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Giveaway & A Day in the Life of Billi Jean ~ Author of Midnight Star

Ladies and gents, I would love for you all to put a warm welcome to the lady of the hour...

Please raise your glasses to

Ms. Billi Jean

Author of Midnight Star...


~ Silver's Chance ~

I recently reviewed Ms. Billi's first book Midnight Star and I was thoroughly engaged with the story. So, I decided to invite Ms. Billi to tell us more about what's new with her... And to keep her close and sitting down ~ so I can make sure she keeps her hands off Gerard... So we will talk about... Her new book, her dreams and of course what kind of Smutty Hussy would I be if we did not talk about her kinks!

Now let's see if she has in her to get smutty with us!

Hi Ms. Billi! How are you doing?

I trust you are doing well. Would you care for something to drink?

**Gerard, can you please get Ms Billi her choice of beverage**

B: I'm doing better now! looks better than I last left know all those love bites were quite dark! LOL

**Cecile rolls her eyes... Sure Billi...**
But of course you know Billi...
Just watch yourself...

Okay... Okay... Billi

*Snap... Snap... Here...*
**Snap Snap**

Focus... Here...

Okay Billi.... Why don't you tell us a little about yourself.

B: Mmm....well, I live a pretty exciting life...cough, cough....between raising two children -- one a teenager on his last year in High School and the other a First Grader going on 40....two cats that love to leave me treats on the back porch, a dog that thinks he's a Aussie Shepard and looks like one, but acts like a Beagle, and working two jobs....I'm pretty busy!

**Damn woman, where do you find time to do all what you do**

I find my outlet in life in writing. It always has been. I can remember not being able to stand it when my favorite authors didn't have a new book out and I would create pages and pages of stories in my school notebooks. *Sigh* Now? I spend more time editing my own work than actually writing new stories. LOL. But I do squeeze in time to write every day, even if it's edits, it's still writing. I have over twelve fully written, but not edited manuscripts to work on. Slowly but surely I am spanking those babies into shape and getting them subbed to publishers. :)

Billi, if we googled you what would be the weirdest thing we'd find?

B: Well, other than Michael Jackson's song? Mmmm.....LOL. I'm not sure anyone would get past all that, but if they did, my son taped me on his Itouch, mixed up my voice with something that sounds like Minnie Mouse and added it to his Facebook! So, yeah, so not funny....cough, cough!

You know, I never thought of that... **Giggles** Billi, I am watching those hands honey... lol!

**Cecile gives a stern look to her fellow followers...**

My followers should have read my review of Midnight Star, but for those that are new... Why don't you talk about that one first... Since that is the first in the series...

B: Oddly enough, (blushing) Midnight Star was never supposed to be first. Her story falls after Silver's Chance -- in chronological order. But! Hear me out! I had reasons and those reasons have everything to do with Samantha, the main character in Silver's Chance, and her sister, Susanna. The two sisters just would not come clean with their stories, so....out of their arguments, Star was born. :-) Star is a vampire, a friend of the Sisters of the Moon -- actually more of an adopted mother to the girls. She's one of those kick ass women because she has to be -- not because she really feels the need to show off or push everyone around, but because she always wants to be prepared. Her childhood was disturbing to say the least, and once she kissed her vampire house behind, (pun so not intended!) she never looked back. Strong, independent, but sweetly protective of the girls, she's a kick ass fighter. When she crosses swords with Ranger, a lyake with some real anger management issues around vampires, her world gets tips upside down. So, too, does Ranger's. Although the alpha male that he is can't see the screw ups he stacks up with Star -- his mate -- until she nearly knocks his head off...or was it cut his head off? Either way, the two have a wild ride on the love boat let me tell you!

**Omg... you are freaking telling me!!! Girls and guys... if you have not read Midnight Star, you must!!** And why are we getting Samantha and Derrick's story now....

B: Well, cough, cough....I think Samantha and Derrick realized if they didn't get their act together I'd ditch them! No, seriously, things just worked out for their story. I can't really explain it -- writing a series is so complex at times, and other times it's just so freakin' obvious! Sorta like 'Duh! Why didn't I see that??' So, Silver's Chance is the story of Samantha looking for her lost twin and ending up finding something all together unexpected.

Where did you get the idea for the story line?

B: Mmm. That is a hard question! I have these stories in my head, some at different stages of development and I'm not sure what inspires them. Sometimes a song, sometimes a movie, or clip or video or a book. Silver's Chance is about sisters, but more than that, it's about life and knowing when to live it, and when you need to stop putting it on hold....mmm, wow. That's deep. :)

What are you currently working on right now?

