Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Only if you are brave... You might wanna peek....

I just wanted to invite you
~ in case you live under a rock ~
to my story that is going on at Hawk's place on Wednesday...

I have two parts up right now...

For part one.... if you dare...

Then if you are only brave enough... here is part two....


And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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  1. Wednesday's almost done - yay!

  2. Hey A Daft! How are you! I hope all is well for you honey! Thanks fro visiting!! IT is good to see you!

    Chris... Almost... almost!

  3. Hey Hon. I had to stop back to by say Hi. I hope your week is going better. It sounded as you where a little down. So I hope its turning around some for you. :) Take care and hugs to you. :)

  4. 'Only if you are brave... You might wanna peek....'

    I did, and now I'm wondering what else you saw through my window, Cecile.

  5. Who said that was your window cowboy?!?! **wicked eye glares the cowboy up and down...**

    You forgot who is telling this story.... naughty man!

  6. Well, it sounds mighty familiar so far, and if handcuffs appear in the next part, I'll know you've been peeping.

    OK, you're the writer, Cecile. And a darn good one to, besides being a good cook. Want a standing ovation? *wink*

  7. Writer... Now, I don't know nuthing about writing... I am reliving a few days of sheer bliss... And handcuffs... Well, Mr V, it looks like we might have some things in common...

    And a *cough* standing you say... Better watch Cowboy, I might take you up on that!

  8. Walking down Memory Lane, huh? S'ok Cecile, I'm just getting my share of the teasing in while I can. Might take me up on it, you say? Well, that might be a little difficult, seeing as you're claiming to have 'two parts up already.'

  9. "Two parts" just means she got herself a full bed Mister Valance. ;)

    Nice writing, Cecile. I look forward to part III. :D


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