Thursday, June 7, 2012

**Shameless Summer Blog Hop Giveaway**

Hello Ladies and Gents of my Lair!
I want to invite you back to another  
Shameless Summer Blog Hop...
The lovely ladies that hosted the first one, have so kindly decided that they wanted to go another round...

Red Hot Books
Romance Around the Corner
Michelle's Book Blog

I mean hell, who would blame them...
I would want to go another round with me too... 
And of course all those other awesome bloggers that pitched it with all kind of goodies!

I have to say that my author friends have really stepped up
 and supported me in this round as well!!!
Ladies and gents, make sure you check out the
authors from the first round
AND... check out the authors from this round!
They are all truly amazing people!!!
They craft awesome stories, make you weak in the knees and well... 
Wet in other places!!!
Now let's get down to business!!!

Unless otherwise notated...
This is US/Canada & International Giveaways!
*Please read each authors giveaway to make sure*

~*~ If you find yourself wondering about these awesome authors....~*~
~*~Just search my blog, I have read~*~
~*~and reviewed books from all these authors!!!~*~
~*~I dare you!!!!~*~

Let the games begin.....
Good luck to all...

#1 - Billi Jean is giving away....

Midnight Star, Silver's Chance or Running Scared *Ebook*
A Coffee Mug *International & Domestic*

#2 -   Melody Snow Monroe is giving away...

Chelsea's Pleasure *Ebook*

#3 -  Candace Blevins is giving away...

Safeword: Matte *Ebook* 

#4 - Tibby Armstrong is giving away...

*EBook* of Acting Out & *Ebook* Undercover Lover

#5 - Amanda McIntyre is giving away....

Current Steamy Time Travel Western -- Wild & Unruly *Print*

#6 - Kitty Thomas is giving away...

(I just put one picture up... Click the link to see the whole collection)

#7 - Zoe Winters is giving away...

(I just put one picture up... Click the link to see the whole collection)

#8 -  Cassidy Hunter is giving away...

Dark Paradise & First Night *Ebook*

#9 - Gina Gordon is giving away...

All 3 novellas in her Bare Naked Design Series *Ebook*

#10 - Lori Brighton is giving away...

3 - Coupon for *Ebook* download of The Demon Hunter & The Mind Thieves
These are both Book 2 in each their series...
Book 1 for each series are free right now!

#11 - Cristal Ryder is giving away...


#12 - Maria Zannini is giving away...

The Devil to Pay & Chain of Souls *Ebooks*

#13 -  Riptide Publishing House is giving away...

~No Coming Soon Ebooks, Sorry~

#14 - Brita Addams is giving away....

One *Ebook* from her Backlist

#15 -  Vivian Arend is giving away...

*Print* Tropical Desire (International)
It comes out July 3rd, as soon as it is ready, she will have it shipped.

#16 -  Eliza March is giving away...

Any *Ebook* from her list!
But.... You have to go to her blog to say hi to her!
Let her know you came here!

#17 -  Caridad Pinero is giving away...

*Ebooks* Aztec Gold & Nocturnal Whispers Novellas
Caridad Pinero is also giving away...

T-shirt for The Claimed

#18 - Stephanie Julian is giving away...

Goddess In The Middle
Her New July Release

#19 - Tracy Wolff is giving away...

*Print* (US/Canada/International)

#20 -  Jodi Redford is giving away...


#21 - Joey W Hill is giving away...

Signed *Print* book of the reader’s choice from her available titles
(Or *Ebook* if you prefer)

#22 - Miranda Baker is giving away...


#23 - Kris Cook is giving away...

*Ecopy* of Mia's Spanking Diary & *Ecopy* of Lea's Menage Diary

#24 - Heather Long is giving away...

 *Ecopy* of Cassandra's Dilemma & *Ecopy* of Jacob's Trial

#25 - Melissa Schroeder is giving away...

*Ecopy* Choice of Possession: A Little Harmless Military Romance
A Little Harmless Fascination

#26 - Lissa Matthew is giving away...

*Ecopy* of Melting Jane (the revised and extended edition)

WHEW!! This is awesome!!

Now for the details...
Giveaway is going to run from...

