Thursday, June 25, 2009

Finally... My Review of Broken by Megan Hart

• Paperback: 384 pages
• Publisher: Spice (May 1, 2007)
• Language: English• ISBN-10: 0373605153
• ISBN-13: 978-0373605156

The blurh:
This month, my name is Mary.
My name is different every month -- Brandy, Honey, Amy...sometimes Joe doesn't even bother to ask -- but he never fails to arouse me with his body, his mouth, his touch, no matter what I'm called or where he picks me up. The sex is always amazing, always leaves me itching for more in those long weeks until I see him again.
My real name is Sadie, and once a month over lunch, Joe tells me about his latest conquest. But what Joe doesn't know is that, in my mind, I'm the star of every X-Rated one-night stand he has revealed to me, or that I'm practically obsessed with our imaginary sex life. I know it's wrong. I know my husband wouldn't understand. But I can't stop.
Not yet.

The Short Summary
Okay, can you say I freaking love this book!!!!! This book is about a true and tried marriage. Adam & Sadie They met in college, the minute she saw him, she knew he was the one she was going to marry; even though he belonged to someone else. His relationship dissolved and they were inseparable from that moment on. They got married and not long after that, he suffered a paraplegic accident. It left him numb from the shoulders on down. Now, when you hit a rough spot in your marriage…. What are your thoughts?? Now imagine hitting the rough spot one year after you were married. If you know me, I love how realistic Megan Hart makes her characters and she DID NOT disappoint in this book. And truth be told, this is the first book that has ever brought me to full tears and loved every minute of it. The tone of this book melted my heart and tore at my soul. Besides Stranger…. This is my FAVORITE book by Megan Hart. This booked rocked my world!!!

The Long Version
Okay… now for the details!!! By the way… there are no spoilers.
However, the details will be not be full like normal because in order to give you my full thoughts… I would have to give you more story… and to give you more story… well… I would give some of the story away and I don’t do that!!! So, I hope what I am fixing to tell you will be enough to sway you to go out, buy this book and fall in love with Sadie, Adam & Joe!

The players

She is a woman after my own heart. First, you need to know that she is a very loyal person and a very devoted wife. There is nothing in this world she would not do for her husband. She has two different sides to her… the façade she puts on for everyone else and the real Sadie who wants so desperately for her world to go back to normal. She doesn’t want to bother people with the facts of her life, and that is what they are facts. Things that can not be changed no matter what. There is a passion that lies within her that has not withered away due to her husbands accident. She is a psychologist. She condemns herself sometimes because she knows the advice that she sometimes gives, is some that she should be taking herself. But life dealt her an unfair hand and she is playing those cards the best way she can. Especially with a husband who is partially unwilling…

Adam: A man full of passion for absolutely everything about and in his life.
Sadie describes Adam this way: "Adam thought and fought with passion burning bright. He was vibrant and alive in a way I envied, admired and coveted. He smoked. He drank. He rode a motorcycle fast on dark roads and had insane hobbies like bungee jumping.. He was brilliant and wild, my Lord Byron, whom Lady Caroline Lamb had called ""mad, bad and dangerous to know.""
The accident did not leave him without emotion or without a heart. He is a good man, I just found in certain ways, he was hard on Sadie. She tries to help him in many different way and be there for him the best she can be. But he does not share his whole world with her, and its hard to want to be somewhere where you don’t feel welcomed… even if it is with your own husband. He takes some of his anger and frustration out on her at times and for that I do not like him. But you never feel sorry for him. He does not want your pity, shame or guilt. He lives among the best equipment made for paraplegics. But he is allowing his wife to willow away.

Virtual strangers at first with Sadie. Lunch in the middle of their building complex. Polite, casual conversation. Over time, the conversation takes a turn into the personal side, at least for Joe. He starts discussing his sex life with Sadie. He describes all his escapades to her while they sit and enjoy their lunch together. He knows nothing of Sadie’s personal life, only the façade she gives him. But there is something driving Joe…

The Plot:
A new couple in all areas of their life. So much passion is between these two in the beginning. Sadie and Adam were made for each other. Being married a year and their future as bright as anyone‘s. Then Adams accident puts all things in a new perspective. The things they thought they would be able to do and have time for, no longer exist. Sadie spends all her time between her job and Adam. They received a settlement from the accident that allowed them to be able to hire a housekeeper and a "house" nurse to watch over Adam when Sadie is not home. But still, the housekeeper and nurses are expensive. Therefore, Sadie does not like to ask anyone to stay later than they normally would, because she feels like that is her job; her duty. Her lunch breaks with Joe is about her only "escape" time. The only time where she is not Sadie, wife to a paraplegic.

