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*Blog Tour Giveaway* All My Crimes by Tal Valante *Riptide Publishing*

I would like for my fellow followers to put together a warm welcome to the Hussy Lair....
Tal Valante
Hello everyone, and thanks for joining me at the final stop of my tour!

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Now time for our delicious interview!!!!!

Why don't you tell us a little about yourself.... Something that we cannot Google about you, lol! Since you are a new to me author, I am hoping to bring you to the light of others! So share away!

I love designing stories. Whether my building blocks are in English or in a programming language, I love building things and giving them shape. I can go from an initial idea to a fully developed vision within hours—I love the rush that comes with it. (The actual building is the hard part, of course . . .)
Let's see, what else? I love horseback riding, though I suck at it, being completely out of shape at the moment. I have an odd fondness for cribbage. I once caught a mouse with my bare hands, but I'm deathly afraid of roaches. I read fanfiction by the truckload. Oh, and I love adding honey, ginger, and clove to my coffee. 

Tell us a little about your book?
All My Crimes is a short fantasy story with dark overtones. It explores such themes as love, betrayal, truth, and sanity (or lack thereof), all against a backdrop of magic and war. It all starts with a death threat to the king who has abandoned Teregryn Eve, but in this story, nothing is as it appears . . . and I'll let you discover the rest on your own. J

How much emotion does it take from you to write?
All of it. Writing is a very deep process for me. I sympathize with my characters so deeply, and I stick them in such horrible situations, that I'm often exhausted after finishing a story and can't even look at it for several days.

What is your favorite part of the book?
Just before the climax, there's a very intimate moment between Teregryn and the king that I adore. Generally, I just love the two of them together.

What was your favorite scene to write?
 Probably the magic scenes. I love the concept of magic in this story, and writing it has been very interesting—trying to convey something we ordinary humans can't quite grasp. There are several such scenes, and for each I've chosen different imageries to try to bring the magic alive for the reader. It was a lot of fun.

You can only pick 3 words for your main characters..what would they be? *to describe your main characters*
Teregryn – complex, layered, heartbreaking
Gidden – sturdy, reliable, compassionate

Which was the easiest character to write and the hardest ~ and why??
I think Teregryn was both the easiest and the hardest to write. Sometimes I feel him in my bones, and the words just spill out onto the page. At other times, he's a mystery to me. This probably reflects how Teregryn feels about himself—he'd like to think he knows himself, but sometimes he manages to take himself completely by surprise.

How many books are you shooting for in this series??
Actually, I'm in the process of writing a prequel right now. It's about how Teregryn and Gidden formed a relationship beyond that of subject and king, and it's taking me down some interesting roads. Beyond that? Only Teregryn knows, I suppose.

What are you currently working on?
There's the prequel I've mentioned above, tentatively called Time of Innocence. There's also a webcomic I'm doing with a very talented artist, involving three gay couples and set in a war-torn fantasy world. That's only the tip of the iceberg, though. I hope to bring you much more in the near future!

Do you have anything due to release soon?
Not yet, no.

What's one thing that you enjoy about writing?
Making things click. When the different elements of storytelling all work together to create a beautiful story, that's the ultimate rush. What can I say, I love it when a plan comes together. J
Since we're cover hussies....what was your first impression of your cover?
Oooh, green! Seriously though, it's a gorgeous cover that captures something of the literary tone of the story. I loved it at first sight.

What do you prefer ebooks or paperbacks?
Hardcovers, of course!

Is there a genre you would like to write but are a little apprehensive to try?
Historical stuff. So interesting, so promising, but I'm always afraid I'll get the research wrong somehow. That's the plus about fantasy, for me—lots of meticulous making stuff up, but no research per se!

Okay.... personal time!!!! Oh yeah, I go there... Hahah...
If you thought you were safe... Nah... Forgot it... Not a chance! We will start off slow and easy, I promise!

What is on your night stand/dresser? My router. Yeah, I know.
What are you listening to you right now? Set Fire to the Rain.
What are you reading right now? The interview questions. Oh, you mean generally? Hunger Games, book 1. About time, I'd say.
What is your favorite season? Holiday? I love Spring. I dislike holidays in general, so I have no favorite one.
And what has been your best b-day present ever?? A skydiving session, when I was 19. How cool is that?

*Holy cow that is an awesome present!!*

Hard and Quick Time! Don't think... Just answer! Okay, before we go this route, I will get us a refill on our drinks... I will be right back...

You know you do... Quickie time... Think fast....
Are you a quickie kind girl? Nope.
Dark or Milk Chocolate? Dark.
Straight up or with a twist - sex? Twisty-ish.
What's ur fave drink - in a glass or on him? Hmmm. Start one way, end the other?

**Ohhhhh, I love that answer!**

Spank or Flogger? Spank.
Junk or Health Food? Junk.
Ties or Chains? Ah, the ties that bind us . . .
Leather or Lace? Leather.
Soft or Hard... Bed, where was your mind? Hard, and on chocolate. J
Control or Be Controlled? Be controlled.
Hot Wax or Whip Cream? Whipped Cream (resisting the whip pun)
Vampire or Werewolf? Definitely werewolf.

Book Blurb:

Betrayal cuts deep. Love cuts even deeper.
The war with the elves is over. But for Teregryn Eve, the human king’s former right-hand man, another nightmare is about to begin.
It’s taken Teregryn two years to recover his health and magic in the aftermath of the war. He’d rather retire from the world of men, but an assassination threat and a malevolent ghost force him on a quest to save the king who no longer wants him. The elves are dead to the last, so who’s the mysterious assassin? And why has his king—who was once so much more to him—forsaken him?
The answers may lie in Teregryn’s mind, but those memories are locked beyond his reach. As a web of lies and love unfolds around him, Teregryn must fight the past and present in a desperate bid for the future. Can he save everything he loves, or will the sum of his crimes drag him under first?

Read an excerpt or purchase All My Crimes here.

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