Thursday, May 14, 2009


PS... I almost forgot.. I stumbled ****right in the middle of course**** upon this looking for David's pictures.. I forgot to share... No, it is not because I did NOT want to... believe me, if I have learned one thing... we ALLLL love us some hot/wet guys... ***love that pun***
So... here they are ladies...

Okay... for those that have seen me in action... I try to bribe my way into contests... The only thing I think it does it make people either laugh *which is medicine for our souls* or smile *which is good mouth exercise*...
Well... over at Darque Reviews, she having a contest for Stange Angels... and I am trying to bribe with a truck load of chocolate and a naked David Boreanaz... Well, Cybercliper said she was still waiting for her David...

Well without futher audo... please look to the sidebar of my place.... and get your fill!!!!!
Hope you enjoy!!!


  1. Very niiiiicccceee.

    Thanks Cecile!

    :) VFG

  2. LOL Cecile!

    Good luck in your bribery!!!

    Seems to have worked pretty good with the randomizer today. :)

    Warm Regards

  3. You are more than welcome Vamp!!!

    Lea... No, David did not work today.. it was the date with my laptop that the randomizer liked!!1

  4. You could sure bribe me with, I should have a contest and then you can bribe your way to the finish line with chocolate, and naked...Richard Armitage ;)

  5. you can bribe me any day with him... he is too gorgeous..

    Congrats on your win as well.


  6. Blodeuedd... this was the best I could do while at work... lol!!! Enjoy... I sure in the hell enjoyed making it... he is hot!!!! with a capital HHHHH!!!

  7. LOL!! Cecile, you crack me up!! Good luck with the bribery ;)

  8. Thanks Erotic!!! He is very gorgeous! And very yummy... although... I am enjoying yesterdays afternoon delight right now... ***still wiping mouth***

  9. ...*wipes of drool*
    Oh no made a huge puddle on your floor ;)
    He is so yummy, in North and South he makes me melt, and Robin Hood, well he gets out the tiger in me.

    *Stares at the slide*
    I really think I will dream something good now when I go to bed.

    Thank you for that!!!! :D

  10. Hey Barbara... figured if no one will be bribed, then we just as soon get to see some hot eye candy out of the deal huh!!! So far, the bribery has not worked... just to let you guys know!!! The only thing that did work, was at Lea's site... I won, because I told the randomizer I would let him take my new laptop out on a date so they could hook-up!!! LOL!!!

    Blodeuedd... glad I could give you some sweet dreams!!! He will be there when you get up in the morning!!! =)

  11. Hey Cecile...have you been to man land on Jacquelyn Frank's message board or Gena Showalter's Lords of the Underworld....~~breaking out in hot sweat~~~ it's awesome!!!

  12. Cecile,

    Come back to my forgot to tell me your answers for the contest to see if you can get the free book giving away...I'm announcing the names that go in the hat for the chance to win this Sunday - so you've got to get back to me before that, so I can put your name in the hat...if you answer the four questions right.

    Hawk ;-D I'm still in love with your blog...oh the men! Yum!

  13. OHHHH Cybercliper... I have already claimed half the men at Gena's site!!! Look on the side bar to the right... Lucien can bring me to the underworld any day he likes!!! And Paris... he can flirt his ass off... and Reyne.... all I can say I will take a shower with that man any day!!! and Maddox... oh man what a man what a man!!! And the list goes on for her!!! Now Jacquelyn... I have been there too.. haven't read the stories yet... actually I started to read Jacob's story... but the Sexy Devils by Sasha White got in the middle of that one!!!! OH honey... I could go on alllll night long!!! They are delicious!!!!

    Hawk... I will be there in a couple of minutes to put my name in the hat for your contest!!!

  14. Still there in the morning, now that is a real man.
    Your blog is sure the yummiest ever

  15. OMG...can I have an angel too????

    Hawk ;-)


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