Thursday, June 25, 2009

Book Update

Beeepppp....Beep... Beeeepppp... Okay, so I am not good at the whole morse code thing...
But this is just in from Ms. Lyon's site (click here to share her good news ---> here)... that the book I anxiously waiting to be released has just be pushed up... instead of November... It is being released in October!!!! The actual sale date is going to be September 30th!!! YAYAAYAY... This would make a great birthday present for me!!!! I hear shopping trip is in order at that time!!!

To read the back cover, please click here!!!
Wanted to pass along the good news... So what is your good news?!?!?!


  1. Cecile,

    Another author I have not read....checking Ms. Lyons' work now. :) Adding her to the list. LOL


  2. I just read that too!! Updated my sidebar. I NEED Sutton!! :)

  3. Cecile,

    Me again. I just ordered Blood Magic. :) I am such a book junkie. LOL


  4. Michelle ~ Hey girl!! Oh.. she is an awesome author.. You must put her on your list!!! These books are hot!!! And the hunks are ALLL Alpha and Yummy!!!

    Girl... you are so bad... but so very good!! I am glad you ordered it, you won't be disappointed!!

  5. Oh Mandi!! Update is a must!!!! I cannot wait for Sutton... bring HIM on!!!! Alex was absolutely delicious!!!! Can't wait for another brother!

  6. I am really looking forward to this one. I LOVED Blood Magic and I'm with Mandi...I so want to get to know Sutton!!!

  7. Hi Cecile!

    Another new author for me! I'll take a look around for this author.

    I picked up 8 books at our local library today, so plenty to read, but I hearting Blood Magic's cover now!!

    Thanks Cecile!

    Dottie :)

  8. Good news, well it's my cuties bday :) And i took the day off, hehe.
    We are also having a heatwave

  9. Hi! This book sounds great and it's going on my TBR pile :)

    P.S. go here
    to win great books (it's for Canada and US residents only). It's open for only three more days

  10. Cybercliper ~ Oh girl, you have no idea how bad I want to get to know Sutton... but I will leave Sutton to you girls... Axel is all mine!!!

  11. Blodeuedd ~ Well happy birthday is in order!!! And you go girl for taking the day for your cutie!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Dottie ~ Wow!!!! Eight books from the library!!! You go girl! See, I don't know if I can do library books, because I am always scare that I will not finish it in time to return it!! But you go girl.. I just came from Borders today with my 30% coupons!!!! I will posting that hopefully soon!!!
    And yes, please do check out Ms. Jennifer Lyon!! She is awesome and I love her pictures of Wing Slayer worthy men!!! Talk about eye candY!!

  13. Hey Host ~ Thanks for the heads up on the contest!! Please do add this one to your list!! It is an awesome book!!! And all I can say if bring on the BROTHERS!!!


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