Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cecile is Back ~ YAY!!!!

Hey you guys!!! Oh my gosh, have I missed all of you!!!! Brooke highjacked my site for a while. She enjoyed you guys sooo much!! Thanks for helping her out!!!

I am going to give you girls a treat for your wonderful participation in helping Brookes... consider this your Brookes-A-Million bucks reward points...
Where have I been you might ask... well... catering at the plantation just about wiped me out on the weekend... the internet not liking me to blog at work has been sucking eggs... Brooke on my site... and hubby and I disagreeing about who needs the computer more... it all has been a struggle!!!
Well, I am proud to announce I am a new mom to this pretty baby!!!!

Yep... I went to the computer store this weekend... all by myself (well, I had my Mom and Brooke with me since it was Mother's Day)... I picked it out and decided what I wanted! And I walked away a brand new owner of my very own for the first time in my life... my OWN laptop!!!

Now... not only did I buy a laptop for myself... but since it was Mother's Day... I could not go the day/weekend with out buying any books... so these were the Sunday picks!!!!! Told you I love collecting them before I read them...

Now with all that being said... please take a look at my blog roll because some ladies have some awesome contests going on right now... I would try to list them here... but like Dottie... I am scare I get kicked off the blogsphere world!

I hope you all are having a wonderful morning! I know I had a good night with him... yummy...
Sorry Sophie... I had to try to kiddnapp him from your site to try to untie him... he was begging... he said his hands were getting restless... and he wanted something to do with them... and I had a few new ideas... **wicked, evil look in her eye and a sly smile on her face**


  1. Hey, Cecile!! Welcome back. That Plantation really sounds like a awesome place to work.

    Great picks! Kristie J will LOVE that you bought Ian's book! I have to get it on my next trip to Borders.

  2. Hey Barbara!!
    The plantation is a cool place to work. I have never met the owner of it, but the house manager is great. She is actually from France. The staff is cool too. Lately, I have been bartending. Which by the way, is really cool!!!

    I bought these at WM. After the computer store, I was not allowed (by daughter) to visit a book store... So, I got her... when we went to WM to grocery shop... I skipped right on over to the book section. My only regret (no, make this about my third or fourth...)about WM is, I wish they carried more of the earlier books by some of the authors. I think it is great that they carry the new releases (YAY), but at the same time, I wish I could buy more than just the new release there... But hey, I will take what I can get!!!
    But I did print me up the 30% off coupon at Borders...!!!
    How did the laundry go??

  3. Cecile :D
    Oh my yummy men ;)

    And your baby is too precious. I want one too, what a cutie :)

  4. I love a man with wings :) (have you read Nalini Singh's Angels' Blood???)

    Yay for a new laptop!!! I love mine, it doesn't always love me back..but we are working things out:)

    I read Balogh's Then Comes Seduction..pretty good. Let me know how the others are..those are new authors to me.

  5. Hi Cecile!

    I got up this morning to...can you internet!! I think it's due to the weather this time, I don't know how long it will stay on. The weather here is horrible today, it's pouring and it's dark outside! Sorry I didn't make it over was a really bad day! Hope you love you new computer. I won a copy of Anne Solomon's book and I'm looking for Secret Life of a Vampire and the Ian book. All look really good!

    ((bunches of hugs))

    Dottie :)

  6. Um, hellooooo, I want him back, Cecile, and unharmed, oh, and bound back up!!!! lol! He is a gorgeous creation, isn't he?

    congrats on the laptop. I love mine, and thought I'd never really use it for writing books, but I've started and I'm really liking it so far!
    I'd love a cover like One Deadly Sin! Are you going to review it after you read it? I'm interested in your thoughts. Looks like something I could might want to read!

  7. Hi Cecile!!!

    Very pretty laptop!! You are going to love it!! I wanted a red time!! :)

    Great books.......I do the same exact thing at WM.....send hubby or the kids off to check something while I sneak back to the books!

  8. Hey Blodeuedd! Oh yes, yummy indeed!!! I figured if anyone got bored... they could lick the ice cream off of him... **evil grin**
    Thank you for complimenting my baby!! So far I am liking it.. still learning the new function (it is Windows Vista program ~ I am use of Windows XP). But I like it. I like that no one can bother me for it!!

    Hey Mandi!!! Oh my~ a man with wings... I just had to have him at my place... he looks soooo irresitibly yummy!!! No, I haven't read Nalini's Angel's Blood... but consider it on my list of TBB books if you recommend it! I will definitely check that out!
    I have not started Mary Balogh's series yet... I have one more book to obtain before starting it! But with Barbara always talking about historcial books.. I figured I would give it a try with these books about sisters!

