Wednesday, November 9, 2011

NOR Review: One Spark by Ava

One Spark
Ava McKnight

Grace is a domestic goddess in need of being worshipped by her workaholic husband, who is trying to make senior partner. With his focus solely on work, Michael has left Grace lonely and doubting her desirability.

When her former college roommate—the very stylish and statuesque Wilhelmina—stops by the house unexpectedly, she turns a day out by the pool with Grace into an erotic encounter—unwittingly witnessed by Michael! Grace fears the fallout from her tryst, but is Wilhelmina really a catalyst in disguise, the one spark Grace and Michael need to finally confront their marital problems?

I obtained the above information at Jasmine Jade Enterprises website.

*I did receive this book from Night Owl Romance for the purpose of my honest review.*

*So, all thoughts and comments regarding this book are solely mine!*

For those of you that know me... and those that don't this is my little statement about short books.... I do not judge short stories on the rush of their relationships, because they are just that - short stories. So, yes the relationships always could have been drawn out more, yea it seems like they fall in love to fast and of course the story could have been made longer... but it is a short story. So with that said.... here is my review....

Ms. Ava is a new to me author, but she won't be for much longer. Her writing style - for how short the book is - is truly inspirational. She gives the story heat, conviction and a lot of love. This story touches real situations in the real world. Love, commitment, devotion, and all things that make a marriage strong.... But what is a story without pain, sorrow for lost time, hurt and unforgivable acts.

It is during the tough times that you find out what your marriage is really made of... And Michael and Grace's marriage is no different. Grace would give Michael anything and everything she could; has done just that. She would give up her desires and ambitions if it helped Michael in his career and again, she has done just that. Not that she minded giving up anything for the man she loves, but still... When you give up so much, you begin to wonder what's left of yourself. And being left alone can really bring down a person, even in the healthiest relationship.

Ms. Ava did a great job at showing two people who are devoted to each other, fall apart and come back together. Without spoiling to much, the passion is hot, the desire is thick, and the emotions are real. This might have been a short story but it gave you enough story to satisfy your inner romance, your inner hussy and your inner..... Well, I guess I have to leave some things a surprise... But what I will tell, you is that it is truly amazing how one person can cause One Spark!

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  1. Your site is very smutty for work ;)

    Another good and hot one, aye those are needed

  2. Can't help but love hot books like those. =D Great review.

  3. Nice review Cecile. I have to say the cover gave me a giggle. The longing on the hubbies face is too funny. :) Have a great day!! xoxo

  4. I liked this one too.
    Great review.

  5. you know with each book you review my reading list gets longer


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