Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Review: Hawaiian Gothic by Heidi Belleau & Violetta Vane

 Ori and Kalani were childhood friends too afraid to be lovers. Now in their darkest hour—Ori disgraced and Kalani a wandering spirit—they’ll fight the world and death itself for a second chance.

Gregorio “Ori” Reyes thought there was nothing left for him in Hawaii. A former Army Ranger and promising MMA fighter, his dishonorable discharge turned him into the family disgrace, and his childhood best friend Kalani never could love him back--not the way Ori needed to be loved--even before Kalani’s doctors declared him to be in an unrecoverable coma. Ori’s return to Hawaii seems fated to be a depressing reminder of every chance he never took... until Kalani himself impossibly welcomes him home.

Kalani’s body is bedridden, but his spirit is free to roam, and it turns out it’s not just Ori who had unspoken yearnings. Kalani is eager to prove that he can still savor all the pleasures of this world. Together, they remember all those years of surfing, wrestling, touching and aching but too afraid to act; now, they cross that final barrier and struggle against each other in an entirely different way.

Passionately but tenuously reunited, the pair must solve the mystery of Kalani’s unlucky life, sorting through dark family history and even journeying to the Hawaiian ghostworld. And the greatest terror of their journey is that Ori might have to put Kalani to rest.

I obtained the above information from Goodreads.

I obtained this bookfor my honest thoughts.... And this is a m/m loving book, so if this is not your cup of tea, please know you will not hurt my feelings...Just stop by to say hi!

I am having a little trouble with my review because as much as I intrigued with this story and it's characters... I had a hard time with the going back and forth of the time line. I should let you know that those kind of stories are not my favorite.... It is just not my reading preference. I do not want to scare you away from this story because this story is a good story... There are a few angles the story tries to incorporates. The ghost aspect of the story was done very well.... The love story is still an awe type story.... My issues was the timeline. So what I did was try to read the story in order, but that got me a little confused as well....

I have included some links of other reviews in case you want to see more! I really hope you give this story a chance as it just might be a story for you! These are two wonderful author!!!!

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