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*Giveaway & Guest Post* More Than This by Lissa Matthews

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Ms. Lissa Matthews
 Time Flies

It's been one of those months. You know, the kind that has flown by and you don't even realize it's beyond the halfway point until you're into the next month? That's me. I'm still trying to figure out where October and November went. September? I know where it went. I even know what I was doing. I was writing my new release, More Than This, editing Malachi's Word which released in November, and editing Double Up which released in October. But where the actual months, those 61 days went? I haven't got a freakin' clue.

Do you ever feel that way? That the days are flying by so fast that you don't have a chance to even catch your breath and savor the moments?

More Than This is a little like that. Two men, living their lives so differently, in ways that are important to them, but when they meet, circumstances make them see that there is something missing, something more than working and making money and holding on so tightly to the here and now, and even to the past, that they don't see how different things could be...

Adam Sanchez makes good money, drives a vintage BMW, and is living up to the promise he made that he’d never be poor again. After two years without seeing his family for the holidays, he’s taking time off to give them a dream Christmas. At least, that was the plan.

But after taking a wrong turn off the interstate in search of the Blue Ridge Parkway, he finds himself skidding on a patch of ice and crashing into a big red barn. He wakes up sore, grumpy, and immediately attracted to his less than pleasant host who happens to be the spitting image of a young Elvis Presley.

Army veteran Josh Atkins doesn’t have time to babysit the idiot currently recovering on his family’s Christmas tree farm, but is left with little choice. That the man stirs something deep and primal in Josh can’t and doesn’t matter. It’s the busiest time of year and he’s needed at home.

As the two men begin to talk and share their stories, Josh’s hard-nosed stance softens. When he learns of Adam’s need to get to Asheville before Christmas, Josh is torn between letting him go and asking him to stay.

Maybe Josh can help Adam see that there’s more to happiness and freedom than a large bank account, and maybe Adam can teach Josh to see beyond the surface to the man he is beneath. And maybe, just maybe, they can show each other that there really is more than this.

"He still callin’ you Elvis?”

“Was the first thing out of his mouth when he could speak.” Josh shook his head, a self-deprecating smile crossing his lips. “Not sure why he keeps calling me that.

Todd laughed. “Same reason we’ve been calling you that all your life. You look just like him.”

“I don’t look anything like him.”

“I beg to differ, Bro. You do.”

Josh turned. Adam was standing, or rather barely standing behind him. The barn door frame was holding him up. Thankfully Todd had all his wits about him and moved quickly to help Adam sit on a barrel they normally used for decorative purposes. Adam sitting on it was, in and of itself, kinda decorative. He was dark-skinned, Latino, with black hair and nearly black eyes. His features were classic, handsome. Josh had never been so physically attracted to a man, not even Brent, and it surprised him. He couldn’t put his finger on why either, nor did he know what he was supposed to do about it.

Josh finally spoke. “You shouldn’t be out here.”

“Tell the truth, it wasn’t easy. I wasn’t sure where the little path led. Then again, halfway across the porch, I wasn’t sure the path was even real.”

“You black out?”

“No. Least I don’t think so. More dizzy than anything. I waited for it to pass, then tried walking slower. It worked, and here I am.” Adam’s smile after his explanation seemed a little forced, strained.

Josh nodded. “You get ahold of Jimmy?” He grabbed another mug and filled it with some of the hot chocolate, then walked it over to Adam. When he reached for the mug, Josh noticed Adam’s hands were shaking. “You should be in bed. You don’t have the strength to be walking around yet.”

“I-I’m figuring that out.” Adam lifted the blue tin camping mug to his lips and took a sip, followed by a second and third. “Mmm. This is really good,” he said with his lips pressed against the side of the cup. He took one last sip, then handed the cup back to Josh. “I’m not sure I can hold it without spilling it.”

“It’s a family recipe,” Todd offered. He was still standing beside Adam and looked ready to catch him if he fell over.

“You should sell it,” Adam said tiredly.

“Our mother would kill us.” Adam laughed, but it was a short-lived sound. He quickly grabbed his midsection and almost bent double. “Then you shouldn’t sell it,” he wheezed. “God, this fuckin’ hurts.”

“I know, buddy,” Josh whispered. He’d done what he could to help enough of his service brothers through harder and more painful injuries, many fatal, that he could help Adam through his discomfort and weakness. Adam’s pain would heal relatively quickly, and he wouldn’t have nightmares. He wouldn’t have PTSD. He wouldn’t have flashbacks and phantom feelings for limbs that were no longer physically part of his body the way some men Josh knew did. No, Adam would recover and be good as new, but for the time he was at Josh’s place, Josh would give him the same kind of care and consideration as he’d given those he’d served with.

That he was attracted to Adam?

Well, that just couldn’t figure into it.

“I need to get you back up to the house and back into bed.”

“I don’t think I can make it. Just let me sit here for a while.”

“Adam…” Weariness and warning fought for supremacy in Josh’s utterance of that one word.

“Please,” he said with his eyes closed. “I’ll stay right here, out of the way.”

“But you should be laying down, resting. Not sitting on a barrel in a barn out here in the cold.”

“I’m not used to being cooped up, so unless you’re going to pick me up and carry me up to the house, which would be interesting to see, I’m going to stay put for now.”

Josh ground his teeth together. Adam was right, and something about that pissed Josh off. He couldn’t carry the man, especially through the snow, especially with Adam hurting, but damn… Josh would sure love to put the arrogant, good-looking ass in his place. “Fine. If you start feeling worse than what you do right now, let me know. I won’t go far.”

“How much of that hot chocolate can I have?”

Todd, who Josh had nearly forgotten was standing there, laughed.

“You can have as much as you want. There’s always a batch being made during the season.”

“I don’t normally like hot chocolate. I’m a coffee man, but that chocolate is amazing.”

“I bet you take your coffee black,” Josh interjected from a few feet away where he was topping off Adam’s cup.

“Black and strong. Imported from South America each week.” Todd whistled his surprise.

“That’s gotta cost a fortune.”

“The best things in life generally do,” Adam confirmed.

“But it’s worth it.” Josh shoved the cup at Adam, doing his best not to spill it.

“Money doesn’t always buy the best things in life.”

“It buys many of them.”

“It doesn’t and can’t buy the most important things.”

“Depends on your definition.”

Josh bit the inside of his cheek hard enough to taste blood. “Yeah. I guess it does.” He stalked off for the second time that morning. “Holler if you need me.” When he was out of sight of his brother and Adam, Josh stopped and took a deep breath. So, Adam really was all about the money. God. That sucked.

More Than This is now available from Loose Id and (it is not yet available at Barnes and Noble or All Romance eBooks, but should be soon) I appreciate Cecile having me over today. If you're new to me and would like to know more about me, please visit me: Website Blog Twitter Facebook Pinterest

Living in North Carolina, talented, multi-published author, Lissa Matthews, writes contemporary erotic romances with Southern ties, delicious food, copious amounts of coffee, and spankings for those who are extra naughty.

-- Lissa Matthews Where the men are naughty...

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