My Thoughts:
This is a couple of all couples. When life hands us lemons… most of the time we can make a Lemontini (just add vodka.) But seriously, when we hit a rough spot in our marriage what do we do… Sometimes, I just want to change my name and run away! But we stick it out and make the best of it. Well, put your worst day together with a life altering accident… and what would you do? Could you stick around and BE there for that person? Could you handle all that is expected of you? Could you be there, even if you knew your partner could NOT be there for you??
Well, Sadie is that person. The person that will never falter you, will always be there (no matter how much you shove her away). She is a very devoted wife. She tends to absolutely all of Adam’s needs; even if they run her down in the process. She has family that she could go see, but to explain why Adam does not want to get out of the house is a pain in the ass and then you have to defend why you don‘t go without him. Adam has all the capabilities as anyone to get out of the house, he has everything he would need to do so, he just refuses. So, instead of going, she just stays home; its just easier that way. Sometimes she hopes of snuggling with Adam and just simply being with him. But he makes it clear sometimes that he does not want her to be with him. It is like he is pushing her away. I know he was in an accident, but still… She is only human and female, with human feelings, desires, wants and needs. That, in itself, is rough. Being around someone, who at one time desires you nonstop… now hardly wants anything to do with you. It is depressing and leaves you feeling unsatisfied. But I love Sadie, because no matter what, she never gives up. Not even when things get the worst. Joe, to me, is what the doctor ordered for her. He gives her a small piece of normalcy or at least a piece of "non reality". If you call normalcy playing his escapades in your mind as yourself, well then damn, let her have that. Being deprived that much, yes it will make you do some seriously crazy things. I don’t blame her for having Joe in her mind. But she never cheats on her husband!! Devoted!

The Unexpected:
The ending. You will have to read the book. I am sorry. I really did not see that coming. I mean you can see the tension between Joe and Sadie, but I would havenever guessed that was what was going to happen. But OMG, when it did happen, I fell in love. I never expected to CRY. This is the first book in my entire life (yes, I really think so), that made me cry. It was a good cry and man let me tell you, it was worth it.

The Expected:
For me to fall in with the book - duh!!! The realness of the characters and how easy it is to fall in love with them ~ faults and all. If you know me… you know that I will always tell you Megan Hart makes her characters so REAL. So, I expected to fall in love and did I ever. I guess because every marriage has it bad days and good days, I expected this book to break my heart, pick it up and put it back together again. Nothing was sugar coated and I respect Ms. Hart for keeping it real. Even the ugly side of it… it’s all in there!

The Smut Factor:
Before Joe entered the picture, Sadie and Adams relationship was short, but explosive. That was of course, before Adam’s accident. It is to be expected for things not to be the same in that department after a life altering accident. But I give Sadie all the props in the world because she tried everything. She pushed the envelope with Adam. She tried her damnest to keep hold of some of their sexual relationship. Now enters… Joe. He is a very sexual man ~ especially from what we learn of his story times!! Now his stories will definitely get you hot under the collar or in our world… hot under your panties!! It’s an erotic book, so it is not light and easy on the sex… but it is not hard core in your face smutted out either!

What Pleased Me:
The whole book. Come’on… it’s a Megan Hart book… =) What did you expect from me. The whole story line pleased me. The characters, each one… even those that I did not mention, are very real. The story line of Sadie and Adams relationship was the best for me. It was everything a real life marriage is all about. Even with the accident Adam encounters. The good times, the bad, the really bad. But through it all… you will laugh with them, you will cry with them, you will love with them, and you will fall with them. But most of all you will believe in them!

What Displeased Me:
Okay… we are talking about a Megan Hart book and ME!! There was nothing displeasing to me about this book. The only thing had that me for a loop was Joe’s escapades and the name change… I was kinda confused at first… but then I caught on what was going on and what was going on in Sadie’s mind. But other than being confused… nothing displeased me!!!!

The Cover:
I love her covers. This one was no exception. The simple color tone, flesh and black. When you feel broken, are you sure of yourself or not… Look at where her hand is… at the stopping point of going to far. Her legs…crossed ever so slightly, no entrance. You get the feeling that she feels unsure of what the move should be…

Okay... here is all the info I can dish on her right now...
Here is her web site --->>> Megan Hart
Here is her blog site --->>> Megan Hart Blog
Please stop by and show her some love or give a shout out to her!!!

To get a complete list of what is to come from Ms. Hart please click --->>>here!!! I know I sure can't wait!!!