    Dottie!! AGUH - internet problems!!! I am sorry to hear that you are having problems again!!! Believe me, I know what a pain in the a$$ it is to have connection problems! Congrats on winning Annie Solomon's book!! Now Secret of a Vampire, I will not be reading that any time soon... only because I have not collected all the books yet! But when I do... watch out!! LOL!!
    (((Sending hugs and magic dust to you Dottie)))

    Sophie!!!! Oh girl.. I just had to take him. He was sooo lonely!! No one was there to play with him and he gave me those goregous eyes... and let's just say I couldn't resist!! As soon as "we" tire out... I will give him back (which will be never because after all.. he is an angel and they don't tire out easily ~ lol) I did fall in love when I saw him at your place. Hell, I even had to go back for seconds!
    Right now, I mainly wanted the laptop to do my emails, blog and manily do my online banking... but I do have a microsoft works... and there is this character I can not get out of my head... I am not a writer at all (I just to write poems in hs and "growing up")... so I think I might have to put him down on "paper" to get him out of my head!!!
    I do love the cover of One Deadly Sin, that was one reason why I got it, that and there was a review at someone's (I forgot who)place and it sounded interesting! I will review it after I read it!! I promise to let you know when I do!

    Blanche!!! Blue was all they had at the time in the store. I would have loved either purple or pink!! But oh well!
    Brooke knows that the minute we walk in WM, I am going straight for the book section! She just rolls her eyes at me!
    How is Max treating you today?

  9. Awesome computer buy Cecile!

    I so need a new computer and will have to do the deed soon! I may be looking for some advice!! lol

    Amazing book buy's too. You enjoy. :)

    Now that I am lookig at your template again, I'm thinking it isn't the one I thought it was. - Yikes - all may be fine. But I'm still going to go in and do some snooping if that is okay?

    Friday night looks like the time when all the contest mania is finished! lol.

    Warmest Regards

    LOVE THAT NEW LAPTOP!!! ((hugs))

  10. Hey Lea!!!
    I think I did myself proud, by buying my own computer: Without the hubby (or men to advise)around to help. I will be more than happy to give you advice, because believe it or not, my sales person helped me more than they know. They talked to me in my LANGUAGE... plain english! I got the 15" size only because I did not want to break the bank and go over $1000 with everything you need for it (i.e., warranties, geek squad, virus protection service). But I am happy with it!!! SO feel free to contact me if you want details!

    I do NOT mind at all if you snoop around... make sure I do not have any gliches... ****spoiler**** because I will be having a wonderful contest and author interview coming up and I would love for this puppy to run smoothly!!! LOL!!! Get to it when you can girl... don't worry about it!!!

    Thanks again Lea!!! Love ya~

  11. I'm thinking that book on the left, second row might be a good one to start with - *wicked grin*
    And I envy you the newes addition to your family. I want a laptop so bad - but I've no idea where to even start on what features I want ect.

  12. Welcome back and congrats on the new computer and books! New computers are so much fun- all empty and ready to be filled up with stuff! :o)

  13. Thanks you guys!!
    Oh yea, Ms. M to fill with delightful pictures of sooo much eye candy!!! It will probably melt the new computer! LOL!!
    Kristie!! Hey.. I thought of you when I picked up that book... left, second row!! Well, like I told Lea, I am up to tell you what all the things I found out about mine. Just let me know! *dont mind helping at all*

  14. He's still really mad Cecile!! He sure is holding a grudge long enough! LOL

  15. That is soo funny, Blanche!! Maybe some cat-nip might cheer him up?!?! Bribery always seems to work... lol! Yea right.. not with tempermetal cats... I know all about them!! I had one cat who my friends actually called him "phsyco cat" because he would attack anything and anyone who got in the way of him coming lay with him Mamma! lol.. it was funny. He would hide under the table or the couch and then **POUNCE** with claws! LOL!

  16. Congrats on the new laptop! It's purtty. ;)

    Ooh, I have the Balogh book and the Jennifer Ashley one as well. I can't wait to read the latter.

    Happy Reading,

  17. Hey Vamp!! Thanks.. It is shiny and finger prints SHOW UP BIG TIME!! And yes, that drives my OCD into overdrive!!!

  18. Congrats again on the new Laptop..

    I am still screaming... very please..

    Speak to you soon.


  19. I finished Secrets of a Vampire and ran out last weekend to get the newest one Forbidden Nights with a Vampire. The series is pretty good. not a lot of wild sex, but enough kisses that leave your breathless.

  20. Well.. I greatly appreicate that "wet my appitete" description!!! I love good hot sex... but a kiss (especially because it is written and not scene by the eye) that leaves you breathless is a book worth reading!!! Thanks IHBG!!!


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