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Review: Fair Game by Patricia Briggs

Fair Game
Alpha & Omega #3

They say opposites attract. And in the case of werewolves Anna Latham and Charles Cornick, they mate. The son-and enforcer-of the leader of the North American werewolves, Charles is a dominant alpha. While Anna, an omega, has the rare ability to calm others of her kind.

Now that the werewolves have revealed themselves to humans, they can't afford any bad publicity. Infractions that could have been overlooked in the past must now be punished, and the strain of doing his father's dirty work is taking a toll on Charles.

Nevertheless, Charles and Anna are sent to Boston, when the FBI requests the pack's help on a local serial killer case. They quickly realize that not only the last two victims were werewolves-all of them were. Someone is targeting their kind. And now Anna and Charles have put themselves right in the killer's sights...

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Let me say that I have been waiting for this book F-O-R-E-V-E-R!!!!! I started the series by picking up On The Prowl one day. It was an anthology with different stories in it but the one that struck me the most was Alpha and Omega. Charles and Anna... Ms. Patricia wrote a delicious short story of the beginning of their world and I was immediately sold on them... Especially Charles!!!!! OMG... Ms. Briggs created a world I wanted to devour from first page to last page and she had me begging for more. That one short story started my obsession for Charles... Okay and Anna because he does not go anywhere without her. She is kinda like a package deal... But still... Let me tell you more!!!

These two are an extremely rock solid powerhouse couple. They freaking rock the couple status, no matter what form they are in. They stand by each other through thick and thin.... And in this book, things get kinda scary because Charles has kinda shut Anna out. And nothing hurts more than your mate shutting you out. I do not care what you are/who you are... being shut out is never nice. But Charles is not doing it to be mean, he is doing it to protect her. But he doesn't realize is that what he is trying to protect Anna from could eventually destroy what he has with her...

Anna seeks out Charles dad, the Marrok - the commander in chief of the pack, to put a stop to what Charles has been doing... Being the enforcer and the executioner all in one has its disadvantages and carries around the ghosts of those that Charles had to end their lives is the price he pays... But Anna knows in her heart that - that price is just to high for anyone to pay. A price that could jeopardize her marriage and that is not a price she is not willing to pay.

So, Bran decides to give Charles another job... Sending Anna to help assist the FBI in a case that involves years of missing/murdered people... Therefore, leaving Charles to be her bodyguard. So that all Charles' attention should be on Anna and solving the case not on the ghost that are haunting him... Charles only wants to protect his mate... But not allowing her in, is slowly tearing her apart... But when Anna gets kidnapped... Will this Omega show her captors what she is made of while praying that her mate finds her in time...

Ms. Patricia gave me such a story that it left me wanting more. She set Charles and Anna in such a situation that had me cringing at the thought of what the villains were doing to their prey. She gave me the suspense and drama that always left me wanting... The villains were disgustingly evil and not who you would have thought they were... And yes, I said they... This story is freaky scary... Ms. Patricia gave me a good run for my money in this story... But I know there is more to come... RIGHT???

Now, I think it is kinda obvious that this is one of my favorite series to date! I am willing to wait another year for another chapter in Charles and Anna's life. It is just that good. I would definitely tell you to read from the beginning of this series. You probably can pick up any one of the stories and read and still know what is going on because Ms. Patricia does an excellent job at keeping you informed as to who is who and who belongs to who... But to properly educate you on the ***shivers*** basics of Charles, you should read from the beginning... Just to get the first taste of him... You will want to consume him and his world when you start reading, I promise. And believe me, he is anything but Fair Game with Anna around! =)

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  1. I mostly want to consume Bran. Yum! I fear Charles is far behind ;)

  2. Cool review! This just made me realize I need to catch up with this series, I am behind. I will probably need to re-read the first book too. :)I love this werewolf series too, it just takes so long to wait for the whole series to come out then I forget about it.

    Irene (Pocket Knife Planet)


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