Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Robbin The Cradle

This if for those (((VampFanGirl))) that might have missed it... (not Barbara) yesterday...
Is it really robbing the cradle when they are this hot! I am not trying to steal anyone's man... Edward is enough for me... then finding out that I get more Charles.... **whew, every woman's dream ~ or at least mine** is enough for me...
I am just saying.... Look at the "v" spot.... oh my!
***To young, to young, to young... she says to herself****
***but look at that body****
***To young, to young, to young...****
***oh to hell with it.... he's hot!!***

Okay... really... you thought I would put just Jacob on here... honestly....
***oh soooo yummmyyy for my...... hummm*****


  1. I am Edward fan too, but that six pack and 'v' of course, are tempting me... But as a person who works in Photoshop on a daily basis I declare they are fake, and nothing can make me change the team! On the other hand, if I could check them in person, maybe I would be willing to reconsider (robbing the cradle, indeed...)

  2. LOL... love that response host!!!
    I agree... nothing can tear me away from my Edward!!! ***just look at those eyes and those lips***

    And I agree, that if I can check them out (his abs and that delicious "V" in person ***looking over shoulder for VampFanGirl... dont want her to sneak up behind me and kung-fu my a$$***... Nah... Edward... oh honey!
    Robbing the cradle... oh hell!!! At least not with Edward... LOL!

  3. LOL!!! I'm such a cougar.

  4. He looks good enough to eat!!

    :) VFG

  5. Lol, but nope not ding anything for me. Too young looking and too thin. I'll keep to Edward

  6. You know Cecile, I'm an Edward fan, but the pack is hot...and Jacob sure grew up hotter...who knew LavaBoy would grow up into those abs.

    Edward is too hot, too sweet, too sparkly...I'll keep him.

    Dottie :)

  7. OH MY!!! You know some people are like "Team Edward" or "Team Jacob"...I WANT BOTH! OMG and the preview for New Moon!!!! :o)

  8. Well I agree with Barbara......I'm a cougar....a little older cougar but a cougar just the same! LOL

  9. You know about me and Edward..I must admit though..those are some nice abs on Jacob when he takes his shirt off in the trailer. Give him a few years and..umm..yes:)

  10. Well... I will say it again... robbin the cradle never looked so yummy!!!!

    Barbara & Blanche... you can be a cougar... I will be the panther!!! lol!

    VampFan ~ I thought of ALL you when I saw this poster! Yummy indeed!

    Blodeuedd ~ you mean I will share Edward with you.. he is not all yours lol!!!!

    Dottie & Mandi ~~ I know Team Edward right... but damn if that V spot is not hot!!!! And just to think... give him a couple of years and a gym.... OH MY GOSH.... Can you say hot flashes!!!! (secretly I still see him as Lavaboy!! ~ damn them kids for making me watch that lol)

    Monroe... I will let you have Jacob... just watch out for VampFanGirl... she likes her men! And Edward.... Again.. I will share him with you all!! lol~

  11. Man, I'm getting way too old.... eh


  12. Lea ~ Nah!! We are never to old for this.... or that... or him.... or those.... damn!! Hot men is something you can never grow old for!!! LOL!

  13. I got so mad at Edward in New Moon. Then I fell for Jacob during the duration of Edwards departure. Oops did I say that?

    I'm glad they have more Jacob in this movie. Cause the last one he had like two lines.

  14. I shall be renting this soon! My daughter wants to watch it as well. Bet we'll end up buying it too! LOL. Then I'll know more about what I'm missing and who Edward is, :)

  15. Cecile-wow-Jacob is so hot! I'm so glad they did not re-cast him! Is he really only 16? Please say it isn't so! I can't wait for this movie!


  16. Oh *coughs* That was of course what I meant. You are too kind to share him with me...what am I thinking, I totally forgot that I have the hots for Carlisle. You can have Edward and Jacob then. It's all on me

  17. I guess this makes me officially a "cougar" but they BOTH look delicious to me! :o)

  18. Yeah....I was drooling over this too. Then I found out he was only 17, and felt just a little dirty and shower-worthy!!

    Then again, that only lasted for a few minutes!!

  19. Stephanie ! Yea... he is young... but oh so yummy looking... Did I feel dirty for thinking abut those abs and that "v"... yea... but hell it was worth it!!!

    Wow Stephanie, you have so many blogs... which one is a current one I can follow?!

  20. I had to save that pic for my daughter. She took a picture of it and now has it as the wallpaper on her cell phone. LOL


  21. Michelle ~ That is funny!! Well, I am glad that she liked the picture that much!


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