Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Braces OFF!!!!!!

Hey Ladies, I wanted to apologize for not being around today; but I have some AWESOME news... I got my braces off!!!!!!!! That is where I have been all day!!! In my cute orthordontist's chair... all morning!! I am sorry for being MIA, but I promise you it was worth it for me! Now on to go blog hopping and see what I have missed for the day!!! I want to thank you all for understanding though!


  1. Hi Cecile!

    Happy Braces Off Day!!! *happy dance time*


    Dottie :)

  2. Hi Cecile!!!

    Congrats on getting your braces off!! :)

  3. Oh yes... I was definitely doing a very big HAPPY DANCE!!!!!! Thanks you guys for understanding... I would not want anyone to think that I was ingoring them... especially since this is my contest!!!

  4. YAY!!!! Cecile!!! Congrat, girl! I'm debating on whether or not to get mine but they would have to be on for three years!! YIKES!

  5. OMG...the sheer glorious freedom!!! So what is the first anti-braces food you plan on eating??? Caramels sound good :D

  6. Cybercliper... if you only knew!!! My first thing was a Tootise Roll!!! OH HOW I HAVE MISSED THEM!!!(but I cannot wait to eat me a Carmel square!!) And it didn't get stuck!!!

    Ooo Barbara... Well, I have had them on for 20 months. I got them off early because I wore my rubber bands like a good girl! But they were a b!tch to have sometimes... And belive me, I realized how much I take for granted feeling my teeth!!!

  7. Cecile,

    Good for you. I bet you can't stop smiling. LOL


  8. Michelle, I have not stopped smiling nor looking at any reflection of myself I can find!!!! Even picking up the dishes... I am looking into the spoon to see my teeth!!!! LOL!!! Now, tell me if that is not sad!!!
    But Dev promised to make it all better if I went to bed with his book in hand tonight!

  9. That is so wonderful!

    Happy dance from me too, Cecile!

  10. Thank you Amy!!! I can't tell you how happy I am and good it feels to be metal free!!!!

  11. Cecile: I hope you'll post a braces-off photo!! I'm so happy for you.
    Hugs, Lynda

  12. Whoohoo!!! I remember the day I got mine more of those darn rubber bands!! :)

  13. Yes, Ms. Lynda, I am hoping to post a brace off pic!! Because I am so proud to show off my brace free teeth!!!
    And you can never more right Mandi!!! NO MORE RUBBER BANDS!!!

  14. I remember mine...those sure hurt when each time I went in and they were pulled tighter or whatever they did.
    So happy day for you :D

  15. Blodeuedd... oh the pain!!! I am glad this is over... except now i have to wear a retainer for 2 months... but hey at least it comes out!!!

  16. Wahhoooo!!! Congrats Cecile!!!

    (((hugs))) VFG


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