not be enough room for me to list all my sins ;)

    That whole list of kinky questions would be in there somewhere...Including some sex at work...I have a thing for out of the ordinary places.

    I'm not entering cause i have a ton to read already, but you know I cant resist a temptation like this!


    You just want some new ideas for the tribe!

  2. Great interview ladies. I like learning more abut the authors I read.
    As for sin..who me?
    **bats eyelashes** I'm as pure as the driven snow :D

  3. You two crack me up!!!

    Brandi~ Oh honey, I know there are a few sins in that bag that you might like to spill with us!!
    Seeee.. I knew it! Work sex ~ oh hot damn!
    -->> you make me giggle "You just want some new ideas for the tribe!" How did you know?!?! LMBO!

    elaing8~ Hey hon! Thank you! I had fun with Ms. Caridad! You and sin... hahahahahaha!! Pure as driven snow, lmbo! I won't touch that one... Just look at your words and think of some of the smut book we read with that one word, lmbo! That's all I'm saying!

  4. Hi Caridad and Cecile :)
    Ohh can't wait for more Sin books *fangirl squee*

    My sin..oh candy and other yummy thing and how wicked I get, hiding them from bf so I will get it all mouwhahaha

  5. Thanks for dropping by to share some time with me! It's great that Cecile allowed my inner hussy to emerge.

  6. Terrific interview chickies! I just adore all the questions. Caridad love the books, keep them coming. My sin is charging more than I can afford at the bookstore.
    Thank goodness, DH doesn't take my card away, I just get a spanking.
    See ya,
    Readaholics Anonymous

  7. Hummm, besides my delicious sin in visiting here every chance I get?

    There was the time I.....oh no, I can't tell that one...o.k., how about when I....no, no, I don't think any of you girls are old enough to hear that tale. Alright, a sin I can share...hum, well, ah yes...no, can't tell that one.

    O.k., how about when...now remember... I was very very young...living a jet set kind of life style at the time...when at the bewitching hours of the morning, coming home from a boring party...I decided to spice up me night and seduce the very sexy, young, and handsome chauffeur that was taking me home.

    I had on a dress that was slit up to my hips on both sided...exposing my long legs and Miami tan...it was an easy access dress, the kind that said F*#@ ME...A dress cut so high up on the hips you couldn't even wear a sexy g-string under it. So there was nothing in the way of his view...if you grab my meaning.

    I "played" while he drove, watching me with those smoldering blue eyes of his in the mirror at first.

    There's something about exhibitionism and voyeurism...and knowing you're creating a need in another as hot as your own.

    Wet, hot and desiring more, I started talking to him, sharing my decadent fantasy... all the while tempting him to join me until he couldn't take it any more. The fury of his rakish needs forced him to stop the Rolls in the middle of this very quiet Island road and get into the back with me, allowing me to have me lusty way with him.

    The man was all hard muscle, truly the image that sets every girl's desires ablaze. He was a tall, dark and handsome frenchman...who set my lusty rapture aflame when he whispered arousing words of adore into my ear in his romantic native tongue.

    Provocative? Yes. Wanton? Yes. Hot? Of course! Passionate? Oh lalah YES! Dangerous? OMG YES, but the need and desire was way too high to think of finding a place to park, besides the danger of being in the middle of the road fed into the heat of the ecstasy!

    This sinful confession will now self-destruct

    ooosspsss, it didn't self-destruct, how come?

    Oh, the tec here says the story has to be true...so I've lied, OR....there's a problem with the Self-destruct button.


    Well, we'll never know now will we?

    Hawk {;-D

  8. My sin: lust..for chocolate. I'm too tired to lust for more than that right now.

  9. It's probably gluttony because I have a sweet tooth and like to indulge.


  10. Caridad sound like my kind of girl C...

    A book by her bedside and absolute Chaos on a daily basis... good to know..

    As for my sins - Where to I start...

    too many to list..


  11. LOL! You guys and your sinning are amazing. I appreciate you coming by.

  12. Blodeuedd~ Hey honey! Oh hiding candy from bf... I might have to tell him! Thanks for coming over honey!

    Caridad Pineiro~ Hey honey! Ohh thanks for coming over! Hehehe, I do have to admit that getting your inner hussy to emerge was fun!!!
    I had a blast!

    Dana Alma~ Hey there! Thanks for coming over! It is nice to see new people! Ohhh no, don't take the card away!

    Houston A.W. Knight~ Ohhhhhhhh I love your answer and you know you keep me wondering! You evil woman!!! Now who is bad!!! **tisk tisk**

    Tanja~ Hey there!!! Ohhh I think we all have a lust for chocolate! Thanks for coming!

    Leni~ Ohh I love indulgence!

    Erotic Horizon~ Hey honey!!! Oh never to many to list... You know that I love hearing other sins.. Hehehe!

    Caridad Pineiro~ Aren't they a funny bunch, lol!! Thanks for peeking in!

  13. Sometimes you surf the blogsphere and find people you know. *waving* Love all those kinky questions. How fun! Aztec Gold is on my TBR list, so don't put me in the drawing. Looking forward to the next book in Sins. xo

  14. Catherine Bybee~ Hey there!!! Welcome over! It is so nice to see so many new people! Hehe, thanks for the compliment, I ask all the kinky questions... You know the stuff we are dying to know! Thanks for coming over!

  15. Love the interview! But, I have to confess, I haven't read any of her work. *hangs head in shame* I will try to correct the errors of my way. As far as a sin goes. Hhmm. How about when someone ask if I'm busy,and I tell them yes, but I really just want to finish what ever awesome book I'm reading. It's just a little white lie. Those dont count right?

  16. *jumps up and down giggling and clapping*

    Yay Cecile!! You have some awesome new sinners in your house of smutt...but they flock to you cause your awesome and you have all the hot men tied...err...um...I mean yeah you have all the hot men :)


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