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Review: 187 Pain and Bliss by Wade J. Halverson

187 Pain and Bliss
by Wade J Halverson
(Book 2)
Pages: 302
Book Format: Trade Paperback 6x9
Subject: Fiction/Adventure

Surviving a plane crash that claims the life of his mother, 10-year-old Axle Hunter suddenly finds himself in the jungles of Thailand, wanders into an opium poppy field and enters an exotic realm far beyond the familiar — the world of the drug cartel. Rescued and adopted by Chang So'Ming, commander of the poppy farm, Axle works the fields and trains to become a Thai fighter in the ancient tradition. Axle comes to embrace the jungle and its people as family, and confronts the savagery of revenge when called upon to fight for his father's life. "This man was torturing his family. Axle was not afraid as he drove the blade into the man's neck. The gangster lay on the floor, choking on his own blood."

Years later, Axle has become a world champion Thai fighter, husband to the beautiful nurse, May, and father of his own son. But rival forces seeking to control the So'Ming poppy empire thrust Axle into a quest for revenge when they murder his family and burn down his father's compound, and Axle enlists the help of the one man he knows he can trust: Kane Silver.

The above information is obtained from Mr. Wade's website.

This book was given to me by the author, Mr. Halverson for review. The thoughts that are expressed are solely mine and mine alone. Now on the review...

This was another slam dunk for Mr. Halverson. Now I know most of you are thinking right now... This is not Cecile's normal reading habits and a book like this does not fit in her normal range reading material. But I read Mr. Halverson's first book and now I have read this one. And let's just say I can not wait to see the next Kane Silver adventure.

Mr. Wade did not disappoint.. he gave me exactly what I got in the first book... my quote, "This book is kick ass. There is some steamy sex, a hell’va lot of action, and the courage of a true man.." Expect not only do you find the courage of a true man but actually a couple of men.

I have come to truly enjoy Mr. Halverson's writing style. He seeks to tell you the whole story, the good, the bad, the absolutely ugly, but in turns gives you the moments that make you think, gives you the moments of "go get'em!" Mr. Wade's words makes me feel the dense jungle surrounding me, makes me scared of the animals in the night, hell he even makes me feel like I have run the 10 mile jog with his characters. He also makes me feel sorrow for what happens to Axel, then turns around and makes me feel the love for his wife, the joy of his son and the pride from his father.

The story keeps with the characters we met in the first book, but we get introduced to some new characters. The drama builds, the action higher, the suspense... ever more and the love... still as deep. The honor just as high and the revenge, just as sweet.

Please let me introduce you to Axel Hunter. He was ten when he and his mother were on a plane ride over Thailand when the plane crashed... and Axel found himself alone in the jungle... All alone. What is a ten year old, American boy to do in a very foreign country. Survive. At. All. Cost.

We watch Axel grow up in a world that he truly did not belong to, but a world that embraced him and loved him. And he grew to love back. He found a family of his own, to love him as their own. He found at a young age something that drives him, pushes him and gives him purpose - training, fighting and learning how to hone in on his skills of martial arts. Then in a selfish act of saving someone he respects and trust, he founds real love. May.

Life is good, life is great. Axel has everything a person could possibly want. A beautiful, loving wife, a son who adores him, a father who is proud of him and a handful of friends that are loyal to him. What more could a man ask for.....

Until his father decides to retire out of "The" business... "The" business as in being a partner in the world of a drug field. Where it is said the only way to retire... was by death. I mean come'on... do you think you just retire as being one of the top dogs in the world of a poppy field... where Opium is what you grow? But Chang, Axel's father, tried to do it the right way. He paid his partners a nice leaving package, to just walk away... But what they did, turned Axel's world upside down.

Revenge is sweet, but life is sweeter. I will not tell you more than that because what comes next is a good old fashion whoop ass to the bad guys. It is an awesome kick ass book. Mr. Wade, you did an awesome job of drawing a woman into a man's world (and I don't say that often). But this truly was an awesome book. The world will envelope you and if you allow... it will take you on a journey of a true characters.

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  1. AKA(jc67)switched screen names.
    The books sounds intense. My husband has been in or has taught martial arts for 30+ years. It makes him who he is. It also sounds like it isn't the cookie cutter romance format,so thanks for bringing something new to the table.

  2. Woooah,

    This one is different! Sounds hot though...TBL!


  3. Awww that is so nice that they took care of him.

  4. Janeen~ Hey hon!! Oh you switched your name on us! Well, whatever makes you happy hon!
    Ohhh then if your hubs is a reader, he may be inclined to pick this one up and read it. This is so far a very ass kicking series. I am trying to get my hubs to read them. But he thinks books are... well, let's just say he does not like to read. But anyway... if you know any man that likes to read.. this is for them!
    Thanks for coming over!

    Houston A.W. Knight~ Hey honey! Mr. Wade has not disappointed me yet. I am truly enthralled with his series! Thanks for coming over honey! I hope you are having a great day and we will catch up!

    Blodeuedd~ Hey honey! This book truly is a great book. It has so much to offer anyone that reads it! Thanks for coming over honey! Hugs to you!

  5. wow Cecile you really sold this book. It sounds really interesting.Great review.

  6. I've never heard of Wade Halverson...Thanks for the heads up Cecile! :)

    And things are going okey at the moment... thank you for being a friend when I needed support the most! You're a gem!!

  7. Ah ha... So you make me buy the book to check if it is a happy ending, huh?

    "Revenge is sweet, but life is sweeter".

    I don't go in for revenge or holding grudges, these days. If people don't treat me good, I take off. Their loss, not mine.

    Hope life is treating you good.

  8. elaing8~ Hey honey! Thank you so much! You know me, pimping books that push my envelope! Thanks!

    Cherry~ Hey honey! Awwww, you are too sweet honey! I just treat people the way I would want to be treated! You are quite welcome!
    Oh honey, I am just glad that I could be there for you!

    JJ Cocker~ Hey there honey! Of course I will make you buy the book to see the ending! HEHEHE!! Yeah... a grudge was held here... They took something very precious to him! You will see! But I thank you for coming over honey! Hugs to honey!!!

  9. Great review, Cecile! I can tell you enjoyed the story. This book goes to my TBR pile.

    I hope you are having a great before-Christmas time :)


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