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*Guest Post* Crash and Burn by Michelle Libby *Lyrical Press*

Ladies and Gents of the Lair, I would like for you to put together a very Smutty, Hussy welcome for a wonderful author... I am turning the Lair over to her today! Please welcome her and leave comments or questions for her.... I am sure she is eager to get to know you all :)

Thanks for having me here at Cecile SmuttyHussy’s Place. The beginning of the year always makes me think about what thenew year could bring. For me, 2013 begins with the release of my newest novel“Crash and Burn” from Lyrical Press. I can’t wait to share it with you.

It’s the New Year! We all make those best laidplans that get side-tracked by our lack of motivation, or by some well meaningperson in our lives. My heroine in “Crash and Burn” is Grace. She only wants tolive her life. When her older sistercalls begging for yet another favor, Grace hesitates.
What about her resolution to not take the fallfor her older sister’s transgressions? Gone. Out. The. Window.
Next thing Grace knows, she’s dressed up likeher sister pretending to be married to race car driver Stone Adams. The rolemight be fun, except for he’s sexy and good at making her want things asister-in-law shouldn’t want from her brother-in-law.
Now, let’s talk about Stone Adams and his NewYear’s resolution.  Of course, Stonewants to win a lot of races and make the big bucks. His resolutions wouldnever, ever include getting married until his manager told him to tame his wildplayboy ways.
In typical reckless fashion that one wouldexpect from a man who drives 120 mph, he marries a woman he met in Vegas. Ohand it only gets better from there, if I do say so myself.

It looks like readers of this blog like a lot ofhot, hot sex. Who doesn’t? My goal as an author was to keep Grace and Stoneapart as long as possible. Sounds dreadful, right? Wrong? Read sexual tension,longing and pent up desire. So, when they finally get together and they do…thereader wants it as much as the characters do.
Does that make me a tease? I guess you’ll haveto let me know.
Happy New Year and I hope your resolutionsinvolve a lot of steamy nights and adventurous books.

Excerptfrom “Crash and Burn” by Michelle Libby:
 A roaring engine and a screech of tires startledher. She jerked her head up to
check the rearview mirror in time to see ablack, slick sports car hit the straightaway at
eighty. As it passed her car, it took the turninto the driveway on two wheels.
Divina harrumphed.“That’s him. That’s my new husband.”
Grace watched the driverunfold himself from the car and turn toward them.
Brown hair the color of melted chocolate,mirrored, expensive sunglasses, black t-shirt
and tight jeans gave him the perfect look forthe bad boy of the Eastern racing circuit. She
sucked in a breath. Her heart seemed to stop fora minute, before kicking into a faster
Divina sighed, her chestheaving.
Hank growled low in histhroat.
Grace’s gaze was gluedto Divina’s new husband. He was so much better looking
in person. He walked with a confident swagger,making her knees go weak. Good thing
she was sitting down. She sucked in anotherbreath. Divina’s usually bad taste in men
obviously didn’t carry over when she was drunk.The local papers hadn’t done him
justice with their photos.
Divina walked to thefront of Grace’s car and stopped him with a hand on his
chest before he got too close to Hank. Gracegrinned through the window of her Toyota
Corolla. People paid good money to watch dramalike this.
“What’s with the movingtruck? I thought we were getting the marriage
annulled?” Divina whined.
“I’ve decided to givethis marriage gig a try.” Stone stepped around her with his
hand outstretched toward Hank. “Hi. I’m StoneAdams. You are?”
“I’m Hank, Divina’sfiance.”
Stone’s eyebrows wentup, registering surprise, then he slid his head toward Divina. “Really?”
He was cool, calm andcollected. If Grace had missed the eyebrow raise, she
would have guessed he already knew about Hank.
Divina gasped andsighed. A common occurrence, Grace noticed. “Yes. Really.
This is why we can’t stay married.” Divinapointed between herself and Hank. “We’re
getting married in less than two months.”
Stone leaned in toDivina. Grace couldn’t see their faces anymore, but from the
look on Hank’s face, Stone wasn’t playing fair.
“Get your lips off her,”Hank said, taking a step forward.
“She’s my wife. I’mallowed,” Stone said.
“Grace! Now’s a goodtime to interfere!” Divina called.
She thought about it fora moment. What could it hurt? This was why she was
here, to keep the three of them from killing oneanother. She slid out of the driver’s seat
and looked over the roof of the car at thethreesome. All of them turned to stare at her.

MichelleLibby has bounced from job to job over the last decade, but one thing hasremained constant – her need to write fiction.
As ajournalist, she quotes words others tell her – as a novelist she does her bestto make her characters say what she wants them to say.
Her lifeis never dull or boring with her police sergeant husband, teenage daughter andmiddle school son. She also shares her Maine home with her yellow lab, Chloe,and her two old cats, Honey and Apollo.
VisitMichelle at her website

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  1. I'll be around all day, so feel free to ask me questions. Happy Reading.


  2. Hi Michelle
    This sounds like a really good book.Thanks for sharing the excerpt.

    1. Thanks Elaing8. Check out the cover to. It's awesome.



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