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You Wanna Quickie ~ Racing the Moon

Midnight Cravings
Publisher: Silhouette
Pub. Date: April 2009
ISBN-13: 9780373250936
Series: Silhouette Nocturne Series

The blurh:
Under the cover of night exists the dark and sensuous world of Midnight Cravings–a world conjured up in six seductive tales of paranormal passion. Follow some of the genre's best writers, including Michele Hauf, Karen Whiddon and Lori Devoti, on a mesmerizing journey where the extraordinary comes breathtakingly close with every turn of the page.
So, please, come on in. The first bite won't hurt, and it's likely that you will crave another...and another...and...
Now I must admit that I normally don’t like short stories because I always feel like there could be more to the story or that I am left hanging. With this whole book, I never felt that way. The stories are short, sexy and gawd to honest hot!
The first book:
Racing The Moon by Michele Hauf

Dean Maverick, werewolf, is racing against the full moon when his truck breaks down in the middle of nowhere. A sexy female mechanic named Sunday assesses the damage--and Dean. Sparks crackle between the two of them; they cannot hide their attraction to one another. It'll take a day for parts to arrive; Sunday offers the spare bedroom above her shop for him to stay the night. Dean doesn't have a day, or even a few hours. When the full moon is high in the sky, his inner wolf will emerge--unless he can appease it beforehand with sex.
Being a familiar isn't easy for Sunday--sex is a conduit for demons to enter the mortal realm. Most familiars can control this power, but Sunday can't. Every time she climaxes, a demon bridges to this realm, and they're not always friendly. But she can't deny the feral need to help slake Dean's lust. And keeping the wolf at bay will see her safe from an attack--wolves don't like cats.

Can a cat and wolf get beyond their prejudices--and overcome their own problems--to bring the wolf to a howling submission...
This is from Michele Hauf’s site.
My thoughts:
OMG, if you want to know what happens when werewolfs and familars meet under some hot circumstances then you must read this book. The story will keep you turning the pages to see what happens next. Dean is hot and Sunday is spicy! What more could you ask for, now throw a demon in the mix and you got one kickin story! The story does beg to ask… what would you do to satisfy an urge!!!
Be sure to check out her place (here) to see what she has coming up!!! And if you visit her place… you will see that you can go to eHarlequin to download a free book from her as well!!! So, please… chase the wolf there to see what else she has in store for us!

PS… this is her cover for this book….


  1. That cover for 'Midnight Cravings' is absolutely stunning. Wow.

    I've never read any novels from the Nocturne line. Thanks for the recommendation, Cecile!

    ;) VFG

  2. I enjoyed this story too. I have to say out of all the Nocturne authors, Michele Hauf is one of my faves. :)

  3. Hi Cecile!

    I have Midnight Cravings (sweet win at Anna's), at the top of my TBR list.

    I love Michele Hauf, I'm reading her novella in Faeries Gone Wild as we speak..type..communicate! It's so sweet, hot, and funny. The Highwayman is next on list though... details regarding this book to come.

    Dottie :)

  4. Hi Cecile,
    Great review, and a very nice cover on that not, not to mention eh second one. Would not mind reading about some werewolves right now.
    I do have my first Hauf book so yay

  5. Hey Cecile..

    Good choice, I have read some of ms Hauf's work and she is good on the hotness..

    My favourite of the Nocturne author is Karen Whiddon... I love her shifter series..

    nice round up..


  6. Hi Cecile!

    Lovely review and I agree with VFG that is a beautiful cover. I've got one of Michele Hauf's books in the stacks but not this one, now I want it too. lol

    Thanks for the heads-up!


  7. ooh..cool cover.

    I have not read this series yet!

  8. VampFanGirl ~ You are right, the cover is stunning! I love the colors, the woman and the eyes (which is my fave). I will have more of the stories to come... I just had time to do this one that night. But I did love her story... but I promise you it just gets more ALAPH and Sexy and HOT!!! And I know how you love you sum ALAPHS!!!!

  9. Anna ~ Hey! I am glad that you read the story and liked it! Her story was really fun to read, I am looking forward to finding other books by her!

  10. Hey Dottie ~ Oh, if you have it, I will say that you should read it! It won't take long, I promise. I devoured it in one day! The stories are short... not to short to disappoint I promise!! But hot and spicy!!!
    It makes for some great quickies!
    I did see that she was in Faeries Gone Wild, so I am even more excited to read that one too!!!

  11. Blodeuedd ~ Hey Girl! Thanks!
    I was surprised to find a second cover art for this one... I can't wait to dig into it further for the others as well to see if they have one too!!!
    This book is mixed, that is the fun side to this book!!! Be warned... it is hot and steamy and all alpha!

  12. Erotic ~ Hey Honey!! Thanks. Well, you know me and my hotness.. I have to have me some!! So, I will be definitely looking up her name and adding alot more books to the notebook!!
    Yes, I will be getting to that review hopefully over the week!!! And that was one of my fave stories!! I fell in love with Kane!

  13. Hey Lea ~ Thanks!! The cover is amazing! Oh, if you don't have this one... you need to acquire it, because it is hot!!! The whole dang thing is!!! HOT HOT HOT!!

  14. Hey Mandi Oh girl... This book is one for you to get honey!!! You would love the smexy factor of it!! Short and sexy!!! LOL!!!

  15. Ooh I LOVE her covers!!! I've read one Nocturne book, thanks to Anna's rec and really liked it. I need to read more but there just is never enough time!! LOL!!

    Thanks for the rec Cecile!!


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