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Review: Hidden Fantasy by Melody Monore

Hidden Fantasy
Fantasy Resort Book 3

Stubborn but sexy prosecuting attorney, Larissa Viamari, is targeted by a violent gang and goes into hiding at the Sensual Pleasures Fantasy Resort. She tries to blend in by joining in the activities, one of which is a body painting contest. Only she has no idea it involves her two hunky cowboy bodyguards dragging paintbrushes over every intimate inch of her. Given she hasn’t have sex in seven years, she has a hard time dealing with the intense stimulation and longings bursting to escape. But then her cover is blown, and the gang finds her. She realizes some tough decisions must be made. What will she have to sacrifice, or rather want to sacrifice, now that she’s gotten to know these men better?

I obtained the above information from Ms. Melody's website!

I was given this book for my honest thoughts... So here goes!

For those of you that know me... and those that don't this is my little statement about short books.... I do not judge short stories on the rush of their relationships, because they are just that - short stories. So, yes the relationships always could have been drawn out more, yea it seems like they fall in love to fast and of course the story could have been made longer... but it is a short story. So with that said.... here is my review... I was given this book for my honest thoughts... So let's go..

If you have come to my place more than once, you will know that I have read Ms. Monroe's series of Fantasy Resort and liked them! I was happy that she asked me to read book 3!!! And let me say... I was not disappointed! Actually, Ms. Monroe's writing keeps getting better! The suspense is getting thicker, the involvement is getting deeper and the loving just keeps getting... well....hotter!!! Ms. Monroe is developing these stories with a richness that is nice, even for a short story. She is intermingling the characters from the previous books with such an ease that makes the stories flow together. There is no need to read the books in order, you will not be lost. =) These stories keep getting better!!!

This story will entrap you with the opening story... Which drew me in from the opening line. ((I love it when a story opens with a great opening line ~ fyi)) To learn of Larissa's history with her friends and her ex was a key element. It all meshed very well together, Ms. Melody is keeping her stories fresh, hot, attractive with damn hot ass men!!!

This story only took me a day to read. Which means... this is an awesome story! The men in Ms. Monroe's story will make you want to head to this resort to fulfill your own damn fantasy and believe me - after three stories... Ms. Monroe will give up the location of this place because I want my own fantasies fulfilled!! Especially with the hot men she puts in these!!! Surely she can create one for me!! Hehehehe!!!

Seriously though, these stories are really great and like I stated above, you do not have to read in order, but it is nice. The friends come and go in all the stories, so you are never left out. Ms. Melody does a great job at bringing them in and out of the story but not overshadowing them in the story as to take away from the main characters.

I can't give you to much because this is a short story (by my guidelines, lol) and you will want to be surprised by exactly what happens to Larissa. Can a straight laced, uptight lawyer find something that two men are willing to give her....??? A heart filled with love....

I will have to say that Ms. Monroe steals my hearts with her endings! I fall in love every time!! Ms. Monroe another great escape into the Fantasy Resort series!!!! Now I need book four!!! =)

If you want more information on Ms. Monroe, please visit her website!!!

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  1. I love short stories. =D

    But I'm not 100% sure about the cover for this one (don't get me wrong, sounds like a great read), because the blond guy looks either scared or dumb. hahahaha. I'll take the brunette. Thanks. =D


  2. I really enjoyed reading the first two books in this series.I'm looking forward to reading this.Great review.

  3. Hey hon!

    Oh, I hear you on the relationships in short stories. It's hard to take longer with them in short time frame of pages. :) Wonderful review.

    Glad to hear you and all are doing very well. :) I'm trying to get back into the pattern again with blogging and visiting and all that jazz with things mellowing a little (except kid in his sports stuff). :) Hope you have an amazing week. :) *hugs*


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