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Review: Big Sky by Kitty Thomas

Big Sky

Veronica Cason lives in a small apartment with no clear view of the sky. It’s uncertain which might crush her first: her debt or the buildings squeezed in so tight that they surround her like ominous sentinels. She can’t breathe in the city. Her success is a lie, and her debt is coming to collect her—unless someone else gets there first.
When a stranger offers her a job at a ranch, it feels like salvation, but it could also mean her death if his motives aren’t pure. Which door has the tiger behind it? The claustrophobia of the city or ranch life under an open sky?
NOTE: Big Sky is dark, literary erotica and is intended for a mature adult audience.

I obtained the above information from Kitty's website.

My short story warning.

Ms. Kitty never ceases to amaze me with her writing. She takes you to places you never would think to go... She takes you to the edge and then over, but slowly. Her writing is like no other; she creates a world that will cloak you in darkness but she will bring you to a place you never thought you would go alone. Her writing is not for everyone, I will not deny that. It is not for the faint at heart. It is not for those that want a light, fluffy romance with a picture perfect happily ever after. Nope... She will not give you that. She will not give you the "Ken & Barbie" type story either.

It comes in at 80 pages (give or take a few), so for me this is a short story. I read it in two nights - only because I needed sleep, lol.

Veronica is a woman who literally has the world by the tail; however, in the all consuming world of debt, she is up to her eye balls in it. You would think with the job she has - she wouldn't be. You would think a woman as smart as her would be financially secure, but when you learn that the debt she has it truly smothering her, do you feel sorry for her or do you feel pity for her because she has allowed this to happen to herself? Either way, her world is closing in on her... Her job is at a crossing point that she either gets her shit together or they let her go. She had to let go of her penthouse apartment because she couldn't afford it; so her living quarters have been reduced to basically four walls and a bed. But she is about to lose that too... Everything she has come to know is about to disappear - even herself.

Veronica is presented with the opportunity to leave all the bad behind for a chance to start over... But what is the cost of starting over... Is it worth her life as she once knew it, no matter how bad it may seem - it could always be worse. There are two doors which Veronica could choose; is her choice wisely made or does the door she choose kill the person she once was...?

This story had me in all sorts of knots... It pushed me into a darkness which I would never hope to find myself or anyone in... It is like the rabbit hole in Alice In Wonderland... Falling into the hole seems to be the only escape but when you find the other evil on the other side is no better than the evil you left behind... Well.. You know you are shit out of luck. Veronica's life had me screaming at her to get her shit together... but of course she cannot hear me. And of course she has made her choices. Then some of her choices were not her own to make...

One man came into Veronica's world and changed everything... And I mean everything. But was it worth it... Well... She finally got her Big Sky...

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