Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Elaine's First Assignment - Picking a New Tribesman for the Smutty Lair

**Elaine sits at desk going through files**

This is harder than I thought...
There are so many hot….
**Opens file**
So not what we are looking for
**Reaches for and stamps pic**

**Throws file over shoulder and shudders**

**Ahhhh.... Finishes drink**

“Huh, that one went fast”
**Looks at glass and buzzes intercom**

“Bartender, I need another drink”

**Flips through files**

“Not in your life”

**Bartender enters room with drink**


“Thanks hun”

**Pats his butt**

Bartender Caleb: “Any luck hon?”
Elaine: Some... Want to see some hotties!!! (Her face lights up)
Caleb: Are they pics of Cecile and her friends **big, evil grin**
Elaine: Nooo... Men for the tribe... I’m recruiting
Caleb: Hell No!! I think I’ll pass... Need anything else?
Elaine: **Blushes** Uummm... Well... Ahh... Maybe later
**Wink** I have to find the perfect addition to the tribe...
It's my first day I have to impress the ladies.
Caleb: Good luck, maybe later we can… Catch up **smirk**
Elaine: **Smiles** “Sure” **Sips drink**

**Caleb leaves room**
**More files**
**Jumps up knocking chair back**
Holy crap... I found him... I found him **Dances around**

**Runs from room**


Where the hell is that woman
**Goes room to room**
**Opens a bedroom door, comes to dead stop**

**My eyes**
**That’s gonna leave an impression**

Elaine: I’m so sorry... I umm... Wow... Uh

**Waves folder while staring at Nathan on bed**


**Tilts head, Raises eyebrows**

Cecile: **Tosses back hair. Straightens up the vinyl corset. Clears throat**
You wanted something Elaine?
Elaine: I found the next tribesman!

**Elaine hands Cecile the folder while peeking at Nathan**
Elaine: He is perfect for me…. Eeerrr... Us...Yeah, the tribe

**Cecile puts crop down and opens folder**


Some details I founds out....
Age: 25 years old
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 220 lbs
Hair color: Black
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Green
Skin color: Tanned
Experience: Very Experienced

Elaine: Well… He’s perfect right? What do you think?

Cecile: Holy Shit, how did you know!?! I mean he would fit my bed just right…
I mean the Tribe Club just right.

**Cecile looks at the play mate in her bed…. **
Oh Elaine, you must get him here now… So I can play with him and break him in ~ right ~ now!

Elaine: I’m on it…You can **waves hands around** go back to whatever you were doing.

**Elaine leaves room and goes back to office**

**Dials phone**
Elaine: Hello, Jed, this is Elaine, Cecile Smutty Hussy’s Assistant.
She would like to interview you for a position in her tribe.
Be here at 9pm

Jed: I’ll be there

**Elaine hangs up phone**


**There is a knock at door**
**The butler answers**


**Leads Jed to Cecile’s private quarters**
Butler: Have a seat, she’ll be with you in a moment... Good luck

Jed: Uh… Thanks man

**Cecile enters the room, Elaine on her heels**

Elaine: **Excited, bumps into Cecile**
He’s cuter in person

Cecile: Mmmmmmm

Cecile: Jed, welcome to my lair
**Reaches out to shake his hand**

Jed: **Clears throat**
Thank you for this opportunity!
**takes hand and kisses**

Cecile: **Takes her seats behind her massive desk…
And eyes Jed up and down…Clears her throat**
Jed, I want to thank you for submitting your work to the Lair.
We appreciate it.

Jed: Well thank you. I was not quite sure what the job is about but my agent was very clear that they thought it was something I should do.
**Looks around the room and lands on Elaine… Eyes her up and down**
Elaine called me to tell me to come over Ma’am. So, here I am.

Cecile: Oh a man with manners. I love breaking, I mean I love a man with manners. **Whispers… means he has them in the bed as well… I will enjoy this one.**
Well, we have a proposition for you ~ if you are interested…
**The wicked grin graces her face**

Jed: **Continues to look Cecile and Elaine up and down**
I am interested alright.

Cecile: Well good. A man who is willing to play our game. Well, this is a hard job.
**Cecile eyes what is hard in front of her**
A man of pure dedication… A man who is up to the mission of pleasing the women of my Lair… After all this is a 24/7 commitment… You up *cough* for the challenge Jed?

