Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Welcome to Fantasy Lane...

The door is pushed open
your senses kick in
your eyesight adjust to the dim lighting
the room is big
thick blankets scattered on the floor
pillows thrown everywhere
candles lit, sultry aroma in the air
the scent not strong but strong enough to lure you in
a bed in the middle of the room which looks very inviting

you are guided to the bed
by a person from behind
you notice scarves tied around the bed post
on the night stand you see some objects
before you get familiar with all of them
you feel hands at your back
softly pushing you closer to the bed

knees touching the top of the mattress
you stop, not knowing what is expected
until you feel a whisper of a breath behind you
caressing your neck, heating a path to your ears
and burning straight down to your lower area

the hand at the small of your back let's you know its okay
the voice picks up from a whisper
"don't be afraid little lamb
keep your eyes closed"
you quiver inside from the raspy voice

your body heats at the thoughts of what
could be done with the few things you saw
on display on the nightstand
your body aches to be played with

you feel a feather trace the back of your thighs
slow, steady strokes from thigh to ankle and back up
the skirt you wore will be of no defend to your predator
the feather skirts along your ass cheeks
goosebumps come across fast and furious

the feather stills on your ass
fingers start a slow crawl up your back
"don't worry little lamb, i will take good care of you"
the voice again...
the smell of the room now blossoming into a scent so strong
making the blood in your veins start to tingle
you wonder if it is a drug
sweat starts to break out on your forehead

your nostril flare a bit, inhaling as much as you can
your voice, "what is that smell"
not sure if you should be talking
a small laughter comes out the mouth of your beholder
"just something to sooth your soul,
I promise you no harm will come to you"
you were given to me as a treat"

mind racing as to what the hell was going on
who could do this
"i am here to make a dream come true"
the voice... female...
you speak a little bolder
"whose dream... what treat"

"little lamb, just relax and enjoy the ride"
the voice, it was familiar, but then it wasn't
dare you turn around...
yes you dare, you had enough of secrecy

you turn your head just a smudge to see a face
you are shocked and delighted all at the same time
a lover you had wished for
a lover you wanted
she was yours and you were her's

with that bit of information
the heat in the room kicked up some degrees
your dream
the one you told him about
he made your dream come true
a night of bliss in the arms of your lover

as if seeing the light for the first time
you notice a mirror
for him to watch through
your cheeks blush at the thought of him watching
you with your lover
the lover he chose for you
the one you crushed on

as if sensing your realization,
she continued petting you with the feather
a moan escaped out your mouth
"there is my little lamb"

then you felt one hand working the button of your blouse
while the other hand continue to tease you with the feather
from your thighs to your ass again... up and down..

after your buttons are undone and the blouse is loosely open
the hand came from behind to fondle your nipples
fingers and hands roaming up your body
over your belly
dipping by your belly button

relaxing a bit now that you knew what was happening
you are able to enjoy what is to come
you can feel her breath on your shoulders
up your neck

the fingers slip to your waist to grab your hips
to steady you and her
she pulls you closer to her front
you feel the crush of lace press up against your back

you can feel the trail of kisses she leaves down your neck
nibbling their way down your sides
through your blouse
your moans becoming panting as you
anticipate more things to come...

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  1. Is it Friday? No? about now?

  2. Ok I do confess that that story was hot ;) perhaps I must re-consider my stand

  3. Nice "Fantasy" Cecile, it woke me right up this morning!

    jackie ^_^

  4. So hot! I like the way you wrote it too, short chopped sentences made it flow so smooth for me. xoxo

  5. Phew!

    (That's quite a confession Miss Sweet.)

  6. Valance! You make a lady blush with your innuendos.

    Just what are you insinuatin'? *bats her eyelashes*

  7. Miss Sweet, I swear I was insinuating nothing. I wouldn't dream of such a thing, not with a sweet, smooth flowing lady like your good self.

  8. Chris~ No.... And... No... How about now??? Thanks for coming over honey!

    Blodeuedd~ Ohhh am I getting you to reconsider honey! I would never try to do that honey! Just open your mind to a little different reading, lmbo! But I am glad that you like my story!

    jackie b central texas~ Hey honey! I am glad that you came over today! And that you like my story! I hope all has been well honey! Fall is upon us!! Yay!

    Sweet Vernal Zephyr~ My sweet! Ohh you know I love to have things flow for you... on you... hehe... Seriously, I am glad that you like the story honey!!

    Mr V~ Phew.... Hummm... Wonder what else you have to say about my little story?!?!
    And if you read good enough Mr. V... there are a lot of confessions around here!

    elaing8~ Hey honey! Thanks for coming over! I am glad that you liked the story!

  9. JJ Cocker~ Hey honey! I am glad that you came over to my place too! Miss you girlie girl! Hugs to you!!! Glad you came!


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