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Review: Keeping It Together by Lissa Matthews

Keeping It Together
Publisher: Loose-Id
ISBN: 978-1-62300-222-2

Genre: Contemporary

Format: eBook
Length: Novel
Available as an eBook:
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Jilted bride? Check. Hangover? Check. Shotgun? Double check. Wayward groom’s half-brother Colt on her porch the next morning, hat in hand, with concern in his sexy blue eyes, and apologies on his full kissable lips? Uh… Check?
That was six months ago. Now, with a job she loves, her heart mended and her pride put back together, the last thing Chrissie expects is that same half-brother standing behind her saying he’s got an answer for her. Problem is, she can’t seem to remember what she’d said on that long ago day that would warrant a visit from him.
Colt does. And as the CEO of a cookie company, it’s his job to pay attention to the details.
“Maybe I should have married you instead.” She’d been right. He was the brother she should have married and all he has to do is convince her of it with a blend of persistence and seduction. But their first kiss is hotter than the southern Georgia summer and catches him off guard. She’s primed and ready to burn up the sheets and he’s not inclined to say no. Will she believe that he won’t ever leave her? Maybe. If he brings her cookies…

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One of my favorite lines...

Chapter 8, page 126

"He was sex-on-a-stick hot to her..."

Chapter 11, page 176...

"Oh, baby. All I want is to be married to you. All I want is to call you mine."

If you have come to my blog a lot, you will know that I am a huge fan of Lissa's work. Each story is different, each character is as different as the colors of the rainbow. The lust is unique, the desire just as potent... The drama catered to each story she creates. Lissa is very good at giving you a world of which you will hang on to every word that is spoken... ever caress you will feel.... And this story is just that good.

Let me introduce you to Chrissie... I adore her! She is such a strong woman. She got dealt the worst hand when it came to her wedding day... but she took it in stride and also took the high road. She did not sit and wallow in self-pity. She did not go through the "what is wrong with me" stage, she did none of those things... Instead, she got her shotgun and let off a little steam. She is larger than life but so down to earth. She is comfortable in her own skin. While most people would look at her and say, "What the hell?" I look at her and give her a high five and say "You go girl!" Until a man stirred things inside of her that she thought was just for fairy tales.... But does she trust again or does she lock her heart up....

Russ... Well, I wanted to hate Russ. I really did. He was an ass for what he did to Chrissie; he really was... But after I heard his side of his story and his apology, I lighten up on the guy. He is still an ass for what he did, but his apology took balls I was not sure he had... But because of his fuck up... Something wonderful happened...

When one doors closes, another one opens - right... Well, that would describe Colt's life at the moment... The door closing being his half-brother's failed wedding... The door opening would be the chance at making his own dream come true... Chrissie... Colt is a man hell bent on letting this woman know that he wants her, he cares about her... he wants to be in her life... But will she trust him enough to let him or will she think since he is "cut from the same cloth" family wise, he would be just like his half brother Russ...

This story was truly unique. From the way it was set up till the very ending. Reading the blurb of this story, I was a little scared of how this would go down... Knowing situations like this, I was scared that the story would suffer the effect of, "Are you serious?" in regards to the family triangle thing... But I have to say that Lissa did an awesome job at making me fall for this story. Russ did the worst thing possible to Chrissie - he left her at the altar. And making his sister be the one to tell her that he was not coming... So, yea... he was quickly dubbed the asshole for life... But then Colt steps in the picture. All caring and loving and hot... Hell, I turned into a damn puddle for him. But knowing the man Colt is made this story work.

If you know me, which I know most of you don't really "know" me... but I love cookies. I am known as the Cookie Monster because if you just give me the cookies, no one gets hurt... Well, to learn that Colt runs his own cookie company... OMG... That just tickled me to death. But there are other elements of this story that worked... Chrissie is a very strong willed woman but very practical. She comes from money but does not let that hinder her life in the way most people would think. She makes her own money, lives on her own and does not expect her family to save her when things go to shit. But she knows the real world is a bitch and people do judge you... No matter where you go in life, someone, somewhere will always be judging you... But what I love about her is that she doesn't give a shit. You only get one  life... You get to live that life once... So, don't waste a moment on the what ifs... or the Could have/ Should have/ Would have... Just do it! And Colt is the man that wants to share that life with Chrissie. The journey these two make is worth every minute of reading!

Living in North Carolina, talented, multi-published author, Lissa Matthews, has many loves in her life: Family, friends, NASCAR, football, music of all kinds, cooking, BDSM, and last, but not least, coffee. She loves it so much she and those who know her are surprised she hasn’t floated away on a caffeine-induced cloud while giving life to feisty heroines and hunky heroes.
Lissa’s love of romance came from every book she has ever picked up. No matter what she read, she fell in love with the written word. The promise of escape, the deep, intriguing characters, and the winding journey from beginning to end, constantly drew her into bookstores and libraries as she was growing up.
Her first stories were written in junior high and she kept it up through college. She would stay up late at night when her kids were little reading romance and still penning her own stories. In 2007, when she and her family moved to North Carolina from Florida, she began pursuing writing as a profession and she couldn’t imagine doing anything else… Well, except maybe writing in her own cupcake bakery/coffee shop. But that dream is a ways down the road… Lucky for Lissa, she believes in dreams coming true.
Lissa is married with two children and seven, yes, seven cats. She blames her oldest child for the cats.

To learn more about Lissa's world.... Visit her website :) and have fun!

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  1. I love Lissa's work and can't wait to read this one. It sounds great! Thanks for sharing!
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