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**Update**ARC Review: Getting Familiar with Your Demon by Jodi Redford

Getting Familiar With Your Demon ~ Available February 2012

He should push her away...but he'd rather have his wicked way with her.

That Old Black Magic, Book 4

After too many years learning death from the inside out as the familiar of a voodoo queen, soul collector Samael Gorasola betrayed his boss, which landed him on demon death row.

He should have known not even his punishment would come easy, but the deal he’s offered to escape his fate stinks. Become the indentured servant to his despised enemy? No thanks, he’d rather be six feet under. With that in mind, he picks a deadly fight with two demon hunters, only to be rescued by one misguided, deliciously innocent white witch.

Marabella hasn’t a clue what possessed her to help Sam, particularly since he’s not the least bit grateful. She blames it on her overwhelming attraction to the dark, dangerous demon, and her exasperating quest to rid herself of the stubborn curse that guards her virginity. If the guild finds out, though, she can kiss her white-witch status goodbye.

A kiss is exactly what she gets, followed by a consuming hunger that breaks down all heavenly and earthly barriers…and leaves Sam saddled with the one thing he never wanted, a conscience, and a connection to Marabella that puts her soul on the line.

Warning: This book contains torturous use of disco music, one sinfully sexy demon who revels in being bad, a virgin witch whose innocence runs more than skin deep, and plenty of wicked, forbidden sex with explosive side effects—literally.

I was given this book for my honest thoughts and opinion... Now that I have stated the obvious... Let's get on with this review... Because you will want to get this book and this series!!!!

Okay, first let me start off with the fact that this is book four... I know you got that part from the mentioning of it way up there... You are probably thinking, "Cecile, where is review two and three?? Because we know you are anal that way...!!" Well, let me say that I have not read two or three yet... I have only read book one (check out review here) and then jumped to this one! But I will quickly follow this up with I am going to read two and three as soooonnnn as I finish with this review!!

Ms. Jodi was a new to me author... Well, that has changed! A LOT!!! Ms. Jodi's stories are riveting, intriguing, heart wrenching, and definitely stories you will not want to put down! Her writing makes you cheer on the hero and makes you want to bitch slap the villain! She will tantalize you with desire so thick, she will tease you with passion off the charts, she will please you with the ending! Now that I have teased you just a bit... Let's get to the story!

The story starts off dark and demented... Samael is in hell. No really.. he is in hell with a man set on torturing him to death! Well, that is until one woman with a mission walks in to save his ass.... The saving part is up for discussion. Samael is a demon with a past that would make Satan look like a Saint. He collects souls... but that actually was the okay part of his job... That is until he found his ass bound to a whacked out witch set on vengeance. So when he landed his ass in "demon hell" so to speak... he thought for once in his life... his life was his. His own to do as he wished - even though there was really nothing he could do. But at least he was not tied to anyone... He did not have to do anyone's bidding. Because to be someone's familiar... means you are tied to them for the rest of eternity and as far as Samael was concerned he was through with that shit.

Samael is a man hell bent on being the bad ass. He does not want to be good; because to be good... means he would have to have a conscience.... and care.......! And that he did not want to do. My heart went out for Samael; even though he proved himself to be an asshole sometimes... You knew why he was the way he was but sometimes you still wanted to smack the shit out of him for being the way he was. But I gotta give it to a man that loves his GTO as much as he does... Oh man... he will make you wet, I promise you. He is rough, violent, destructive... He does not believe in love, nor happiness. He is as bad as bad can be. He is a man who is about to eat his words! You will want to see how exactly you can get familiar with this demon!

Marabella, aka Bella, is a woman with an overbearing mother. But who does not have a mother like that. But I loved Bella from the beginning... Her opening story just had me giggling! She thinks that she will be cursed a virgin for the rest of her life... As she tries her damnest to "get some".... she gets rejected. All the time. That must be a bitch! I mean can you imagine... Hot guy... Hot date... Things are going great... Actually things are getting hot and heavy... And when it is time for the fireworks to happen.... Well, the guy ditches you. Yea, total bitch! I really feel for Marabella, but I have to give it to her ~ she has a heart of gold. She really is a genuine person that you want to like and do whatever to help her. She is just that kind of person. I love her character because no matter, she sees the good in people and she does not judge. But one thing she finds out about herself... She is half angel. Let that sit for a while.. An angel. What side of the family did she get that from?!?! Well, if you come on the ride of Getting Familiar With Her Demon you will find out!!!

This is a story that will get your blood going, it will get your heart rate up! You will be cheering from the sides and praying like crazy that some people just see what is right in front of them! You will watch these two tap dance around the simple fact that they really are meant to be together. Who says bad can conqueror good? The back and forth bickering between these two is great! But it wasn't only these two that made the story what it... Ms. Jodi gave us all sorts of family members in this story and they tied nicely to the story. In fact, they sometimes made you down right out giggle over what they were saying.

This story freaking rocked! I mean, I thought the first one was awesome... I didn't think it could get any better.. Well, Ms. Jodi showed proved me wrong. This woman just keeps the story rolling. OMG... she gave me everything and more and more! And I will promise you... you will not be lost on the story line! Ms. Jodi did an awesome job at making the stories stand alone. I mean, you get the reference of the people they are talking about. So, if you have gotten put Ms. Jodi's demon series on your wishlist... or on your reading device like now... I am urging you to do it now! These stories are truly captivating! And I wanted to put the cover a little bit bigger - come'on... it is a hot cover!!!!!!! And when you get to know Samael... You will understand my infatuation! =) Now I must go get book two and three!!! You see.. I wanna get familiar with my own demon!!!

To see more into Ms. Jodi's world... please go to her website here!

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  1. Great review.I am enjoying this series.

  2. Thanks for coming over ladies! This really was a great book!!! I might have to showcase it later because blogger was not nice to me lately!

    Thanks Blodeuedd!!! I played around till I feel in love... and **Sigh** as you can see I feel in love! =)

  3. Great reviews, my friend! Happy New Year!


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