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Review: Slow Burn by Anne Marsh


Evan Donovan is a big muscled giant of a man, whose size and strength make him uniquely qualified to be a smoke jumper. No matter how great or how treacherous the challenge, he gets the job done. But when he agrees to look in on a friend’s ex-wife after a suspicious brushfire, Evan learns that some jobs are too hot to handle. Especially when it involves a scorchingly sexy woman…
Faye Duncan is a photographer on a mission, shooting fires for a magazine. But her first encounter with a wildfire isn’t nearly as wild as her first night with Evan Donovan. The moment she meets the bigger-than-life hero, the sparks begin to fly. But things really catch fire when Evan learns she may have taken a photo of the arsonist setting the fires. Evan is determined to keep Faye safe. But if he expects her to trust him with her life, he’ll have to open up his heart—even if someone gets burned…

I obtained the above information from Ms. Anne's website!

Okay, first I normally tell you about the author and her story she has created or the past stories... But today, I want to take a moment and pay homage to the cover. I normally don't mention the cover - because as readers, we are not to judge a book by it's cover. But in this case, I will make an exception!! Because this cover totally freaking rocks!! There is a part in the story that this cover fits so well. I mean down to a 'T'! Evan is freaking hot.. All firefighter, all smoke jumper, all male and all sorts of yumminess! And the cover screams EVAN! The only difference in the scene that is burned in my mind and the cover - is he still has some equipment on his shoulder and in the story... Well, let's just say that he will be working with his other equipment! :)

Okay now on to my normal review... Anne amazes me with each story. She brings these three men into your heart and she roots a place for them. The first story was Jack's story and OMG... You will fall in love with him and his brothers. This is Evan's story and oh man, does Anne make sure she knocks you to your knees with this big man! The world of smokers jumpers will burn you alive!

Evan is a man on a mission - keeping what is his safe. No matter the cost to himself. He is always looking out for his family and friends. He does not put on airs about who he is but own's who he is. There is no mistaking who Evan is and what he stands for. He is the kinda guy that you either like him or you don't. And most people are just a little intimidated by him, so they kinda stay away. But he loves his family with every fiber of his being and when asked, he would do anything for them... So when he gets a phone call from one of his Marine buddies, requesting a favor... Well, he can't seem to say no... But when he finds out what the favor is... or should I say who she is... Well, that is when the heat starts to slowly burn... :)

Faye is a woman on a mission as well... A mission to put as many miles between her and her ex as possible. She wants to start living a life for herself. Needing to feel free, she bought herself a pretty little red Corvette... She cashed out her 401K and bought that pretty little thing and headed out of dodge without looking back! But needing money to live on is what put her in Strong, CA. She was there on an assignment, but while she was there - she just a soon enjoy the views, lol. Surrounded by firefighters and smoke jumpers... I mean, who could ask for a better assignment than that! She was there to report on the new fire station that Jack and his brothers were restoring. But there might be more than just a restoring story to report... But will it cost Faye her life to report it... Faye also wasn't expecting Evan... She wasn't prepared for the fire storm that would brew between them... She is playing with fire but was she ready to burn...

This is such a hot story... From the moment you open the book and read page one, till the end - the book title is true - you will slowly burn for more. Anne crafted this story with some intense drama. But I do have to say that I would have loved to have been there when Faye was taking pictures of the firefighters when they were cleaning up the fire station... with their shirts off, the water hose going off on them... Oh, she will have you drooling over some scenes. But she will have you biting your nails at some scenes.... Anne, I am warning you now... I will be stalking you for Rio's story **evil wink**

To read an excerpt, please go here and teased!

To learn more about Anne, please visit her website here!

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  1. Oh yeah that cover is incredible! First time I've seen it and whew I'd buy the book just for that. But it sounds fantastic too! Love heroes like him that know who they are and embrace the heck out of it. Something so sexy about that.

    Thanks for the heads up on this one! Enjoyed the review :)

    herding cats & burning soup

  2. Hahaha. This sounds so good. I have a soft spot for firefighters. *wipes drool from lip*


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