Jed: I will be more than honored to service you and your friends Miss Cecile

**Cecile stands up, trails hands down her skirt**
Welcome to the tribe Jed

New tribesman: Jed
Position: any way we want him
Cecile: Elaine he needs a job title not a sexual position
Elaine: fine **pouts**
Position: Spokesperson
Cecile: That’s better


**Elaine goes back to desk, sits down, elbows on table, chin in palms**
Now I have to find a way to get him alone!
**Big grin**

**Flips through files**

Until next time...
Yours truly...

And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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  1. Lol, well this one made me giggle for real. You two hussies ;)
    And welcome to the new tribe member!

  2. *applause* I know I would like to thank you both for your dedication to keeping our panties wet and our hearts racing!

    I am sincerely excited to see Jed in his new position ;)

    Good job Elaine on all your hard work

  3. Holy crap is Jed Hot or what. Great pics and excellent dialogue. Love it.
    Carol L

  4. LOL, this was funny :)

    And wow, he's hot!!! I mean, er, nice addition to the lair...

  5. Jed. A nice short name that can roll of the tongue in a pant - perfect!

    Welcome! *hugs*

    Awesome ride girls, thanks for the entertainment!

  6. Bloduedd-I'm glad we could make you giggle,I had fun writing it.

    Brandi-Thank you..
    We've been keeping Jed busy :)

    Carol L-Thank you,I'm glad you liked it

    Patti-he is a hottie..Oh and the things we have planned for him at the lair ;) hehehe

    Sweet-Jed is purrrfect in every way ;)

    Chris-yes,yes we are..lol.

  7. Wow girls, like the new play thing. I mean spokesperson. Yeah, right. And the pic with the scruff, hot. The only thing he will be speaking to is my libido. We need to find him something to clutch other than a pig skin or a guitar. Any thoughts?

  8. What a fun post -- really had a great time reading it. Loved the pictures, of course, and thanks for keeping us in stitches, as always. Love your blog, I hope you know.

  9. Blodeuedd!~ Hey honey! Elaine is right, as long as you are giggling then we did our job... Actually if you are smiling! I love to see smiles! Glad we could bring on to your face today! Hope you are having a great day!

    Brandi~ Hey honey! Ohhhh thank you for peeking on over today! You are very welcome. We take our dedication very serious over here at the Lair. I mean, someone has to do it ~ right?!
    You make me giggle.. I love to see Jed in all sorts of new positions!

    Carol L.~ Hey there honey! OHhhh you can Holy Crap that one again! Jed is freaking smoking!
    Thanks for coming over!

    Patti (Book Addict)~ Hey honey! It is all in a days work!! LMBO!!! Thanks for peeking in!
    Hope you are having a great day!

    Sweet Vernal Zephyr~ Hey my dear! Ohhhh Jed rolls off of a lot of things very nice.... Hehehe!
    Thanks for coming to see our new member! Hugs to you hoeny!
    And you are welcome for the entertainment! You know you can count on me to *Cough* entertain!

    Chris~ Giggles!

    Janeen~ Hey honey!!! Oh we love our new play thing! He is truly a delight! Oh I can think *and have given him* a lot of things to clutch in the past few days!!!! One of the perks of being the boss!!

    Dr J~ Hey there honey! I am glad that you came over! It does make me smile and it warms my heart to know that people truly enjoy coming to my little blog home. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart!! I am glad I could lift up your day today!

  10. **Spokenperson Jed**December 14, 2010 at 1:54 PM

    Hello Ladies...

    I just wanted to drop by while I had a minute to tell you all Thank you for coming to my big day here at the Lair. It has been amazing working with these two ladies. And I look forward to getting to know all of you!!

    Now someone wanted me to clutch something else... Well darlin, I only have two hands... And I am clutching whatever Mistress Cecile tells me too.. So, I am sure if you give her an idea... She will be happy to assist you!

  11. Darn, I got here too late to audition.

    (About twenty years too late)

  12. You two are too much lol

    But I must say...I love him. He is available for a loan????

    I am feeling a little inspired!