Friday ~ June 8th, 2012
Friday ~ June 15th, 2012

Please fill out the form to enter!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Let's the author's know you came by!!
Thanks to all the wonderful author above!!
You ladies are great!

And remember... Always keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy! Photobucket


  1. It's been super hot here and I've been shameless about lazing in the pool all day.

  2. I've been spending my days reading by the pool while the kids swim.

  3. Shamelessly admiring all the gorgeous book covers that come my way.

  4. This is an awesome giveaway.Thanks to all the authors.
    What have I been Shameless about...just relaxing,reading and enjoying the hot weather when I should be doing other

  5. I have been shameless about reading when I should be working... :)

  6. Shamelessly buying books when I should be saving up. *-*

  7. Absolutely nothing!! With three young grandchildren and two adult children living with me the only thing shameless I get to do is hide to eat my chocolate!! lol


  8. I've been shameless about keeping my nose in my kindle & not givin my hubbs extra loves :(

    What awesome giveaways, that's for the chance to win!

    raynman1979 at yahoo dot com

  9. I've been shamelessly enjoying not working and reading instead!

  10. I've been shamelessly reading and letting the up.

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    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I have been shamelessly been taking advantage of my days off and doing absolutely nothing but reading.

  12. many great books to win!!! Thanks for the chance!! I have been shamelessly reading and blogging and tweeting and facebooking and letting my housework suffer!!! LOL
    Have a great weekend!!

  13. I have been shamelessly reading until 1:00 or 2:00 am very night and then being worth nothing the next day. Thanks for doing the hop!!

  14. Woohoo! I love blog hopping!
    What a great way to discover new blogs and visit with old friends. Everybody wins this way!
    I've been shamelessly reading my erotic books of course.
    Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win! <^_^>

  15. Looking to buy more books.

  16. WOW...thank you authors for such a GENEROUS prize pkg...and Cecile for the FAB giveaway op! The shameless thing I've done lately...I purchased TWO purses and a pair of sandals....I didn't need. I just liked them. Bad me...bad, bad me!! Oh...but they WERE on sale. LOL! ;)

  17. I think I have shamelessly been bringing up 50 Shades to people to see if they have read it and then I have been making tons more suggestions :)

    I would love to win the Tibby Armstrong books. I love her writing so much.
    another_look_book_reviews at hotmail dot ca

  18. I've been shameless about reading KNIGHT by Kristen Ashley!

  19. That's easy! I've been shameless about sneaking back to my favorite reads every chance I can get.

    Thanks for participating in the hop and for the giveaway opportunity. I see so many books and authors in your list that are on my wish list.

  20. I've been shameless about eating chocolate chip cookies :)

  21. I've been shameless about entering blog hop book giveaways, for sure! There are just so many amazing books...thanks for offering some m/m in there, always good!


  22. wow sweet deal and great set of books good luck to everyone

  23. ohh.. I've been shameless about wearing less clothe than ever!! LOL It's too hot! So, I'm forgiven :)

    lissette_125 at hotmail dot com

  24. I've been shameless about entering blog hop giveaway. Hope i win *finger crossed*

  25. Whoa, so many great books to win here! Jackpot!
    Hmm things I've been shameless about? Well, there's so many... lol

    chellesy.clay at gmail dot com

  26. Wow 0_o That is quite the list!

    I have been shameless about...*thinks real hard* *looks at the answer Dian gave and wished I had come up with that*

    Shameless about eating choco for breakfast today!

  27. What a fabulous giveaway. So many wonderful books up for grabs.Could you please enter me for just the Prints. Because I shamelessly am still with out an e-reader. :)Thanks so much for this opportunity.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  28. I agree with Dian...I too, am shameless about entering blog hops! Hope I get lucky too! LOL

  29. I have been shamelessly enjoying my husband while the kids are at summer camp!

  30. Its nice to see that you are still keeping it smutty while I have been gone. Missed you!!!

  31. Thanks for the giveaway! I am always shameless about my reading obession

  32. Thanks for the giveaway! I am always shameless about my reading obession

  33. I'm always shameless about what I read &makig sure I read every moment I get a chance. Thanks for being part of the blog hop. Love this giveaway


  34. My summer just started now that school is out so I have lots of time to think about what I want to be shameless about. I know though, that some of it will involve lots of reading!

