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Blogiversary Day #3 with Houston A W Knight & Giveaway

Hi everyone. Welcome to Day 3 of Cecile's Blogiversay bash.
Today we have blogger/author Houston A W Knight.

Houston's Blog

Take it away HAWK

WARNING to the visitors of this blog,

I think it's only fair to warn you what can happen when you read Miss Smutty Hussy posts.

When I meet Miss Hussy several years ago, life was as simple as scrambled eggs.


I was an innocent, young romance writer

with aspirations of being published one day.

But, to do that would take lots of work and dedication...I was determined to succeed.


That’s all I needed. So, I went blog hopping…and stumbled into Miss Smutty Hussy’s lair.
All I Want And More

WOW! One visit to her sexy den of temptations and I was hooked...the reviews were awesome, and for sure the author interviews were encouraging. Oh, her sidebars were pure pleasurable eye candy!


Yep, I was coming back. So, I began a morning ritual of waking up with a cup of coffee and visiting All I want and more. I’d read the wonderful reviews Miss Hussy put out for inspiration, and believe me, I was inspired, *Ahum*. … let’s just say, I was inspired in many ways.

One of those ways was hoping and believing one day the Hussy would write a review about my, it was okay if I spent an hour just visiting her blog, right? I mean, I was investing in my writer's education, right?

And that Hussy was offering such interesting stimulus to all us young writers...

Why, one morning I got so motivated by a hot, sexy hunk on her sidebar...I could barely pull myself away to actually work on my book...but, that was okay…I was getting very VERY inspired...muscles bulging, smooth moonlight-gold colored skin, thick black hair and sapphire eyes held me hostage for the better part of a morning....

Soon I found my daily morning inspiration turned into a couple of hours...hungry eyes scanning the Hussy's sidebars and main page for all those super hot men! To hell with the coffee! I wanted MORE and with each day that passed I found all I wanted and more!

Then, I got up one morning to find my world of inspiration had suddenly change...

that devilish Miss Hussy had suddenly gone from romantic novel into another world! What?! My limbs trembled as I read a hot review about a world filled with erotic pleasures! The guys were hotter, sexier, naughtier and ooooooh so seductive!

No! No! That Hussy had turned to erotica!

What had happened to my world of romance?

The devil of the woman was pushing me into an erotic world! Me. Young. Naive. Innocent…romance.

But, I couldn’t resist the temptations she offered…so I jumped into the frying pan.

I read the review...sure I'd find something to object to! Heated and flushed, my mind and body responding to every seductive word! And images! *I'm talking about the book covers!*

Well, okay...the eyes candy had heated up as I had to look!

That Smutty Hussy!

She’d tempted me from my sweet world of romance and lured me to dark, bad-boy hero’s. She was unrelenting, tossing me day after day into worlds of bondage and other sinful pleasures…and I went willingly.

This blog is like a drug…she’ll hook you and keep you coming back…be warned!



Now, a seasoned author in the world of sizzling erotica…corrupted by that Smutty Hussy…I took my sweet romantic novels and turned them into the hottest erotica I could write...I dared to submit a seven book series and got accepted, and all because of Miss Smutty Hussy!

So, do be warned…tread softly here or you’ll be hooked, and bound just like me…*psss* and you’ll never want to leave!

So, for innocent writers and others who dare to walk the wild side and seek inspiration will find reviews that not only inspire you, but intrigue you.

Our Miss Smutty Hussy has a special talent as a reviewer, she reads a book and then manages to retell the tale with all the major highlights of the sexy plot, yet without telling the exact ending, but she doesn’t leave you hanging...she’ll tease at what you might find and leaves you satisfied that you're going to enjoy the time you spent with her.

But beware, this Hussy will steal your innocents, and leave your wild side exposed! She will inspire you in all you want and more!



Cecile darlin', you’re the best there is and thank you for corrupting my innocents by turning my scrambled eggs into hot sizzling sunny sides ups, with the occasional naughty over easy! *wink wink*

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Thank you HAWK for coming over and celebrating. Hot pics **phew** Thanks for sharing ;)

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  1. Haha, oh Hawk, I loved the post, epic

  2. Oh, yeah! The pictures are definitely better than coffee to get you awake in the morning!

  3. Blodeuedd!!!

    Big hugs sweetie! I've missed chatting with you over at my place...but I do promise to come back and share my new site with you all soon.

    Glad you enjoyed me post! It's soooooo true...hence the new blog coming soon!


  4. Hey Susan!

    LOL...see what I mean...she hooks you doesn't she! Naughty Hussy, she is!

    Thanks for stopping by today! Good luck in the contest!


  5. What a fun post...and the photographs are so helpful!

    Trix, vitajex(at)aol(dot)com

  6. Hawk!! OMG, this post is hilarious! I can't believe you are blaming me for everything!!! HEHEHEHEHEHEEH I know I am a naughty girl but come on..... LMBO!!!!!

    Ladies, this is woman is amazing! Thanks for everyone coming out to play with us!
    Hugs and kisses!

  7. The photos are very inspiring :) Thanks so much for the great post and pics!
    manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com

  8. Cecile...I blame you for my corruption and for my're the best Hussy I know and you've fine tuned being naughty to its full seductiveness! ;-)

    You are the QUEEN of titillating Smuttiness, and I tip me hat to you, darlin' for the best erotic blog and reviewer world wide!

    Happy Blogiversary!

  9. June!

    LOL...funny that's the first thing I said when that Hussy slipped her invisible erotic hooks into me...
    June darlin', I'd say you've been hooked! ;-)
    So glad you've joined us!

    I'm glad to know you liked the post!

    big hugs

  10. Trix,

    Glad you enjoyed the post and love the Hussy's is a fun place to visit and explore....*ah hum* your wild side.



  11. Those pictures are hot and I love the name Miss Hussy! You had me cracking up! Thanks for sharing today!
    Rhonda D

  12. Hey Rhonda!

    I'm telling you, Miss HUSSY'S trick is those pictures...that's how she hooks us... ;-) BEWARE! I forewarned you with this if your book sales skyrocket...blame her for those sexy, titillating reviews!

    The Hussy has that effect on people! She's a hot BUT very very dangerous lady! ;-)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  13. Too hot, too hot for normal people! I wish Hawk well on her new venture and keep up the sexy work Miss Smutty Hussy.

  14. Love the pics!!!! I always love reading this blog everyday!!!!

  15. Those are some sexy men on this post!!! Congrats on the Blogiversary!

  16. Oscar darlin'!

    Thanks for stopping's hot now BUT WAIT...soon I'm going to be sizzling! *Wink* hint of things to come...wait until you see just how corrupt the Hussy's guilty of making me! LOL

    Hugs cowboy!

  17. Laura sweetie, I hate to tell you this, but if you're here everyday (like I am) YOU'VE BEEN HOOKED BY THE HUSSY! Glad you joined us.

    Hawk ;-)

  18. Juliana,

    And these sexy guys aren't nothing compared to what the Hussy puts out...but then I guess you already know that, don't you? *Wink*

    Thanks for stopping in!


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