Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Smutty Hussy Thanksgiving!

Today, we bow our heads and give thanks for all the things we have in life....

And  I will steal my Wishes from Hawk's place......

I am here to say that with Thanksgiving around the corner...

First.... To all of you... From my warm home to your warm home...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Now.... I will do a little Thanksgiving of my Own....
Besides the normal things... For which I do not take lightly....
My health, my happiness, my family, my friends.
A roof over my head, clothes on my back, food on my table.
To be employed, to be loved, to be cherished.

Now for the Hussy's Thanksgivings....

I am thankful for the men in my life....
For they influence those wonderful Smutty Hussy fantasies that I sometimes come up with!
Ohhhhh Yummmm... Am I ever Thankful!

I am thankful for those couples that fuel those fantasies....
The ones that touch, grab, kiss, spank... And I only know what else!!!

And of course, I am forever thankful for my Girl Crushes...
They have lead me on some interesting journeys in my life!
Damn... Aren't they hot!!

And of course.... For those books that put it all together for us...
To dream, to escape, to fantasize, to learn, to use, to simply love.....
Damn.... Enough said!

So, truly from my heart and home... To yours.... 
I hope you have a wonderfully warm, blessed
Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!!

***Geaux Tigers***

And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy! 
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  1. Happy Thanksgiving and um is that tub pic from a movie and if so which one? I must see it


    I'm sure you're very busy in the kitchen! LOL


  3. I hope you're having a great Thanksgiving!

    Paranormal Haven

  4. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!

    haha Hawk you made me laugh..'busy in the kitchen' LOL ;)

  5. Jessica, thanks for coming over! I wish you and your family many of blessings. Hugs.mamd I have no idea about the pic. Sorry.

    Hawk, hahahahaha you make me giggle. How did ou know me and the tribe would be having fun in the kitchen!

    Blonde used, hey hiney!! Thank ou for peeking over and sending your wishes.

    Paranormal, hey honey! Thanks for coming over, I hope you and yours are having a wonderful day.

    Elaine, between you and hawk I don't k ow wo is worst. Hahaha

    Love ou guys!

  6. What would we do with out our Smutty Hussy, thanks for the nice pictoral to make my evening Cecile! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours as well and may it have been a glorious day today.

  7. Happy turkey day! =D I forgot to add sexy guys to my list of things I am grateful for. DARN. hahaha

  8. Happy Thanksgiving! I love your list.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving to you Cecile! I hope you are having a fabulous day.

    Oh my, I love that photo in the bath with the candles.


  10. Great post. And holy mother who is the sexy couple in that second pic. I think I stared at that one for awhile. Love me some Gerald.

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! I'm still recovering from my turkey hang over!


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