B: Right now I am finishing up Tabithia's story. Tabithia is a witch who makes an appearance in Silver's Chance. Her story is called: A Spartan's Kiss. Tabithia was a tough character, not because she wasn't talking, but because of some of her issues. I struggled to show her in a way that illustrated her strengths, while also weaving in her weaknesses. Aeros, her guy, is a hottie Spartan who thinks she hung the moon. :-)

How much fun have you had creating your own world within a world?

B: Oh I love it! Absolutely. I see these characters doing all sorts of things, sometimes I dream about them, I often talk to them in the car, shout at them in my room, or want to strangle them during really tough scenes. They're all picky, you know? It's also, like I said, complicated. Sometimes as the author and creator you know things and forget to put them down on the pages -- you know them, so 'duh' why explain further? But getting your world all set up, plotted out and explored is great. And if you keep going in your stories, that world becomes smaller and smaller. And has more overlap!

How much more do you want to expand this world?

B: After Tabithia's story, I have two more books at the first edits stage. There are around 5 fully plotted and then around six more sketched out. I really want to make them stand alone reads, but wow, that is hard. But I do try.

What can we see in the future of Billi Jean??

B: Oh....mmmmm....we can see me working full time as an author! I'd absolutely love that but realize that may never be the way it is. Still, a girl can dream!

**Raises glasses.... Cheers to that one honey!!! My wish for you**

Now for the fun time.....
If I was go in house, to the side of your bed.... What would I find... Naughty or Nice... Kinky or Plain Jane... Nightstand with books or what... Inquiring minds want to know?

B: LOL. To the side of my bed is.....drum desk with my computer!!! lmao

Ohhhh, you are no fun at all... I will continue to dig deep until I found out your naughty secrets.... Even if I have to use Gerard.... Just remember, I am not a Smutty Hussy for nothing, lol!!!

What has been one of your darkest, deepest, kinkiest secrets you have been holding out on??

B: Mmmm, I do like to wa tch some naughty videos for inspiration, and research purposes only, you understand? lol

Okay now for my favorite time...

You wanna...

**Looks at Billi... Looks at Gerard.... Uhhh no... NOT with him!!!.**

You know you do... Quickie time... Think fast....

Are you a quickie kind girl? no, absolutely not! Long, leisurely or hot and long, and hard! lol
Dark or Milk Chocolate? Semi- dark
Whipped or Melted? melted, absolutely
Straight up or with a twist - sex? The more twisted the better -- as long as we aren't talking BDSM! lol
What's ur fave drink - in a glass or on him? Oh, on him please, thank you!
Spank or Flogger? Spanked!
Junk or Health Food? Sorry, health food.
Ties or Chains? oh....ties.
Leather or Lace? Lace? (squeak!)
Soft or Hard... Bed, where was your mind? LOL. Mmm, medium?
Control or Be Controlled? Oh, tough one....can you tell I'm a bit of both? Mmm, with Gerald? Controlled, baby!
Hot Wax or Whip Cream? Oh, damn! Uh, sorry, whipped cream!?
Vampire or Werewolf? Oh, now that's not fair.....mmmmm, well, how about werewolf first, then vampire, then switch back to make sure, then again....

I want to thank you so much for all the fun we have had today Ms. Billi!!! I hope you had as much fun as I have had today... and Gerard!!

Now if you made it this far, then you deserve to be a part of the giveaway....

Here is your chance to win a signed copy of
Midnight Star or an e-copy of Silver's Chance....

All we need you to do is answer one of the Quickie Questions...
And let us know why?!?!?!
**Evil wink**

The contest ends... Monday, August 1st at the Stroke of Midnight EST
And Winner will be announced Tuesday, August 2nd!
Good luck, have fun and BE CREATIVE!!!

And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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  1. Hi Ya lady!!! Thank you so much for the blog spot! Love your site, but of course I love Gerald, too. I think he and I will remember to send you a thank you card after our wedding, 'k????

    :) hugs,

    Billi Jean

  2. Hi Billi Jean,
    Just wanted to say congratulations on the upcoming release of Silver's Chance.
    Looking forward to it!

  3. Howdy DA! Thanks! I'm excited. :) My two characters are wild and hard to pin down, but hey, they have fun pinning each other down enough! :)


    billi jean

  4. Hi Billi Jean! What a fun interview! I loved Midnight Star and am looking forward to reading Silver's Chance, and Tabitha's story, and everything else you write. The world and characters you created are so fascinating!

