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Review: Supernaturally Kissed by Stacey Kennedy

Frostbit Series... Book 1
Supernaturally Kissed

Ghosts harass and annoy Tess Jennings to save their souls. Sometimes she helps them. Other times she ignores them. But one ghost will give her no choice.

Kipp McGowen, a cop with the Memphis Police Department, will stop at nothing to gain her help, including using his ghostly charms to seduce her.

Tess must help solve the five year old cold case of Hannah Reid, because solving the case will save Kipp. But a bigger problem presents itself. Tess is falling in love with a ghost. Now she must decide. Keep Kipp forever or find the killer…

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I will say that if you come to the Lair, you know that I am not a virgin to Ms. Stacey's work. I have come to really love her writing style. But this story... Well, this story has a twist! And watching Stacey's writing develop this story into the intriguing series I know it will be was a delight. This story captivated me and left me wondering what is to come... because damnit.. I want to know!!! **Pounds fist on the table and pouts**

Tess is a woman unlike any woman that you will ever meet... She has a unique ability, one that sometimes drives her mad... She tries her hardest to keep it a secret because really... Who wants to know that ghost talk to you. Yea... that is her secret and she guards it very carefully. I don't blame her. The "gift" as some would call it, came to her when she was involved in a car accident with her parents. They passed away that day and she came as close as any person could come to death's door. Now think about that... I mean you lose your parents and suddenly find yourself the counselor for ghosts that need to cross over would be a little overwhelming. But you will find yourself giggling along with Tess and also feeling for her lose and love. She is a trip though!

Then there is Kipp... He is a cop..., he was a cop. He was shot in the line of duty when he got to close to cold case him and his partner, Zach was working on. Kipp is the ghost that will forever change Tess's life and I do mean forever!!! He is man, damnit.. ghost that makes her hot, makes her mad, but most of all... makes Tess fall in love. He is one hell'va man; ghost. He is not most ghost that Tess has encountered... He remembers his life as it was the day he died and he is not sure why he is in the afterlife... Not sure what he is waiting for or on... Or could he possibly have been waiting for Tess...

This is a great set up to the beginning of a great series. Stacey has given me everything I need to satisfy the hussy within. She gave me the drama of the story, she gave me the suspense of what was to come and the most important part but also the most intriguing part is that she gave me enough heat to make it hot while reading. And now you will find yourself going back to re read that statement and then say... "Cecile, you said the man was a ghost... How in the hell is there heat??" And I would have to say to you... You are just going to have to read to find out how because believe me, I was quite shocked at how Stacey pulled this one off!

To watch these two work together... or I should say these three.... Well, I will just say to watch Tess work with a few fellow officers to work on the case is very entertaining. To watch how the case unfolds all because the ghost of the girl that was murdered helped them solve her case. Tess learns that her "gift," truly could be considered a gift... But is that what she wants to do. Opening herself for ridicule, opening herself to be bombarded by those spirits that cannot find rest... I am not sure that is what Tess wanted to do... But when she meets Kipp, like I said... All that changed.

Then to top it all off, Stacey has left me hanging on by a damn fingernail because I truly have formed my own damn theory as to what has happened and what is to come and now I need her to write more stories so I can see if what I think will truly happen. I truly hope you pick up this story... You will not be disappointed! In fact, you will find yourself looking for the next one to come!! Ms. Stacey, you have done it again... You have intrigued, enticed, teased and simply left me wanting more.

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  1. I have been meaning to try this author forever..and if she has your seal of approval, then I really have to check her out now!

  2. I really liked this book. I think I have it all figured out..LOL.
    Buckeye Girl you do need to read Stacey she writes awesome books.

    great review Cecile.

  3. I keep seeing the cover around and it just looks hot :D

  4. Thank you for the review, Cecile! ;-)


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