Friday, May 1, 2009

You guys are Awesome!

I have to say that I have some awesome friends!!! You guys did a wonderful job appeasing my ideas of how you pick out a book. Curiosity got the best of the cat and I had to know how others think!!!

Well.... if you read on Barbara's site.. she thought she was a dork because she went to see and liked the Hannah Montana movie... well, I wanted to make her feel better about herself...

The story I told her, For my birthday last year... yes I throw myself bday parties!!! My bday is the day before halloween... so we have costume parties... so I dressed up as a cute/sexy maid... well.... I absolutely love the song "See You Again"... well, I was inside my house with a couple of friends... we were (dont want to offend anyone) ***drinking a little*** and my song came on the radio and watch out when a song I know comes on the radio... I told Barbara I would make her pee in her pants with that story... but here are the pictures...

The true sight of a dork!!!
This is when I heard it on the radio... I immediately started singing... and here the how the story unfolds...

Then I proceed to get on my countertop and finish the song off in style....
I did not need any alcohol to do this mind you...

Oh, yes... I did the hand thing....

The girl in the pictures with me is like my baby sister!!! We have been knowing each other for almost 8 years.
Now if you did not laugh at this... I don't know what to say!!!


  1. LMAO!! Can I come party with you this Oct???

  2. LOL Cecile! Looks like a fun time was had by all.

    :) VFG

  3. Cecile you are adorable!! It looks like you have the best parties and good for you for throwing your own b-day parties!!! :)

  4. Cecile!! LMAO!! You're too cute! And I love the costume!! Oh, it's gotta be a blast having your birthday the day before Halloween!

  5. Hi Cecile!

    LMAO!! Too cute!! Sooo funny!!

    It looks like everyone had a screaming good time!

    Dottie :)

  6. I swear you all can come to my bday party if you want to!!! I promise!!!! I would to love to have you over!!!!

    I have such a wonderful time planning my party!!! I start planning the minute this one is over. I started throwing myself parties about 6 years ago. No one ever threw me any kind of party ever - even after I threw a couple for people... So I said "TO HELL WITH THIS" and started throwing my own parties!! You should see hubby... he gives me nightmares, he loves to be something very scary every year - the scarier the better for him and I just love being something cute and sexy!!!!

    I absolutely love my bday being that day!! I normally start celebrating my bday on Oct 1st. Every one jokes, but it is true... I celebrate the whole month!! Why not, its my bday!!! Then my baby girl, Brooke, was born on Oct 22nd. So, she normally has a costume party as well. So, we all have fun... wonder why I love paranormal so much!!!!

  7. yes I did smile at that :D
    And omg I want that outfit ;)

  8. LMAO!! Those are great pics!

  9. We go to a huge halloween party every year and my Husband wore your french maid costume last year :) I still laugh thinking about it:)

  10. Oh no he didn't!!! Oh my gosh.. now that I would have loved to seen!! We do have a blast!

  11. Thanks Ms. M... We try to take tons of pictures because some times people do not remember what goes on..!!! LOL!!

    Blodeuedd... hey email if you want to borrow the outfit!!
    That is part of my treat to myself ~I don't like spending a lot of money on a costume~ but it is my birthday... I treat myself to something nice!!!
    Some people think I am werid/crazy/nuts for spending between 40-70 dollars for a costume, but again.. it is my birthday and I want to look cute or sexy or whatever!!! LOL!!! I want the "It's ABOUT ME DAY!!!"


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