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Review Ghost Hunter by Lori Brighton

The Ghost Hunter

Ebook By Lori Brighton

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Published: Sep. 11, 2010
Category: Fiction » Literature » Romance
Words: 107605 (approximate)
Language: English

Ebook Description

Ashley Hunter is intent on uncovering the truth about her father's disappearance. But Ashley realizes she's in for more than she bargained. Not only has she inherited a decrepit pub, she's also inherited ghosts and demons. Then Cristian arrives, a mysterious man who insists he only needs a room to rent. She believes him, until one by one her ghosts start disappearing...

Parental Rating:

This book contains content that may not be suitable for young readers 17 and under.

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I was giving this book by the author for an honest review.

Ms. Lori rocked the house with another fan-freaking-tastic paranormal story! She literally kept me on my toes throughout the whole story. Biting my nails, sweat gathering on my forehead, heart racing a mile a minute and those are just a few things my body was doing while I was reading this story. Yeah, it was that good! Ms. Lori added all the right ingredients in Ghost Hunter to make it an awesome story!

Ashley leaves everything behind in the US to Crossroads, England to a home that belongs to her family. And when I say everything - I mean everything - finance, life, home, job - her whole life. Or would you say that she was running away from it all. Haven't you ever wanted to do that - just drop everything and leave. Especially when it is one of those days, things are going to crap, kids (if you have them) are screaming, spouse (or whatever) is just on your last nerve... leave. Well, that is what Ashley decided to do. She has been called many things in life - she would just add coward to face things head on to the list. Because crazy topped the top of the list.
You see, Ashley has the ability to see and talk to ghosts. Yep, you read right... Ghosts. And thanks to her oh-so great mother, Ashley spent a great deal of her life locked up where there are "real" crazy people. Being locked up just taught her that if you act like you are normal, people will eventually believe you. But how long can a person hide their true self? Or if you hide true self for so long... can you make it all go away.... Hoping to find answers to her past - why does she have the ability, what happened to her father - she headed to England. Do you believe in new starts? What about finding answers to your past... good or bad idea? Well Ashley had this burning desire to know... good or bad.

Cristian... oh Cristian... This man is so sexy. What can I tell you about him... He is a warrior, an angel... He has been given a second chance of some sorts. He is making wrongs into rights for his past life. He is here to "guide" (okay, I am trying to be nice) the ghosts to cross over. Those ghosts that do not want to go... they refuse because once they cross over... they have to atone for their sins they committed while alive and some are just plain scare (yeah, ghost can be scare instead of scary - ha!) of what the outcome of Judgment Day will bring them. So, it is Cristian's job to "help" them to go where they are supposed to go. Okay okay... he kills them. Although he technically does not kill them because they are already dead... but him and Ashley argue over that little fact a lot, lol! But Cristian is a nice guy, I promise. And it also does not hurt that he is sooo easy on the eyes. Oh man... Very easy on the eyes.
Anyway, he is back in England to finally put to rest one demon that has haunted him all his long, long life. But the man upstairs has a new plan for Cristian - He is instructing Cristian to take a seer. Not just any seer though... nope... His new seer is to be Ashley. A woman who does not want to believe in her own ability much less anything else. A woman who ignites his blood like no woman has ever done. A woman who turns him in and out and leaves him wanting her more when he should not be wanting her at all.

This novel is complete with all kind of side characters that will have you asking yourself - what next, who done what, who didn't do anything, and who is going to help? You have a couple of witches, a werewolf, a vampire, half fairy/half leprechaun and a whole community of other things... Oh and let's not forget about the ghosts that live with Ashley. There is a little girl, Maggie who will steal your heart and Devon, a fallen angel that refuses to go to the other side that will keep you guessing what is his part in this story.

I love this story. It was truly an amazing ride. Oh... yeah, I know what you are asking yourself now about my review... where is the smut... Oh Ms. Lori will give you teases that will leave you with a drooling mouth (so makes sure to have a napkin to wipe) and she may even make other things wet... but she delivers the story like a true woman who wants to leave you waiting till the last part.... And when you get... oh man do you get it!! Ms. Lori... what an awesome story!! What a truly awesome story!!!!!

Cuz I could not resist...... Oh man.....
Believe me, you will be back to stare at him while you read!

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  1. Fan-freaking-tastic huh? I might have to check this one out too!

  2. I already like Christian...a warrior and an angel, oh yeah, me wants! I've got this one sitting on my e-reader to read and look forward to delve in this world and meet all the who is half fairy, half leprechaun? Interesting!!

  3. Jamie~ Yep, fan-freaking-tactic. It truly was all sorts of evil vs good. Friend vs foe and self vs self. This is a great story! Thanks for coming over. And stick around, Ms Lori will be coming to the Lair tomorrow!!

    Leontine~ Oh my gosh, you have to read. It us truly a wonderful story. And you know I won't give away details, lol... Hee hee!! I hope your having a great day hon!!! Miss ya!!

  4. I wish and hope she write more of these. Nice review and I am glad you liked it.

  5. I'm really looking forward to reading this now.Christian sounds oh so yummy :)
    Great review.

  6. Yes where is the smut! ;) Haha just kiddin'.

    Great review Cecile.
    The book was nice, but I did fall more for Devon hihi

  7. Chris~ Yeah it is Monday... almost Tuesday.... But thanks for coming over hon!

    Laurie (BittenbyParanormalRomance)~ Hey hon! Thank you for coming over! And I am glad that you liked the review!

    elaing8~ Ohhh the two men... are delicious! I am glad that you liked the review! Thanks for coming over!

    Blodeuedd~ Hey honey... You had me giggling!! You are right.. but with two men like that... Wow!

  8. This sounds great! I like the sounds of different paranormal characters being part of a story, and the heroine and hero definitely sound great! Oh and I guess the 'squirming' would be good too! *blushes* :)

  9. Love your review. If I hadn't already read Ghost Hunter, I would immediately run out and buy it.

  10. Tanya~ Hey honey! Thanks for coming over! Ohh and believe me ~ this one is awesome! Thanks for coming over!!!

    Edie Ramer~ Hey honey!! Thanks for coming and showing some support! This is an awesome book!


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