Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Toy Cleaner

It is story time ladies and gents...
So, settle by the fire and allow me to tantalize you, tease you, and drive you mad...
Hussy Style!

One day my butler was cleaning the Lair. Spring cleaning in the winter. Well, with what he wears, I really don't care when he cleans or how! Sometimes he uses his towel to clean the mirrors and glasses... hehehe... Told you hussy style... Anyway, while he was cleaning my bedroom one day, a thought struck him **cue dream music** He never really thought about... The cleaning of my adult toys... He knows that I play with them,but never really gave thought about who cleans them. Well... I clean them myself. I don't like other people touching my toys...

**That goes for my men too ~ what!!!
I am in the process of learning to share... humfph, evil eye**

Not knowing how they got clean was getting under his skin. He is a little OCD when it comes to cleanliness. Off to the internet his long fingers went clicking and he found the perfect thing....

"Mistress Cecile!! Mistress Cecile!!," he yelled from the top of his lungs

**He looked upstairs... and downstairs**

To his surprise, he found me in the dungeon with a one of my playtoys...

Isn't he delicious.. anyway...

"Excuse me My Mistress Cecile," he panted heavily. "I hate to... uhh ~ he looks around ~ intrude, but I have something I have to show you!!" By this point his towel is disarrayed around his waist and he is showing more of himself than I think he realizes... At the sight of him walking in... Well, let's just say that I think he is ready to play too...

**I look up from my playtoy not too happy...**

"Butler, can't this..." My words trail off as I stand and look at him... He simply makes me smile every time I see him and I can never be mad at him... And he does seems to excited to share...

But I have to show my dominance... "What do you want?" I asked curtly. I can't let him know how he gets to me.

"I found something I think would be perfect for me, *clears his throat* as your butler to clean *he looks around the room* Our adult toys." I noticed the way he stressed our.. he is so cute when he is jealous!

He showed me the page he printed out with this a foaming toy cleaner product. To see his smile, I would go to heaven and back for him. So, if this product makes him this happy, what the hell!

"Butler, if it makes you happy to have this cleaning product then by all means get it and we can clean Our toys together... and much later..." The last part comes out on a seductive purr... then my voice drops to an ultra level of seductiveness.... "Because first you will be punihsed for interrupting me... Now on the bed with you."

**Cecile steps back and slaps the chop in her hand and eyes
both the Bulter and her new playtoy..**

Stay tuned... there may be more to this story.....
And now me and Bulter are going find more Sex Toy Cleaners...

And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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  1. You really are evil, tempting us with your staff...

    I wonder if customs here would give me any trouble if I kidnap one or two to help me around the house...

    As for the product - I saw some in one of the shops over here - I thought it would smell funny but it was really floral and the actual foam is so smooth...

    Happy Wednesday hon..


  2. Thats a great tushy! Nice and round and perfect for biting...


    Have fun with your toys and your butler. Wish I could join the party :(

    That foaming stuff is ingenious isnt it. I had the spray that wasnt foaming and it wasnt so great.

  3. Love the story to go with the review :)
    I agree with Brandi he has a great tush :)

  4. Oh Cecile, you and your tribe sure have a lot of fun. Do you think I might come visit one day? :) But I am of course a very sweet girl so no playing for me

  5. Erotic Horizon~ Hey honey! Oh you know how I love to be evil and tempting and teasing ans all those wicked things! I think you would not love me as much if I were NOT those things, lol!!! Thanks for coming over honey!

    Ohhh my tribal men are available... We will find one way or another to get one or two to you! =)
    I do have to say that I do like the product. This one I liked because it did not have this "clinical" smell to it. But it was not so "smelly" *in a good way* like perfume that I would not want to use it. You know for sensitive skin. Again, thanks for coming honey! Have a great day!

    Brandi~ Oh believe me, his tushy is not the only thing that is great. That is just the only side I wished to share with you!!! LMBO!!!! And it was absolutely nice for biting and nailing raking... oh my I think I may have to go back!
    One day, you will join us honey! One day!

    elaing8~ Hey honey! HEHEHE I am glad that you liked the story! I have fun with it!

    Blodeuedd~ Sure that is what you say now, lol!! You know what they say about all good girls, lol!!!! One day honey one day!!! I know you will come to visit me!!!! =) I hope you have a great day honey!! Hugs to you!!

  6. Yeah, that is one fine backside. It looks like he works that muscle alot. You get to have all the fun!* stomps foot* When do we get to see the frontside? *pouts*

  7. When I get my turn with your toys Im gonna need some blindfolds those nice little chains you have there...Hmmm...Possibly a paddle if they or I get naughty...

    Spank you very much....woops...I ment thank you very much for getting me going with the day dreams!

  8. Erotic Horizon...I agree with you! She is Evil! Very very evil...and such a tease!

    It's in the 20's here but I'm feeling warm after this read!


  9. I ALWAYS love your stories! They make me smile, laugh, and get the day going well! And that picture!! *thud*

    I hope all has been well, Cecile! *hugs*

  10. Im poping in to borrow some beefcake...who can I borrow. I stole cuffs from Valance.

    *twirls cuffs with a wicked grin on her face*

  11. Janeen~ Hey honey! Oh his backside is quite yummy! Oh he does work ~ a LOT! **giggles** Ohh honey, no stomping your foot, come on over and you can play too!! Well you might just have to pout... cuz I am the only one that gets to see his front, lol! Thanks for peeking in honey!

    Brandi~ Oh honey, I have lots of toys and lots of.. things to play with! And you are welcome anytime! And I so love the way your mind things! Paddles, whips, don't forget clamps and floggers! But don't forget the soft stuff too!!!
    You leave me giggling honey!!!
    Spank you for coming over and smack that all on the bed... ohh I mean... hehehehe! Have a great night honey!

    Houston A.W. Knight~ Hey honey! Ohhh I am evil huh! LMBO! Yes I am and very proud of it! Hehe you know how I love the spice!

    Tanya~ Hey honey!!! Oh I am so glad that you came over! I have missed you honey! I hope all has been well for you! And I so glad that you love my stories, I love hearing that yo love it!
    Awww honey, hugs to you!!!! Love ya honey! And I hope all has been well for you!

    Brandi~ Hey honey... You sure those were V's cuffs, lol!!

  12. Yeah one pair of cuffs are Mr V's all the other toys I brought with are mine ;)

    Hmmmm now which one do I pick.

    *throughly scans each of the men lined up in front of her*

    So who wants to play????

  13. Brandi~ Hey honey.... Ohhh okay, I like that you swiped a pair from Mr V! Yeah, I know about those toys... or some of the toys, lol! Watch which one you pick... some bite!!! HEHEHEH!!!
    I promise the email is coming!

  14. Oh now, I can't tell you that honey... Some things you have to find out for yourself, hehehehehe! Just remember I warned you!!! Mswh!!!!

  15. *stomps foot and pouts*

    thats just not fair Cecile


    *wicked smile appears on her face*

    I will just have to try them all out!!

  16. Brandi ~ You know I love it when you pout!! HHEHEH!!! Well... now I see the light going off... but I have a few in a room for you already... no need to pick out. I am not that generous, lol!!!HEHEHE

    Love ya hon!

  17. YAY!!

    *skips off to the room*

    If you dont hear screams of exctasy you may want to send in renforcments... but knowing your men Cecile i think they can handle the job ;)

  18. OH Brandi..... You make me giggle!!!!!!!


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