Friday, January 8, 2010

Part 2 ~ How Sweet Is My Neighbor

Happy Friday everyone!!! I hope all of you are managing to stay warm during this little ice age we are having right now. Brrrr is it cold outside or what!!!
Well, if you need some thawing out... I have something to warm you up...

This is part one -->> How Sweet Is My Neighboor?

How Sweet Is My Neighbor
Part 2
By: Cecile B Smith

"Hi Justin, I'm Elizabeth. It is nice to meet you," clearing my throat, I tried to manage sounding like an adult instead of a squeaky teenage girl. When I slid my hand in his to offer a shake, I almost came on myself. You have got to be kidding me, get a grip. Damn. He squeezed my hand with just enough firmness to let me know he was all man, but gentle enough to let me know the he knew how to use them. Then the smell came waffling across my nose. I am not sure whether it is him or the cake, but it is smelling absolutely delicious. My tummy started growling in anticipation; so were other parts of my body.
"Nice cake you have there," oh man, did I really just say that. Could I have gotten any stupider? Okay, I will redeem myself, I promise. "So Justin, did your wife make the cake?" I had to know and soon. This man was what dreams were made of and if he was married, then all bets were off the table. All bets; who the hell was I betting with. Oh my good vs. evil side in case you were wondering too. Ms. Evil thinks she can handle him and Ms. Good just wants everyone to be happy and jolly. Ms Good is what landed Ms. Cup of Sugar in my house the last time. See where that got me. Oh, here... never mind!

His was laughing at my line of questioning and it was doing me in. I am just thankful the man could not read my thoughts. Then I would be in serious trouble. As I stood face to face, well almost face to face (did I mention he has got to be at least six foot two), with the man, I could not take him any more. Clearing his throat, "Umm, thank you Elizabeth. And no, my wife did not make this cake." Whew, okay stop acting like a horny teenager Elizabeth and get a hold of yourself. The man is married. Okay evil one, go away, put away the horns and pitch fork. "I don't have a wife and I made this cake myself." Okay, you know the deer in highlight look; well, that is what I must look like because he laughed again. "Men can cook too you know. Now if you will just show me where I can put this."

This immediately came to mind...

If you want more of Justin and his cake...
You better make sure you stick around...
Because it is about to get all kinda of delicious up in here!!!

This is my story. All words, names and places are clearly made up in my mind.
If you so chose to print my story any where, I promise you harm.
I am nice... I promise.

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  1. Mmmm... cake...

    ForecastFox keeps claiming it's going to be -19F tonight. Ack!!!

  2. Cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, mmmmmm
    Thanks for this Cecile, you sure steamed things up

  3. LOL, well this is a fun little tale. What will happen next? Where oh where will Justin put the cake?

  4. I think we all know where we want that cake :) Awesome Cecile.I can't wait for part 3.

  5. Cecile!! You tease, you know how to tantalizing build it up for us with smiles and hot little thoughts and a sinful cake. More, more...we wants more!

  6. Hey - I wanna kiss the cook!


    Have a great weekend, stay warm.

  7. I know where he can place that cake.


  8. The cook looks even better than the cake! And I LOVE cake ;)
    You're gonna have a wonderful weekend with them, hon!

    BTW I'll respond to your email this weekend! Sorry for the delay, sweetie! hugs :)

  9. Suddenly I'm not cold anymore...I wonder why? Hint it's not the cake.

  10. Woooooooooo girl you big tease you! LOL Loving it big time girl more please more oh and can I have a slice of that delicious looking cake too while I wait ROFL. ;)

    Big hugs my dear and hope you have a great weekend!!!

  11. Hi Cecile!

    I'm with Carolyn....Where's he putting that cake and is it finger food???

    Very interesting....can't wait to see more.

    Have a great weekend!

    ((hugs Sweetie))

    Dottie :)

  12. WooHoo...invite this man in! He's good looking, can cook and if he cooks he cleans...and he's already ready for bed....from what I are you waiting for?

    Awesome tale hon....I'm enjoying it!


  13. Mmmm... he better put that cake in the bedroom!!!!

  14. Nice....cake. Uh, yeah, cake.

    As I was reading, I was thinking "don't be married, don't be married..." ;)

  15. Hi CEC! guess who?



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