  13. LOLOL I kind of like the first guy...LOL

  14. LOLOL I kind of like the first guy...LOL

  15. The first guy is rockin' the 'stache. RAWR! Smexy will take your rejects ;)

  16. Janeen-he is yummy..but I'm not ready to share yet..so no clutching...

    **eyes Jed** yeah Jed I read what you wrote **shakes head** who let you out by the way..go back to my room :)

    **Cecile clears throat**
    fine **pouts** I'll share him
    Jed you can stay and....play

    Dr.J-I'm glad you enjoyed our post..I'm looking for new recruits as we speak

    So uhmmmm Valance you can apply if you want..not promising anything..it is a rigorous testing process :D Do you think you can handle us women??

    Hi Gina-we can talk about the loan..you have some rugby players I'd like to get my hands on..hehehe

    Fiction Vixen-LMAO..he's all yours

  17. Mandi-LOL....you and Fiction Vixen can fight over him.
    **note to self** send rejects Mandi's way ;)

  18. Damn...I need to find my own spokesperson *cough*sex slave*cough* so I can join in the trading...

  19. Kris- As long as its not mine..I'm having too much fun :)

    Brandi- When you get that done..let's us knew we'll talk

    Thank you to everyone who stop by(or will stop by) today. I had a lot of fun putting this together and glad to see everyone enjoyed the post :)

  20. Mr V~ Never say Never honey! If you would like to audition, please come into the Lair. No need to sweat it honey... Just make sure you can handle us women!!!

    Gina Gordon~ Hey honey! Ohh you know when you get us together, the endless possibilities of what can happen!! Isn't this the best!
    I am going to have to check on the loaning thing.... lol.. Humm... Elaine said something Ruger Players!

    Fiction Vixen~ Hey there! Thanks for coming over! The first one... Wow! Okay.... You can have him~!

    Mandi~ Hey there! Ohhhh yeah, you love hairy men! You can have them. I think Elaine may have a folder for you.... Thanks for peeking in!

    Kris~ Looking for a new job honey... I might have one, but you better be careful for what you wish for with me!!! HEHEHEH!!!

    Brandi~ Hey honey!!!! Ohhhhh, with that dirty mind of yours... I think you can *cough* come up with something!! And I am sure we can work out a deal!!! You know how I love dirty....

    Elaine... We must'nt wear him out on the first day!!! Why don't you take a break and allow me to give him some room to rest... HEHHEEHEH!

  21. OMG!!!! You two are so freaking funny! :) That was fantastic! Thanks for starting my day off for me!

    And what a fantastic ...um... 'spokesperson' for the lair! We sure will be having fun with him..
    Wait.. you ARE planning on sharing.. right...
    *shifty eyes Cecile and Elaine*
    *crosses arms and taps foot*

  22. Tanya-I'm glad you like and we could help start your day :D

    And yes, I have to share **glares at Cecile**

  23. **Share... Looks around... They talking to me... Share Jed... Hahahahahahahahahah** Okay okay... Fine.. I know sharing is nice. Okay...

    I have more than enough tribal men to share, lol!

    Tanya~ Hey honey! I am glad that you enjoyed the post. Elaine is a whoot!! I love working with her! She is so much fun!!! I am glad that we could start your day off good!!! You know I love having you over here! And you are right, Jed is prefect - especially in bed, enuf said - spokesperson for the Lair!

    **glares at Elaine**

    Fine, I will share... **Rolls eyes...** I am not happy about it... But I will share... cuz I see who is next, hehehehe!

  24. Oh hey! What did you do with Nathan??? If you guys are otherwise engaged with Jeds training I could find a position for him to make him feel usefull!

    Yeah I'm so in the gutter there is ne way I could climb out!

  25. I want the one with the unbottoned shirt. Delightful!

    Mr "Denied" gets a Hoff-Heave-Ho. Too 70s porn king fer my liking!

  26. And I've got a rather slinky frock to slip on, too!

  27. Hahaha!! What I would have paid to be in that room with you guys :-)

    Stephanie G
    Paranormal Haven

  28. Brandi~ Heheheheh... What did I DO with Nathan!!! Makes you wonder huh!?! Lol... I am sure I can count on you to help out with a position to make him feel useful!!! **Giggles**
    Honey, you can stay in gutter around here and no one will mind!!!

    JJ Cocker~ hehehe... You want that one huh, lmbo! Honey, stick around and we will get you whatever you want! That is what he reminds me (Mr. Denied), lol! That is exactly what I thought of!

    Paranormal Haven~ Hey honey! Ohhh you are too funny!!! Paid to be in a room with us.. you better watch what you wish for, lmbo!!!!! Thanks for coming over honey!


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