This is what is just around the month to come from her....
Deeper (click -->>here for an excerpt) ~ Please be watching your local book stores for this one... it is coming out in JULY 2009!!!!! Yes, that soon...
I hope you enjoyed my review.... I welcome all feedback...


  1. I have either 2 or 3 of her books including this one - and I haven't actually read any of them. I keep meaning to - I hear such great things about them. I think after reading your review, I'll move them much further up in the TBR pile :)

  2. Nice review!! So you like Megan Hart? LOL! I have Dirty on my wish list. I'm going to have to add this one to.

  3. Kristie (J) ~ Hey!! Her books are fantastic! I love every aspect about that you can possibly love. The main thing I love is the true emotion you feel for each one of her characters. So far, all the books I have read, I have fallen in love with. I plan to buy the rest of her books at her site. But I have Dirty and (YAYAYAYAY) Deeper!!
    Hope you hare having a great day!

  4. Great review :)
    But oh no, I don't want her to cheat on her husband..does he die?! Oh no, now i really wanna know

  5. Mandi ~ Hey hon! Thank you! Nah, I don't like her... I love her!! Her books are the bomb **am I told old to say that, lol** Girl, you better get a move on and start reading. I promise it will not disappoint you!!

  6. Blodeuedd ~ Hey hon!!! She does not cheat on her husband. I said that because by reading the blurh... I want you to know that she is a devoted wife. But I will seal ***sliding finger across mouth with zipper*** my mouth shut on the rest... You will have to read the book to find out exactly what happens. That is why I could not go to much into details. This is one book I want you to be surprised.

  7. I have never read a Megan Hart I have to go look her up and add her to my list. :)

    Thank you for the review and the intro to a new author.


  8. Michelle G ~ Hey there!! Yes, Please add her to your list. They contain no parnoraml things or things like that... strictly a man and a woman (and a few more people lol), but that is the basis for her books. I can make you the promise that you will fall in love with her characters. You feel what they feel!

  9. Hi Cecile!

    Loved your review, it's a book after my own heart!

    I haven't read anything by Megan Hart, so I'll give her a look!

    This one sounds great! Thanks for sharing!

    Dottie :)

  10. Wonderful review Cecile!

    I have Stranger in my stacks but haven't read it yet!

    I really liked Megan Hart's voice in "taking care of business", a book she co-authored with Lauren Dane!

    I will have to make an effort to read "Stranger", sometime this summer.

    Thank you for taking time to share!

    Have a great day!

  11. Dottie ~ Hey! Thanks! I am glad that you enjoyed the review. Oh, please do go look at her collection. I have only begun to touch the tip of the iceberg with this woman!!! I can not wait to see what Dirty and Deeper are going to be like... Then I want to read more of her past books!
    Hope you are having a great day!

  12. Lea ~ Awww, thank you Lea! Oh, you must read Stranger... I cannot await your thoughts on it. As soon as I finish with the two that I have, I will be obtaining more of her books and that is one of them "Taking Care of Business".
    I hope you do enjoy it when you read it!!
    Hope you are having a great day!

  13. Ok - cecile..

    You make me want to go get my copy and look at the ending...

    Why have you done this....

    I won't rest until I know what happens at the end...

    Evil hussy....


  14. Great review Cecile! I even read the long one (and you know I don't like them long :)) and it was great!
    You got me interested in reading it, and I think I'll order it. You have a way with words, every yor review I read makes me go and buy&read the book.
    Have a nice day!

  15. EH ~ Hey!! Yes, you can call me Ms. Evil Hussy!!!
    To do this review was very hard for me, why... because I wanted to tell you all sooo much more about the story, but if I would have done that then I would have given the story away. I want you to savory the story. This story is awesome and ends like no other. I love the last line of the book!!! **evil laughter**

  16. Host ~ Oh, I am so glad that you read the long verison as well!!! Thank you for your kind words! Really!
    I really do hope you get and when you do, you must let me know!!! This is an awesome book! I could not put it down. I read it in two days!
    Hope you are having a great day!

  17. I knew you'd love this book Cecile. It's still my all time favorite by Hart. OMG, the emotions she rips from our hearts is incredible.

    Beautiful review Cecile. It was so great to relive the book through you. I've read it only once over a year ago so I don't remember all the nitty-gritty. But I do remember the end and I do remember being very teary eyed. I was just so happy for Sadie. And Joe, OMG JOE! What a hero and his ultimate drive was amazing and it gave me goosebumps.

    Sigh...I loved this book. It really does raise moral questions though. Ones I hope to never have to answer or realize in my life time.