    Quickie question - spank or flogger? Spanked for sure. It's just so much more ... intimate LOL

  5. Can't wait for Silver!! Ranger was hot, but there is something about Derrick. And a pic of Girard to top it all off ;) So glad you are on your way getting your second book out. GREAT interview!!

  6. Great interview ladies.
    I loved Midnight Star and can't wait to read Silver's Chance.

    I'm gonna take the easy way out for the quickie question and answer
    Junk or Health Food? Junk.


  7. Hi Billi!
    CONGRATS on the soon to be released!!! I read and LOVED Midnight Star and have been waiting and wanting to read more aboout Derrick and Samantha for sooo long... I am glad the wait is almost over:) Great interview too!

    Quickie Question: Vampire or Werewolf?
    Answer: LOVED your answer Billi... I'm going with that one since I think you already said it best:)

  8. Loved the interview and would dearly love to start reading your books. I always love finding new authors that I haven't read before.
    Love Gerard...he's the man and then some! LOL
    Quickie question:
    Without a doubt a: Werewolf!
    It's in my nature of course!
    But can't resist...another Quickie question: spanking!
    More up close and personal...*G*
    Thank you for the contest!



  9. Hi Billi Jean. I haven't read any of your books. I would love to though. I loved your interview. I am not a quickie kind of girl. I like it slow and passionate. Please enter me in contest.

  10. Mmmm...can I answer Gerard and dark chocolate?! Now I will have sweet dreams! Thanks for the giveaway.

  11. You know I love you Billi! :) Great interview and congrats on the new release! :)

    Quickie question:
    Dark or milk chocolate? Milk chocolate definitely.
    and another for fun:
    Hot wax or whipped cream? how bout hot wax first and then cooling whip cream afterwards. ;)

    Meg -

  12. Hi Billi! Awesome interview! I smile and chuckled at points through out it! I loved it! Thanks for the party on noble romance. I had a blasst! Quicky question: Control or Be Controlled? Be controlled definitely! I think the thought of being dominated. ;) Thanks for sharing and for a chance to win!

  13. Hi,

    Just wanted to stop by and say Congrats to Billi Jean! What a fun interview!

    Quickie question: werewolf, of course. Why? Who wouldn't want a hunky grrowl panting after you? LOL!!


  14. First, I want to thank all of you for coming over to my little blog place. Billi, I have enjoying having you over here! It is always a pleasure!
    And I enjoyed your answers!

    Billi Jean~ You are soo funny! Honey, he can't marry you... he is already married to me! **Giggles**

    DA Kentner~ Hi, nice to meet you. I am glad you could make it over!

    Susan~ Welcome! Hope you enjoy!

    emoore~ Hi there! Glad you came over!

    elaing8~ Hey honey! I am glad you came over! You answered one of the "normal" quickie questions... humm... no fun!

    *yadkny*~ Hi and welcome!

    Pommawolf Emeraldwolfeyes~ Hi there and welcome! I am glad you came!

    Tore~ Hi there!! Glad you made it over! Hope you enjoyed yourself!

    Jen B.~ Hi there and welcome!

    Meg~ Hi and welcome. I hope you enjoyed yourself!

    shadow_kohler~ nice to have you here!

    Txgrll~ Thanks for coming over!

  15. Not entering, but great interview :D And I sure liked that Butler played along

  16. Hi Cecile!!
    Hi Billi Jean! Awesome interview, I'm so glad I got a chance to stop by Cecile's place and to "meet" you...I've not read you yet but I plan to do so ASAP!
    So I'm staying with a safe question...
    health food or food 80% of the time junk the other 20%. I try to be good but I do allow myself to be bad just a bit!! :)

  17. Well I think I will have to go with lace!! Its easier to get passed!!

  18. Hi Meg!!!

    Love that you stopped by!! Good luck in the contest!!!

    :) billi jean

  19. Yvonne! I should have known you'd pic a hunky werewolf. Derrick is that and more! lol. He's not Ranger, that's for sure. Derrick is a one track mind kinda guy with a dose of old fashion that makes him hard to handle. I think Samantha has his Achilles Heel though. HER! lol

    hugs, and thank you to everyone for such nice comments and stopping by! Cecile, of course you rock. Just STOP trying to take my MAN!!! lol

    billi jean

  20. @Billi Jean

    Of course I'd pick the werewolf . . . *wink*


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