  35. I've shamelessly kept my lessons books closed but i was so sick that's a bit normal even with the exam in 3days

    thanks you a lot for having put some prize for international too.( figers crossed for print books)


  36. I have been shameless about reading. I even take my kindle to PT and read, lol.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

    Thank you & all the authors for the great giveaways!

  37. You ladies make me giggle!!! I love the shameless answers!!!

    Brandi, I miss you too honey!!!!

    Hugs to all, big thanks for coming by my place and of course ~ Good Luck!!!!!

  38. I've been shameless about eating too much chocolate!!

  39. I've been shamelessly reading erotica in the living room (with people around me) haha

    Thank you for the giveaway! :)


  40. I've been shamelessly reading books when other things (housework, laundry ironing) need to be done.
    Love the nice list of books above.

  41. I've been Shamelessly enjoying alone time while my boyfriend is at work. :)

  42. I have been shamelessly ignoring the laundry while indulging in reading and internet surfing.

    little lamb lst at yahoo dot com

  43. I must say I've been shameless about the shows/movies I've been watching.

  44. I've been shamelessly sitting in Starbucks reading smut and participating in this hop!


  45. I have been shamelessly catching up on all my smutty reading while the kiddos are at their friends' house. I love my smut!
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  46. I have shamelessly been living vicariously through my books and coming up with new things to try on the hubby ;)

  47. I have been shamelessly joining a ridiculous amount of book blogs because I just keep finding new good ones. I'm eventually going to get to the point where I can't read my actual books because I'm too busy reading book blogs, haha.

  48. Haha, I'm just like Emily. I spend more time reading book blogs then actual books!

    Hum... I've been shamelessly drinking hot chocolate and other warm foods, its winter here :P

    Penny Pe

  49. I just shamelessly spent a unheard of (for me) amount of money on books. I couldn't help it my fav site had 50% off so I had to get all my books on the wishlist. LMAO

  50. I've been shamelessly buying too many books! Oh, and I've been shamelessly adding to my m/m romance book collection!

  51. I've been shamelessly reading and eating ice cream.
    jessangil at gmail dot com

  52. Woow... what a great book of choices.. Wish I could Win one of them.. #crossfinger

    hmm.. shameless?? it's enjoying not working and reading a book at My office while office hour.. :">

    Thank's for this Giveaway... and Making it International...
    success for you... ^^

  53. Shamelessly join giveaway and reading book with yummy covers at office.

    Hope they not fired me, lol!

    Thanks for the giveaway and all authors who kindly to giveaway their books :)

    sawamura_foxman AT yahoo DOT com

  54. I've been shameless about what I've been eating. I think I've gained 10 lbs. recently. Got to behave.

  55. I have been on a lemon popsicle kick this past week, usually 2 a day.

  56. I have been shamelessly reading Fifty Shades of Grey and can't wait to read the next 2 books.


  57. I have been shamelessly reading when ever I can and drinking too much coffee:) Thank you for the great giveaway!

  58. I've been shamelessly Reading when I should be cleaning lol my poor house.. And I've been going out to watch our friends band play at bars! :-) Thank you for the giveaway!

  59. Thanks for the giveaway! There's nothing shameless I've done that I really want to talk about...


    p.s I'm international, but would love to enter for those ones :)

  60. I am shameless about the amount of time I have spent reading.

  61. What have I been shameless about lately? Eating ice cream - but hey, it's summer, right?

  62. I've been shameless about reading instead of doing other errands.

  63. I've have been shamelessly watching both seasons of Rookie Blue in about 3 days. Last week I did the same thing with Haven.

  64. I just finished four days straight of helping out my daughters booster club for color guard. So I've spent the last 2 days shamelessly doing nothing but surfing the web and entering giveaways!

  65. not much of anything! My life is pretty boring that is why I read so much!!! Thanks for this great giveaway! Gale

  66. I've been shamelessly reading as usual :) Thanks for the great giveaway!!!

  67. downloading free ebooks from Amazon that fall under the "shameless" category...I've been pretty boring lately :-)

  68. I have been shameless about reading so many "smutty" books! ;)
    Thank you for this amazing giveaway!


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