    (((hugs))) VFG

  18. OMG VampFanGirl~~~~ How much did I freaking love this book!?!?! OMG!! You were right from the very beginning... I would so love this book.
    We already knew that Ms. Hart loves to play with our heart strings. But OMG, this book was the killer of all heart strings.
    The dynamics of this couple, factored in with Joe was just spellbounding.
    I guess that is why I loved this book the best because it does raise your own questions of the what in life. What if this happened... what you would you do kinda thing. I mean, I applaud Sadie, she did the best she could do with what she was given. She made it work for her and she kept to her vows and morals. And if there is any woman out there that can tell me she only fantasies about her man... well... let me shake your hand. Especially when times are tough in a married, you start day-dreaming out of the box... And for Sadie, that box was Joe. But oh man... what a man. Actually two. Because Adam was the pusher, he is what drove her and their memories... Wow! SOrry, can't you tell I loved this book so much!

  19. Cecile, OMG-I am a new fan of Megan Hart. I picked up Dirty on a whim and devoured it. Went back to buy all of them and could not find them-not one in any B&N or Borders within 25 miles. So I resorted to online ordering and am still waiting for I only "browsed" your review. Dirty and Stranger have to be my favorites-I am in love with Jack. Don't know why, but his character in Stranger was "IT" for me. I was so happy to see that characters from Dirty were revisited. I have also read Tempted. I LOVED this book too. Just ate it up and could not put it down. I'd never read this genre of romance and was really pleased with how there is actually a good story in spite of the pages and pages of sex (not complaining!) I cannot wait for the next book! I wish Amazon would hurry up and ship Broken! I want it now!


  20. hi Cecile,
    I was wondering about you not getting into my blog, and then another blogger had a post about it
    It seems to be a prob everywhere.

  21. Lisa ~ Girl, are you in for a treat!!! I have yet to read Dirty. So, I can not wait to read that one next. I can't beleive (although I could beleive the bookstore, because that is how Borders is where I live) the book store did not have more of her books!!! What is wrong with these people... do they not know an awesome book when it hits them in the forehead!! Apparently not!!

    I devoured Broken and Stranger the same way...! Oh, I love how some characters get a "peek" show in her other books.

    I did love Jack in Stranger. I would love to see him get a real happy ending. He did hava a passion about him and I am glad that he is the one that told her to go after him ~ Sam!

    Now if you loved Tempted, you will love Naked... That will be Alex's story. She is in the process of that one right now!!! I can NOT wait for that one to come out!!!!!
    I do love that her books, as erotic as they are, are not in your face "smutted" out with sex. In her books, there is perfect medium to everything... LOVE IT!!!!
    Hope you are having a great day!

  22. Blodeuedd, I will go check into that post!! Because I want to be able to see my friend =(
    I was able to get there this afternoon... after it ate my first comment after!

  23. Wonderful review, Cecile!!!

    I think I'm probably the only person on the face of the planet who doesn't completely adore Megan Hart's tales...sigh.

    I don't know, they just aren't what I look for when I read romance. I want that undying passion, love and desire. I think she's a phenominal author, but I feel like what I get when I read one of her books is something I'd hear one of my friends telling me happened to them.

    Her stories are very "real" in that sense. It's not my kind of "romance".

    HOWEVER...I do have "Tempted" in my tbr and I will read it, because, honestly, my views of her books are solely based on one book I read and a few excerpts. Not exactly fair of me. So I will give another story of hers a shot.

    But, like I've said so many times before...this is a personal preference in plots and has NOTHING to do with her abilities to pen a great tale.

  24. Oh Cecile, me too. I was in total and complete admiration for Sadie. She's a strong woman. Amazingly strong really. And my heart broke for her time and again due to Adam's disdain for her but can you blame the poor guy? He's jealous of everyone on the planet. He'd probably trade places with a homeless man at that moment just to be able to walk again, so I understood his cruelty. I imagine that I'd be much the same way.

    I think it's easier to imagine your emotions from Adam's shoes but from Sadie's? I don't know if I'll ever be capable of putting myself in her shoes and again, I hope to never understand her situation to the nth degree. But I still admire her and truly, she's my favorite Hart heroine. My favorite Hart book. I LOVE THIS AUTHOR!!!!

    ;) VFG

  25. What a great review! Sometimes I have a hard time reading a book like this, real, real emotional stuff. With a review like this, I'm going to have to check it out!

    I love the slide show! Looks like ya'll had fun!

  26. Hi Cecile,
    Check it out, I did take out 2 things on my blog that might cause problems to some system. But I just don't know. I never have any problems...some did have problems when they were on explorer, and of course I don't use it.

    But try away, and tell me if you have probs. Did it eat your post or didn't it just show up cos I have moderation up?


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