Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy 2011 New Years!!!

From my Hussy home to Your's....
I am wishing you all a very...

Happy Hussy and Completely Smutty New Year!!!

I adore her...

What a way to bang into the New ....
Where will you be when the clock strikes Midnaughty??
I know where I will be......

And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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  1. Happy New year!!

    *lots and lots of hugs* You're the best :D

  2. Happy New Year Cecile....thanks for always being there for me.....

  3. Have a great 2011,Cecile!!!
    Happy New Year!!!
    Kisses and hugs<3

  4. I hope you have a fun and safe New Year Cecile!!

    Stephanie G
    Paranormal Haven

  5. Happy Hogmanay to you, too, Cecile, and here's to 2011 bringing you lots of good cheer, lust and lavish surroundings.

  6. Happy New Year you Hussy Cecile! MUAH!

  7. I wish I was between the sheets at midnaughty!

    Sadly Ill be cuddling up to a bottle of my fav champage. At least the family will be joining me though! We called an impromptu new years party. Completer with some coming from out of state. Should be a good time.

    Hope yours is full of excitment (read: unbelievibly mindblowing sex).

    New Years Smooches

  8. Dru~ Hey honey! Happy New Years to you as well! Hugs to you honey!

    Blodeuedd~ Hey my dear friend! Happy New Years to you! Aww you are the best! Hugs to you as well!!!! Here is to another year of our friendship!

    Missy B.~ Hey honey! You know I will always be here for you! No matter what my dear!!!!

    Morna~ Oh my dear friend! You know I wish you the very best New Year! And I am so glad that you and I became friends! You are awesome! And I love the kisses and hugs! The same to you my love!

    elaing8~ Hey honey! You know I wish you were down here to celebrate with me! Happy New Years to you my dear friend!

    Paranormal Haven~ Hey honey! I hope you guys have a wonderful New Years!!! Hugs to you! Here is to another year!

    Chris~ Hey honey! Happy New Years to you as well!

    JJ Cocker~ Hey honey! Happy Hogmanay to you as well!!! Oh honey, you know I am really glad to have met you this year and looking forward to our friendship continuing in the New Year!

    Amy J - Book Addict~ Hey there! Thank you so very much! I wish you a Happy New Year as well!

    Brandi~ Hey honey! I love your thoughts!!! And I am glad that you and your family are going to have a family party!! Enjoy it honey! And I am very glad we have met!! It has been a pleasure getting to know you!!!

    And I love your hint to me!!!

  9. Many many special wishes for you this New Year my dear....

    All the best to you and the family...


  10. Hey Hon! Just got your message and had to stop by. :) LOVE the new years pictures. And the one sitting in the martini glass. ;D That could be me by midnight. ;) I do hope you have a save and wonderful night. :) Have a wonderful time! Best of luck to you for the new year. hugs to you.

  11. Tons of smooches and huggles!!

    Have a fun one tonight and an awesome New Year!!


  12. Happy New Year darlin' --- I will be drunk at midnight and probably not in bed though! Champagne in hand trying not to asphyxiate as my neighbors try to light the place on fire. Luckily we have a low deductible. XOXO

  13. Us "old fuddy duddies will be asleep" unless our neighbors start shooting their lovely guns at 11:30 like they have the last 5 years in a row!

    Have a Happy Safe New Year sweetcakes and be good if you can!

    May 2011 be everything you wish for and more!

    jackie >_<

  14. Happy New Year!! Bring it in with a bang!

  15. Happy New Years Cecile! I hope you have a fun time celebrating. :)

  16. Happy New Year, Cecile!!

  17. Erotic Horizon~ Hey honey! Aw thank you for coming over! You know I wish you all the happiness in the world! Hugs to you honey!

    Melissa (My words and pages)~ Hey honey! Thanks for peeking over! You know my wishes for you guys is to be settled in your new home and be just comfy!!!
    And you must tell me if that was you at midnight in my martini glass!?! Hummmmmm
    Thanks honey!! Hugs and kisses to you!

    Redd~ Hey honey!!!!!! Awwww you know how much I love your smooches and huggles!! I wish to return them to you!!!!! I hope you had a great New Years Eve and a wonderful New Years day!

    ParaJunkee~ I thought you last night dear... I had a mimosa! Actually two. And I thought of New Orleans brunch! Hope you had a wonderful New Years Eve honey!!!! So much so that you don't remember half of it, lmbo!!! Hugs to you!

    jackie b central texas~ Hey honey! Oh you know they will be waking you up with guns blasting at 11:30! That is just the way to do it, lmbo! Well, I hope you guys were snuggled warm in bed and having some midnaughty time!! HEHEHE! Hugs to you honey! And thank you for the wishes my dear freind!!!

    Janeen~ Hey honey! Happy new year to you as well! Thanks for coming over!

    Anna~ Hey honey! Happy new year to you as well!! Hugs to you!

    Sweet Vernal Zephyr~ Happy new year my dear friend! Love you!!!!

    Fiction Vixen~ Aww thanks FV!! You are too sweet! Happy new year to you as well! Hugs to you!

    Barbara~ Hey honey! Thanks for peeping on over! I hope you and your family had a great New Years eve!!!!! Hugs to you!

  18. Happy New Year, Cecile!

  19. Happy New Year, Cecile.

  20. Hey Cecile! I hope you and your family have a great 2011! It's been wonderful getting to know you this past year!

  21. Happy 2011! I hope you have a fabulous year :)


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