Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Super Hero

Met Cecile... The Fancy Cold Blooded Reptilian. And yes, I do roll my c's into sss's... That's why the call me Fancy!

When I was born, they did not know what I was... For my parents had special genetics. My father was born a warrior, through and through... And my Mother was born with a gift to shift... Well, as for me... I was born with cold blood (to survive), adaptable green skin (to shift) and a kick ass attitude (to kill when needed with no regret.) But no one told me that I would have a hot heart or a passion for love (now this came from both of my parents ~ whom loved each other with all their hearts and soul.) I was born into the Amazon world, so my "special skills" comes in vey handy in my neck of the jungle. I am a voluptous woman, big in all the right places to make men fall to their feet... (oh so I wish sometimes...) Although, I am no Venus or Medusa... I am very nice on the eyes... and soft on the soul. I do not always stay with green, scaled skin; it comes when I am trying to protect or defeat. But the one thing to watch out for is my heart. That is... for just the right man. Some may deem me to be doomed ~ being I am cold blooded... they just assume I am a bitch... You know what happens to those that assume... yea, I kick their ass. So, while I might not be as fiery as some hero's, or "hot" as some, or have those cools toys they call weapons or have cool capes to hide behind... all I know is that I ROCK ((and no... I do not slither on my belly either... if you say that you are asking for some trouble)!!! Why you ask that I think I ROCK... because I have something they do not... ~ Courage, Faith, Loyalty, a whole lotta of lovin' and of course a kick ass body!!! LOL!!! Now come'on... really... to walk around green... I have to rock!

Ms. HAWK ~ is having a kick ass contest with Ms. Carol Henry... The game is to create your own heroine or hero. There will be three winners. The winner gets a free and signed copy of Amazon Connection. The first and second place runner ups will get a copy of her cookbook; mind you, she’s traveled the world so there should be a lot of really good recipes in it. Ms. Carol will be the judge and she will pick the winners which will be announced next Sunday!

So, please go to Ms. Hawk's place --->>> here and follow her rules... or her super hero will find you and do gawd only knows what... lol! Good luck to all... I will be honest... I went through about 50 different choices before I found this one... so if you think it is easy... think again...

If you click on the picture, it will take you to Barnes & Noble to check this book out... haa haa... get it... two puns... I am so funny!!! I kill myself!

Well.. I will go for now... Hope you all have a wonderful night a good morning!! Well, have fun making your own!!!


  1. Girl what are you doing up so late!! Thanks for liking the story... figured I would give you a little history on her!! I am growing to like her... Alot!!!

  2. Hi Cecile!

    Too Cool, cute story!

    I have avenging angels for my heroes.

    Dottie :)

  3. Cecile!

    She is awesome! I love her little story too!

    Man! You girls are making this contest judging thing hard! You've really turned the tables on me! Bad, bad girls!

    I'm just glad I'm not in Carol's shoes...it would cost me a fotune in books! LOL


  4. Awesome story..hehe.

    Off to check out the site!

  5. Ha! Cecile, you are too funny...

    I love your superhero and her story!!

    Good luck in the contest. ;)


  6. Cecile,

    Green is indeed Fancy. :) Great story.


  7. Cecile, just dropping by to say thanks for posting the contest and the cover of Amazon Connection. You are too, too sweet to pass this along.

    You have a great site, BTW. How about I link it to my website?

    Many hugs, Carol

  8. Dottie~ I had a wonderful time making her up!!! And once that was done... her story just rolled out! After seeing her... I indeed love her! I would have loved wings and a cool weapon... but... She is my Amazon Woman! LOL!
    I will be heading over to your place to see your avenging angels!

    Houston~ Thank you Ma'am!! We rise to the challenge you give us! Yea, after seeing some of them last night, I would hate to Carol too!!

    Mandi~ The create your own is an awesome thing... I will be making up some more!!!! It was way to much fun!

    Lea~ I wish you luck too... I will be heading to your place as well to see your avenger!

    Michelle~ Yea, green is not my color... but she ROCKS the green!

    Ms. Carol~ Please feel free to link to my site!!!Thank you
    Hugz to all... and I hope you are having a great day!

  9. LOL!! I like yours. Mine had wings!!

  10. OGM...look at them all now! Green ones and brown ones...somebody's having a good time! ;-) so I take it you love the contest?

    And you girls challeneged me back with all these wonderful hero/ines OMG, how will Carol ever pick a winner?!

    I'm glad I'm just running the contest and don't have to pick....I don't think I could.



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